Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 12/07/10

1. Drew Davis Rhythm Combo: Wild Man Walk (Wild Man Walk)
2. Retreads: Would You Listen Girl (Eddi Osmo)
3. Meanies: It’s True (Vendetta)
4. Last Stand: Just A Number (Silly Symbol)
5. Choosers: Christine (Pop’n’Roll)
6. Honky Tonk Pounders: Rockabilly Pearl (Devil Bop)
7. Bonneville Barons: Pretty Penny (Cures What Ails You)
8. Jim Jones Revue: Freak Of Nature (Save Your Soul)
9. Elvis Presley: Big Hunk O Love (RCA)
10. Normals: Hardcore (Lectric Eye)
11. Spits: Wait (Fat)
12. Dickie Loader & the Blue Jeans: Teen Machine (Parlophone)
13. Southlanders Orchestra & Chorus vocals by the Cheerleaders: The Wiggle (Castle)
14. Rocking Rebels: Tom Tom (Trio)
15. Driving Stupid: Fast City (Horror Asparagus Stories)
16. Slickee Boys: Jailbait Janet (Uh Oh… No Brakes!)
17. Golden Error: New Weather Paranoia (Hard Sell)
18. Bits Of Shit: Dirty Bomb (Lexicon Devil)
19. Kids: Baby That’s Alright/Fascist Cops (s/t)
20. Reactors: Seduction Center (self)
21. Boyfriends: I Want To Be Your Boyfriend (Plastic)
22. Slippery Slopes: Raw Toddler (Sticky Stares)
23. Straight Arrows: Running Wild (It’s Happening)
24. Les Teribles: Hey Toru! (Hillsdale)
25. Midnight Snaxxx: Giving Me The Business (demo)
26. Bare Wires: Voo Doo Doll (Solid Sex Lovie Doll)
27. Dead Ghosts: Getting Older (s/t)
28. Black Mamba Beat: Tighten The Circle (s/t)
29. Moscow Moscow Moscow: Russian To Nowhere (Eradicator)
30. Chinese Burns: Rohypnol (Leather Bar)
31. Unko Atama: Twinkle Twinkle UFO (Another Creature)
32. Vex Ruffin’ & the Lo-Fi Jerkheads: In Your Stereo (Black Gladiator)
33. Figures Of Light: It’s Lame (Norton)
34. Zeros: Main Street Brat (Last Laugh)
35. Tyvek: Future Junk (Nothing Fits)
36. Unfuckable: Day Off (Arright)
37. Long Gones: I’m Movin’ On (Centsless)
38. Liquor Store: Trash Sandwich parts 1 & 2 (Almost Ready)
39. Peach Kelli Pop: Girls Of Summer (s/t)
40. Subtle Turnhips: Head On The Wall (Terd Album)
41. Personal & the Pizzas: 7.99 For Love (Raw Pie)
42. Joe Herbert Band: I Don’t Wanna Be A Preppy (Complex)
43. Queers: Back To The Basement (Back To The Basement)
44. Strike: Teenage Rebel (Shock Rock)
45. Soviet Valves: Oh No Here She Comes (Smart Guy)
46. Los Explosivos: Bailando!!! (Sonidos Rocanrol!!!)
47. Reaction: Talk Talk Talk Talk (Rare Talk Talk)
48. Teengenerate: Stab Your Mind (Lance Rock)
49. Intellectuals: Like Like Like Like Like Like Like (Males)
50. Ejectors: Standing Over There (Hydrohead)
51. Head: Don’t Go Looking In The Closet (The Monkeys)
52. Nikki & the Corvettes: Girls Like Me (s/t)
53. John Wesley Coleman: New York (Bad Lady Goes To Jail)
54. Crappy Dracula: Songs Against Architects (Almost)
55. Vomit Squad: Felony Murder (Amon Ra Bless America)
56. Tsnematsu Masatoshi: Do You Wanna Be My Dog (Killed By Death 22)
57. Tranzmitors: Jimmy’s At The Mod Shop (Meaty Beaty)
58. Ex-Humans: Contact High (s/t)
59. Outdoorsmen: Decapitated (Goodbye Boozy)
60. Hussy: I’m Me (Cement Tomb Mind Control)
61. Hygiene: 29 Bus (Going Underground)
62. Manikins: Leave Me Out (s/t)
63. Dead Farmers: Boom (Go Home)
64. Jacuzzi Boys: Choral Girls (Vice)