Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 12/28/10

1. Chinese Burns: Rohypnol (Leather Bar)
2. Idi Amin & the Amputees: Nasty Nazi (Going Underground)
3. Ding-Dongs: Don’t Ring, Come On In (s/t)
4. Rusti Steel & the Star Tones: Speed Crazy Baby (Gone With The Wind)
5. Mother’s Children: What’ll Happen To All The Girls (That’s Who)
6. Slippery Slopes: Carberator (Florida’s Dying)
7. Cave Weddings: Last Time (Bachelor)
8. Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys: Don’t Wanna Know (RIP Society)
9. King Salami & the Cumberland Three: Ma Ju Ju Girl (14 Blazin’ Bangers)
10. Urban Junior: A Girl Like You (Two Headed Demon)
11. Real Numbers: No Exceptions (s/t)
12. Charlie Hightone & the Rock-Its: Hot Rhythm (Made It Ma, Top Of The World)
13. Del Moroccos: He Knocks Me Out (Blue Black Hair)
14. A Frames: Radiation Generation (333)
15. Goodnight Loving: Doesn’t Shake Me (The Goodnight Loving Supper Club)
16. Useless Eaters: Panic Attack (Jeth-Row)
17. Nobunny: Ain’t It A Shame (First Blood)
18. Cherry Tess & her Rhythm Sparks: The Wobble (Roc-A-Chicka)
19. Turn It Offs: Watch That Girl (Too Much Static)
20. Tutu & the Pirates: Wham Bam Son Of Sam (Sub Urban Insult Rock For The Anti/Lectual)
21. Barreracudas: Dog Foods (Bachelor)
22. Unwed Teenage Mothers: I’m Gonna Blackout Tonight (Tic Tac Totally)
23. Midwest Beat: Get It Started (At The Gates)
24. Megacools: God vs. Drugs (Introducing The Fun Police)
25. Veins: Comme un Loup (Bourgeois Standard)
26. Black Time: Cycles (More Songs About Motorcycles And Death)
27. Personal & the Pizzas: Pepperoni Eyes (Raw Pie)
28. Tranzmitors: It’s Not Your Call (Dirtnap)
29. Wild Thing: Now I Wanna Die In A Nuclear War (Daggerman)
30. Bits Of Shit: Gail Force (Lexicon Devil)
31. Kongsmen: Doin’ The Ape (On Campus)
32. Welders: S.O.S. Now (BDR)
33. Vex Ruffin & the Lo-Fi Jerkheads: Jerkhead Anthem (Black Gladiator)
34. Derek Lyn Plastic: Negative Feelings (NMG)
35. Half Rats: For The Sake Of Love (Douchemaster)
36. Tyvek: Future Junk (Nothing Fits)
37. Red Mass: Too Many Parties (Wallride)
38. Stalins Of Sound: Genocide Erection (Volar)
39. Mantles: Summer Read (Pink Information)
40. Straight Arrows: Running Wild (It’s Happening)
41. Moonhearts: I Said (s/t)
42. Davila 666: Ohhh (s/t)
43. Sticks N Stones: Red Light (Dusty Medical)
44. Insubordinates: Pier Pressure (s/t)
45. Off: Fuck People (Vice)
46. Sleaze: PCP (Leather Bar)
47. Los Explosivos: Bailando!!! (Sonidos Rocanrol!!!)
48. Sheetah et las Weismuller: Cette Fille La (Hola Ye-Yeah)
49. Krunchies: You Put The U In Useless (Southkore)
50. Garbo’s Daughter: Oh Yeah Maybe Baby (…Goes Pop!)
51. Teutonics: Rambler (Boss Hoss)
52. GG King: Insomnia (Local Cross)
53. Crusaders Of Love: Little Mind (Never Grow Up)
54. Black Mamba Beat: Despondent (s/t)
55. Perculators: One Track Mind (Ken Rock)
56. Dead Farmers: Boom (Go Home)
57. Outdoorsmen: Dead Meat (Clown College)
58. Famines: Syllables (Mammoth Cave)
59. White Wires: Let’s Go To The Beach (WWII)
60. Magic Kids: Hey Boy (Goner)
61. Royal Headache: Splash (RIP Society)
62. Ex-Fag Cop: Matrixcide (Bat Shit)
63. Legendary Wings: E=MC Who Cares??? (Tic Tac Totally)
64. Soviet Valves: Oh No Here She Comes (Smart Guy)
65. Home Blitz: Other Side Of The Street (Out Of Phase)
66. Len Price Three: Nothing Like You (Pictures)
67. Teenanger: High Risk High Fun (Give Me Pink)
68. Dead Ghosts: When It Comes To You (s/t)
69. Eddy Current Suppression Ring: Anxiety (Rush To Relax)
70. Dead Wife: D.W.S.Y.H.F. (Psychic Handshake/No Vacation)
71. Hussy: Social Critique Of Madison (Big Action)
72. Crappy Dracula: Jerk Of My Dreams (Almost)
73. Protex: Don’t Ring Me Up (Strange Obsessions)
74. Shirks: Disease (Windian)
75. Subtle Turnhips: Head On The Wall (Terd Album)
76. Hygiene: Recruitment (Going Underground)
77. Woven Bones: Seven Year Mirror (In And Out And Back Again)
78. Overnight Lows: Picked Apart (Left To Rot) (City Of Rotten Eyes)