Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rock And Roll Dance Party 03/15/11

1. Phil Trigwell & los Bandhagos: Rock, Bop, Jump And Jive(Boogie Woogie Cowboy)
2. T. Texas Tyler: Shake ‘em Up Rock (4 Star)
3. Art Adama & the Rhythm Knights: Indian Joe (Cherry)
4. Link Wray & his Wraymen: Comanche (They’re Outta Her Says Archie)
5. Esquerita: Hole In My Heart (Capitol)
6. Moonshine Reunion: Gotta Go, Gotta Git, I’m Gone (Tired Of Drivin’)
7. Vince Taylor & the Playboys: Brand New Cadillac (Parlophone)
8. Bloodshot Bill: Settle Down (All Messed Up)
9. Dials: Television Silence (Dialogue)
10. Monteseas: Let’s Shake (Wrong Side Of Town)
11. Someloves: Don’t Talk About Us (Citadel)
12. Davila 666: Patitas (Tan Bajo)
13. Carl Perkins: Her Loved Rubbed Off (Sun/Norton)
14. Benny & the Flybynighters: Blow Out (s/t)
15. Wise Guys: Jukebox Jumpin’ (Don’t Touch My Greasy Hair)
16. DM3: 1x2xDevistated (1x2x3 Red Light)
17. White Wires: Letter To G (Under The Covers vol.2)
18. Hunx & his Punx: When U Finf Out (Under The Covers vol.2)
19. Starkweather Boys: Straight Razor Baby (Archer St. Blues)
20. Ramjet Ramblers: Boppin’ To The Beat (Moonshine Baby)
21. Jackie Shark & the Beach Butchers: 2nd Generation Rising (Snotty Nose)
22. Chosen Few: Make Up Your Mind (Really Gonna Punch You Out!!!)
23. Useless Eaters: Panic Attack (Cheap Talk)
24. Brain F#: God No (Static Shock)
25. Happy Cadavers: I Saw My Baby In The Meat Section (Undefined)
26. Warm Jets: Ode To Jody Foster (Never Felt Like This Before) (Wanna Start A War)
27. Folded Shirt: Ice Machine (F/S)
28. OBN III’s: Do My Thing (Tic Tac Totally)
29. Garbo’s Daughter: He’s Good At Everything But Being Good To Me (Surfin’Ki)
30. Panic: Follo The Trend (13)
31. Les Olivensteins: J’ai Crache Mes Amygdales (s/t)
32. Normals: Sex And Violence (demo)
33. Pheromoans: Cruel Humans (It Still Rankles)
34. Electric Vomit: Boredom Abolishing (Garbage Bag)
35. Moralens Vaktare: Det Vakra Folket (Ken Rock)
36. Toyotas: I Don’t Wanna (P.Trash)
37. Batman: Hey Boy! (Red Lounge/Bachelor)
38. Wildebeests: One Minutes Time (Gnus Of The Gnavarone)
39. First Base: Get A Taste Of Your Love Again (Ric Rac)
40. Stems: Tears Me In Two (Buds)
41. Famines: Free Love Is A Sales Technique (Reluctant)
42. Manic Attracts: Images (Eyes Wide Shut)
43. Electric Crush: Twisted Inside Out (Drop Outs In A Drug Haze)
44. Flesh Eaters: Angry Shorthand (Upsetter)
45. Commercials: Mein Kampf (Es Chaos Is De Botschaft)
46. Radiations: For Adolfs’ Only (demo)
47. Lucy: Never Never (Lightning)
48. Wheels On Fire: Stick Around (Liar, Liar)
49. Magnums: Trailer Park Witches (NMG)
50. Berlin Brats: Vinyl (Believe It Or Rot)
51. Chopper Chicks: Pluton (s/t)
52. Crime: Hotwire My Heart (Crime Music)
53. Pairs: Birthday (demo)
54. Irritones: Cannibal Kids (Negative Dots)
55. Derek Lyn Plastic: My Life Hurts (NMG)
56. Young Identities: Positive Thinking (Negative Reaction) (Savage Music)
57. Minivans: Burn It Down (Oi The Boat)
58. Beez: Do The Suicide (Edible)
59. Chemicals: Radiation (Chemical Livin’)
60. Proto Idiot: Hurt Me/Hurt You (Still Stupid)
61. Serious Tracers: Rat City Girls (Sick Thought)
62. Girls At Dawn: Back To You (Tic Tac Totally)
63. Guitar Wolf: Jet Satisfaction (Jet Satisfaction)
64. Real Numbers: Tear It In Two (Florida’s Dying)
65. Insomniacs: She Brings (Just Enjoy It)
66. Estrogen Highs: Daily Catastrophes (Cycles)
67. Spider Fever: Party Girl (Hozac)
68. Lee Van Cleef: El Creyente (Blondes Must Die)
69. Vein Cranes: Pink Motherfucker (Florida’s Dying)