Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 12/014/10

1. Slick 49: Go Wild With Me (Go Wild With Me!!!)
2. Deltas: Heart Attack (Nervous)
3. Bloodshot Bill: Bad Attitude (vs. Elvis Pummel)
4. Champions: Big Bad Beulah (Chart)
5. Dandervilles: Nasty Breaks (Yakety Wax)
6. Saxon: Camel Walk (Sho-Biz)
7. Jaguars: Railroad Drag (Norton)
8. Retreads: One After 909 (Eddi Osomo)
9. Buck Jones & his Billyhowgs: Ghost Train (Ghost Train)
10. Eddie Clendening feat. The Modern Sounds: Hot Shots (Knockin’ At Your Heart)
11. Captain 9’s & the Knickerbocker Trio: Fistfight Saturday Night (Heartpunch)
12. John Wesley Coleman: Summer Of ’79 (Boom Chick)
13. Mike Bell & the Belltones: Gonna Ride The Wild Surf (Scream And Holler)
14. Rantouls: Indian Drum (In The Village Of The Rantoul)
15. Mama Guitar: Cadillac (Introducing….)
16. Hillbilly Werewolf: Monkey Beat City (No Count Dance Party)
17. Legs: Legless (Sir Bald’s Hairy Guitar)
18. Chaino: Ubangi Rock (Orb)
19. Stalins Of Sound: Genocide Erection (Volar)
20. Liquor Store: Free Pizza (Almost Ready)
21. Pretty Boy Floyd & the Gems: Sharon (Rip Off)
22. Paul Collins: Don’t Blame Your Troubles On Me (King Of Power Pop)
23. Gibson Bros. Moon Twist (Big Pine Boogie)
24.’s: Ah So (Giant Claw)
25. Black Time: I Hate The World And The World Hates Me (Fistful Of Records)
26. Meanies: Waiting For You (Vendetta)
27. Sulphur Lights: Little Pills (Juvenile)
28. Last Sons Of Krypton: Suicide (Cassette Tape!!!)
29. Sugar Stems: I Don’t Get It (The Sweet Sounds Of…)
30. Banshees: They Prefer Blondes (Solo)
31. Librettos: She’s A Go Go (Sunshine)
32. Tortured Tongues: Let Me Down (Hozac)
33. Gentleman Jesse & his Men: Stubborn Ghost (Hoazc)
34. Greg Lowery Experience: Gonna Break Your Heart (Rip Offf)
35. Wheels On Fire: Black Wave (Kind Turkey)
36. Derek Lyn Plastic: Steak Dinner (NMG)
37. Vex Ruffin & the Lo-Fi Jerkheads: I’m Cool (Black Gladiator)
38. Midnight Snaxxx: Like Lightning (Raw Deluxe)
39. Dead Ghosts: How The West Was Fun (s/t)
40. Nobunny: Pretty Little Trouble (First Blood)
41. Spits: Get Our Kicks (Fat)
42. Black Mamba Beat: F.Y.I. (s/t)
43. Red Mass: True Romance (s/t)
44. Reatardos: Come On Back (Super*Teem)
45. Wrong Words: What Went Wrong (Trouble In Mind)
46. Jet 66: 66 The Million Guitar (Straight Up)
47. Straight Arrows: From The Start (It’s Happening)
48. Clone Defects: Rouge River Rocket (Italy/Superior Sounds)
49. Psyched To Die: Conditioned To Fail (Dirtnap)
50. Myelin Sheaths: Get On Your Nerves (Get On Your Nerves)
51. Hygiene: Recruitment (Going Underground)
52. Suicide Commandos: Shock Appeal/Attacking The Beat (Make A Record)
53. Heartbeeps: Already Lost (My Bones Are Tattooed)
54. Subtle Turnhips: Wha Wha Wha (Terd Album)
55. Ratas Del Vaticano: Soy Un Animal (Tiempos De Austeridad)
56. Outdoorsmen: Drunk Driving (Clown College)
57. Personal & the Pizzas: I Don’t Wanna Think About It (Trouble In Mind)
58. White Wires: Just Wanna Be (WWII)
59. Ex-Fag Cop: Gimme Fag Agenda (Bat Shit)
60. Tyvek: Potato (Nothing Fits)
61. Tranzmitors: Get Around (Dirtnap)
62. Queers: Pull Me Out Of It (Back To The Basement)
63. Los Explosivos: Ya Me Canse De Gannar!!! (Sonidos Rocanrol!!!)
64. Unko Atama: Not Infected (Another Creature)
65. Unfuckable: Complicated Meditation Class (Arrght)
66. Strange Attractor: I Won’t Fir (split w/Red Mass)
67. Demon’s Claws: At The Disco (The Defrosting Of…)
68. Rotters: Disco Queen (Killed By Death)
69. Breeders: Future Amnesia (Nova)
70. Germs: Shut Down (GI)