Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rock And Roll Dance Party 02/15/11

1. Zantees: Rockin’ In The House (Little Ricky)
2. Chris Evans: Rock-A-Bola Jukebox (Original Rockabilly)
3. Gibson Bros: Tongue Tied Jill (…Build A Raft)
4. Jake Calypso & his Red Hot: My Baby Rocks (Granddaddy’s Grease)
5. Twinkles: Bad Motorcycle (Joyce)
6. Mr. Bonz One Man Band: Just Rocking (Wreck On The Highway)
7. Machines: Evening Radio (Wax)
8. Tennessee Boys: Good Looking Baby (Don’t Say Goodbye)
9. Beez: Girls (Edible)
10. Panic: Follo The Trend (13)
11. Games: Don’t Look For Her (Rob’s House)
12. Ramma Lamma: Kiss You (Certified PR)
13. Wize Guys: Let Me Be With You Baby (Don’t Touch My Greasy Hair)
14. Mike Fern & the Del-Royals: Brake Jake (Demo)
15.’s: Pinball Party (…Can’t Help It)
16. Faders: In It For The Kicks (Rip Off)
17. Lee Van Cleef: Cierto Aseo En Las Vegas (Blondes Must Die)
18. Young Identities: Positive Thinking (Negative Reaction) (Savage Music)
19. Zeros: Sneakin’ Out (Rockville)
20. Happy Kids: I Don’t Want You No More (Trash)
21. Les Terribles: Hey Toru! (Hillsdale)
22. Filth: Nothing For Me (Plurex)
23. Berlin Brats: Tropically Hot (Believe It Or Rot)
24. Just Urbain: Burning (Savage Music)
25. Nugs: I Can Smell The Bullshit (demo)
26. Day Creeper: Problems At Hand (Tic Tac Totally)
27. Teenage Tricks: Teenage Tricks (Bowery/No Front Teeth)
28. Narcs: You’re A Slug/I See Blood (Reel Time)
29. Mantles: Raspberry Things (SDZ)
30. Women In Prison: Suicidal Exit (demo)
31. Estrogen Highs: The Mild Delusion (Cycles)
32. Les Ovliensteins: Fier De Ne Rien Faire (s/t)
33. Black Mamba Beat: D.I. And Die (split w/ Wake Up Dead)
34. Proto Idiot: The Mess I’m In (Still Stupid)
35. OBN III’s: No Way To Rock And Roll (Super Secret)
36. Daniel James Gang: Nothing I Can Do (Lost Cat)
37. Disco Lepers: I’m A Heart Attack (Slab-O-Wax)
38. Gears: High School Girls (Rockin’ At Ground Zero)
39. Derek Lyn Plastic: Negative Feelings (NMG)
40. UV Race: Speed Freak (Sweet Rot)
41. Peach Kelli Punk: Do The Eggroll (s/t)
42. Woodies: Red Rock (Five Years From Now)
43. Los Shakers: Everybody Shake (Por Favor)
44. Los Shains: Shains A Go Go (El Ritmo De Los Shains)
45. Chiefs: Knocked Out (Playgems)
46. Midnight Snaxxx: Can’t Win Your Heart (demo)
47. Ed Nasty & the Dopeds: You Sucker (Sexo)
48. Moralens Vaktare: Livet E Skit (demo)
49. Charlie & the Skunks: Ooo La La La La (Eradicator)
50. Manic Attracts: Suicide Summer (Eyes Wide Shut)
51. Unnatural Helpers: Straying But In Circles (Lemon Session)
52. Gaggers: Don’t Care About You (Bowery/No Front Teeth)
53. German Measles: It’s Me Babe (A German Joke Is No Laughing Matter)
54. Wax Museums: Stop…Don’t Stop (Hozac)
55. Sharp Objects: Another Victim (Modern Action)
56. Orphans: Famous (Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead)
57. Trent Fox & the Tenants: Out Of My Mind (Kind Turkey)
58. Fortune & Maltese & the Phabulous Pallbearers: She’s A Blowout (Konquer Kampus)
59. Gremies: No Surfin’ In Dorchester Bay (Modern Method)
60. Bill Cosby & his White Puddin’ Pops: Sweet (The Passion Of The Pops)
61. Slugfuckers: Deaf Disco (Instant Classic)
62. Brain F#: Symptom Set (Grave Mistake)
63. Blitzz: Degeneration (EMI)
64. Garbo’s Daughter: Two Faces Have I (Surfin’ Ki)
65. Don Kings: Hot Dog (Kato)
66. Bodysnatchers: Frantic (Savage Music)
67. Psycho Surgeons: Horizontal Action (Wallaby Beat)
68. Nervous Eaters: Get Stuffed (Penniman)
69. Queers: I Don’t Wanna Work (Doheny)
70. Teengenerate: Kicked Out Of The Weeblos (Get Action)
71. Rocks: Kick Her Out (Point Blank)
72. Violators: New York Ripper (Syringe Songs)
73. Mad: I Hate Music (Disgusting)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rock And Roll Dance Party 2/8/11

1. Mr. Bonz One Man Band: Bonz, Stomp And Jump (Wreck On the Highway)
2. Dean Carter: Jailhouse Rock (Milky Way)
3. Hank Penny: Peroxide Blonde (Crazy Rhythm)
4. Dragtones: You Drive Me Crazy (Drag!)
5. Leaders: White Lightning (Airout)
6. Teencats: Teddy Bop (Keep On Rocking)
7. Trent Fox & the Tenants: Mess Around (Kind Turkey)
8. Simon & the Saddlebags: Saddlebag Rock (Rough Tough Rockabilly)
9. Cramps: Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon (Stay Sick)
10. Ed Nasty & the Dopeds: I’m Gonna Be Everything (Sexo)
11. Red Hot feat Jyssi Siren: That’s My Way Of Losin’ The Blues (Big Black Engine)
12. Ronnie Haig: Hey Little Baby (Get Hip)
13. Die Barracudas: Betty (Hello Baby)
14. Machines: You Better Hear (Wax)
15. Radio City: She’s A Radio (Media Wave)
16. Mike Penny & the Moonshiners: Don’t Start Breathin’ Down My Neck (s/t)
17. Rusty York: Sadie-Mae (Sage)
18. Hi-Strung Ramblers: I’m A Rambler (I’m A Rambler)
19. Chimney Sweeps: Cold Fish (Devil Girl)
20. Jack Scott w/the Chantones: Go Wild Little Sadie (Carlton)
21. Benny Joy: Miss Bobby Sox alt. (Crash The Party)
22. Charlie & the Skunks: Red Hot Cinnamon (Eradicator)
23. Floyd Dakil Combo: Look What You’ve Gone And Done (Guyden)
24. Burnette Brothers: Boppin’ Rosalie (Johnny Rocks)
25. Wild Wax Combo: Won’t You Please Go Home (Lip Lickin’ Lou)
26. Daniel James Gang: I’m So Bored (Lost Cat)
27. Ramma Lamma: Truthin’ (Certified PR)
28. Beez: Do The Suicide (Edible)
29. Midnight Snaxxx: Guy Like That (demo)
30. Queers: Bonehead (Doheney)
31. Rough Kids: Into The 00’s (Rough)
32. Slugfuckers: Mechanical Boy (Three Feet Behind The Glass)
33. Orphans: Stink Eye (Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead)
34. Just Urbain: Guns And Guitars (Savage Music)
35. Controllers: Hot Stumps (s/t)
36. Schiller Killers: I’m The Wicker Park Stranglers (Rubber Vomit)
37. Bundle Of Fags: Glue (Lemon Session)
38. Chemicals: Chemical Livin’ (Sonic Jett)
39. Young Republicans: High School Rednecks (More Than A Witness)
40. Garbo’s Daughter: He’s Good At Everything (But Being Good To Me) (Surfin’ Ki)
41. Gestapo Khazi: Open House (no label)
42. Users: Dead On Arrival (Warped)
43. Panic: 13 (13)
44. Two Tears: Senso-Unico (Kind Turkey)
45. Proto Idiot: Heroes And Villains (Still Stupid)
46. Estrogen Highs: The Supposing View (Friends And Relatives)
47. Red Mass: Hurt Me (s/t)
48. Black Time: Human Pinball (Rehab)
49. Reatards: Stayce (Teenage Hate)
50. Louder: No Way (no label)
51. Choosers: Christine (Pop n’ Roll)
52. Boys: Neighborhood Brats (Alternative Chartbusters)
53. Vex Ruffin & the Lo-Fi Jerkheads: In Your Stereo (Black Gladiator)
54. Brain F#: So Dim (Grave Mistake)
55. I.V. Eyes: They Saved Teri’s Tube (Rubber Vomit)
56. Straight Arrows: From The Start (It’s Happening)
57. Blitzz: So Free (EMI)
58. Serious Tracers: Rat City Girls (Sick Thought)
59. Hygiene: Recruitment (Going Underground)
60. Supercharger: You Put The Hex On Me (s/t)
61. Rezillos: Destination Venus (Mission Accomplished… But The Beat Goes On)
62. John Wesley Coleman: Minor Wes/Guilty Of Being… Wes (Sick Thought)
63. Moralans Vakatre: Visa Frab Bakagat (demo)
64. Hunx & his Punx: Lover’s Lane (Too Young To Be In Love)
65. Happy Kids: Sally Joe (Trash)
66. Pointed Sticks: I’m Numb (Quintessence)
67. White Wires: Pretty Girl (Trouble In Mind)
68. Sexual Slurs: Same All Over Again (Solid Sex Lovie Doll)
69. Welders: S.O.S. Now (BDR)
70. Young Canadians: Well Well Well (Quintessence)
71. Liquor Store: Free Pizza (Almost Ready)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rock And Roll Dance Party 02/01/11

1. Chuck Howard: Crazy Crazy Baby (Sand)
2. Johnny Carroll: Crazy Little Mama (Rock Baby Rock It)
3. Panic: Baby Please (13)
4. Rovers: Ichi-Bon Tami Dachi (Music City)
5. Nick & the Jaguars: Ichi-Bon #1 (Motown)
6. Garbo’s Daughter: Two Faces Have I (Surfin’ Ki)
7. Tinopeners: I Want You (Rip Off)
8. Warren Smith: Miss Froggie (Sun)
9. Kaisers: She Can’t Do The Wiki Waki Wu (Wishing Street)
10. Cobras: I Wanna Be Your Love (Big Beat)
11. Sonics: Hitch Hike (Boom)
12. Cadillac: Cold Love (Es Chaos Is Die Botschaft!)
13. Charlie & the Skunks: Ooo La La La La (Eradicator)
14. Ramma Lamma: Big Street Time (FDH)
15. Black Time: Girls In The Garage (Bancroft)
16. Floyd Dakil Combo: Kitty Kitty (Earth)
17. Jonny Barber & the Rhythm Razors: Dial 000 (Cut Close)
18. Ronnie Hayward Trio: Darlin’ Why Do You Do (Livin’ The Low Life)
19. Proto Idiot: Hurt Me/Hurt You (Still Stupid)
20. Alright Alreadies: Deep End (Priority Male Tape)
21. Just Urban: Burning (Savage Music)
22. Gibson Bros: Hot Dog (…Build A Raft)
23. Users: Kicks In Style (Warped)
24. Peach Kelli Punk: Ennie Meenie Minie Mo (s/t)
25. I.V. Eyes: They Saved Teri’s Tube (Rubber Vomit)
26. Young Canadians: Fuck Your Society (No Escape)
27. Midnight Snaxxx: Jackie (demo)
28. Moralens Vatre: Raka Ror (demo)
29. Hard Ons: Everyone Seems To Be Out To Get You (Alfafa Males Once Summer Is Done Conform Or Die)
30. Young Identities: Let’s All Have Convulsions (Savage Music)
31. Blank Its: Still See You (Happy Accidents)
32. Slugfuckers: Cacophony (Three Feet Behind The Glass)
33. Louder: Idiot Mind (Louder)
34. RF7: Chainsaw Love Affair (Smoke 7)
35. Blitzz: Go Now (EMI)
36. Nobunny: Braceface (Douchemaster)
37. John Wesley Coleman: Shut Up And Love Her (Sick Thought)
38. Princes Of Peace: X-Ray Proved (Princes Of Peace)
39. Welders: P.E.R.V.E.R.T. (BDR)
40. First Base: I Saw Her First (Ric Rac)
41. Vex Ruffin & the Lo-Fi Jerkheads: Volcano (Black Gladiator)
42. Russian Roulettes: Outta Control (R&R)
43. Wyld Mammoths: Do Da Do Da (Go Baby Go!)
44. Straight Arrows: Running Wild (It’s Happening)
45. Rocket Reducers: Bleed For Me (s/t)
46. Slickee Boys: Put A Bullet Through The Juke Box (Limp)
47. Sneaky Pinks: I Can’t Wait (Rubber Vomit)
48. Ty Segall: Happy Creeps (453)
49. Hipshakes: I’m Alright (Slovenly)
50. Electric Deads: Kitchen Poet (Electro Static)
51. Anteenagers MC: What’s Wrong With You (… And Happy Family)
52. Gestapo Khazi: Open House (no label)
53. Serious Tracers: The French (Sick Thought)
54. Sulpher Lights: Little Pills (no label)
55. Rantouls: She’s A Rebel (In The Village Of The Rantoul)
56. Tranzmitors: Jimmy’s At The Mod Shop (Meaty Beaty)
57. Filth: Don’t Hide Your Hate (Plurex)
58. X: We’re Desperate (Dangerhouse)
59. Ugly Ducklings: Nothin’ (Yorktown)
60. Reasons Why: Don’t Be That Way (Sound Track)
61. Boy Toys: In And Out Of Love (demo)
62. Dead Ghosts: What TO Do (s/t)
63. Golden Error: Refuse Me (Hard Sell)
64. Electric Crush: Speed Demon (Dropouts In A Drug Haze)
65. Carbonas: Typical Jerkoff (s/t)
66. Tyvek: Pricks In Cars (Nothing Fits)
67. Deaf Wish: Hate You (Mercy)
68. Parting Gifts: Staring (Strychnine Dandelions)
69. Excalibur: Sweet Little Girl (Es Chaos Is Die Botschaft!)
70. Topplers: Slave Train (FM-BX Society Tape 001)
71. Mind Spiders: No.3 (s/t)
72. Don Kings: The Claw (Kato)