Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rock And Roll Dance Party 01/18/11

1. Gibson Bros: Big Pine Boogie (…Build A Raft)
2. Banana Men: Surfin’ Bird (Hava Banana)
3. Trashmen: King Of The Surf (Garrett)
4. Slough Boys: Surfin’ On Cedar Lake (Hitran)
5. Don Kings: Turkey Neck (Kato)
6. Shannon & the Clams: Blast Me To Bermuda (I Wanna Go Home)
7. Johnny Winter: Voodoo Twist (Frolic)
8. Tarheel Slim: Wildcat Tamer (Fury)
9. Les Terribles: Hey Toru! (Hillsdale)
10. Angry Samoans: Lights Out (Back From Samoa)
11. Welders: Debutantes In Bondage (BDR)
12. Peach Kelli Punk: Badd News (s/t)
13. Uranium Comeback: Walking (Ottawa Ga Ga
14. Parting Gifts: Keep Walking (Strychnine Dandelions)
15. Intellectuals: Obsession Is A Green Light (Black Domania Now)
16. Armitage Shanks: Jack Regan (Urinal Heep)
17. Hygiene: Side Zero Model (Going Underground)
18. Steve Adamyk Band: Ivy Can’t Wait (Taken By Surprise)
19. Electric Deads: Anti Sex (Electro Static)
20. Soft Boys: I Wanna Destroy You (Underwater Moonlight)
21. Russian Roulettes: September Girl (R&R)
22. Vex Ruffin & the Lo-Fi Jerkheads: In Your Stereo (Black Gladiator)
23. Nobunny: Never Been Kissed (First Blood)
24. Demon’s Claws: Laser Beams (The Defrosting Of… )
25. Off!: Full Of Shit (Vice)
26. Crime: If Looks Could Kill (First Blood ep)
27. Joe Herbert Band: First Date (Complex)
28. Black Time: Ma Solitude Et Moi (Hate)
29. No Talents: Sex Shop (Want Some More)
30. Bits Of Shit: Dirty Bomb (Lexicon Devil)
31. Loli & the Chones: I Gotta Gun (P.S. We Hate You)
32. Ramma Lamma: Kiss You (Certified PR)
33. Missing Links: You’re Driving Me Insane (Phillips)
34. Niteriders: Whatever’s Right (Starbright)
35. First Base: I Saw Her First (Ric Rac)
36. Home Blitz: Something To Do (Weird Wings)
37. Brain F#: Restraining Order (Static Shock)
38. Boy Toys: One (demo)
39. Hatepinks: Fall In Love With A JPEG File (Parasites Like Me)
40. Icky Boyfriends: Cuckoo (Black Jack)
41. Wrong Words: Clock Keeps Ticking (Trouble In Mind)
42. Final Solutions: In A Coma (Songs By Solutions)
43. Young Identities: Positive Thinking (Negative Reaction) (Savage Music)
44. Boomgates: Cameo (RIP Society)
45. Meanies: It’s True (Vendetta)
46. Drab Doo Riffs: Broke It Up (Postcards From Uranus)
47. Red Mass: Success For Crime (s/t)
48. Boys: Classified Susie (Alternative Chartbusters)
49. Daniel James Gang: Nothing I Can Do (Lost Cat)
50. Blitzz: Degeneration (EMI)
51. Eddy Current Suppression Ring: Walked Into A Corner (Rush To Relax)
52. Scrams: Exiles (demo)
53. Midnight Snaxxx: Like Lightning (Raw Deluxe)
54. Boddy Snatchers: Frantic (Savage Music)
55. Black Mamba Beat: Scene Song (s/t)
56. Choosers: I Can't Stop (Pop n' Roll)
57. Firestarter: Saturday Night Is the End Of The World (Shit Sandwich)
58. Hipshakes: Wasted Time (Slovenly)
59. Stitches: Monday Morning Ornament (Vinyl Dog/Modern Action)
60. Spits: Wait (Vice)
61. Chinese Burns: Rohypnol (Leather Bar)
62. Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs: A Long Long Way (MGM)
63. Fugitives: You Can't Tame Me (Fenton)