Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 11/30/10

1. Bill Lee: If Jesus Came To Your House (It’s Finkin’ Time)
2. Rip Offs: Heatseaker/Rip Your Heart Out (Got A Record)
3. Zymotics: Dirty Punk Man (Ad Vice)
4. Jim Jones Revue: Who’s Got Mine? (s/t)
5. Lil Luis y los Wild Teens: Rock Mi Chica (Lies Lies Lies)
6. Ivy Green: Sex On The Radio (s/t)
7. Bobby Fuller Four: Annie Lou (Mustang)
8. Hullaballoos: Don’t Stop (On Hullaballoo)
9. Grizzly Family: Number Nine Train (Don’t Mess With The Grizzly)
10. Garnet Hearts: All The Time In The World (Cupid)
11. Nobunny: Someone Else’s Brain (Vice)
12.’s: Teenage Mojo Workout (Teenage Mojo Workout)
13. Rantouls: Two By Two (In The Village Of The Rantoul)
14. Maine Coons: Hey Dickhead (demo)
15. Tyvek: 4321 (Nothing Fits)
16. Loli & the Chones: I D*O*N*T (P.S. We Hate You)
17. Clone Defects: Fill My Fridge (Shapes Of Venus)
18. Fix-It: Fuck 77 (s/t)
19. Star Club: Kamisori Baby (Cool Posers)
20. Subtle Turnhips: Comment (Terd Album)
21. Tranzmitors: It’s not Your Call (Dirtnap)
22. Matthew Melton: She’s So Out (Still Misunderstood)
23. Wild Zeros: Tight Tight Jeans (s/t)
24. Dead Ghosts: Off The Hook (s/t)
25. White Wires: Let’s Go To The Beach (WWII)
26. Black Mamba Beat: D.I. And Die (split w/Wake Up Dead)
27. Digger & the Pussycats: Ten Car Pile Up (Young, Tight And Alright)
28. Bo Diddley: Background To A Music (The Originator)
29. Ex-Fag Cop: Hard On Crime (Bat Shit)
30. Reatards: I’m So Gone (Teenage Hate)
31. X: Suck Suck (Aspirations)
32. Aversions: Wirehead (Ex Nihilo Nihil)
33. Liquor Store: Free Pizza (Almost Ready)
34. Midnight Snaxxx: Heart Full Of Doubt (demo)
35. Faders: In It For The Kicks (Rip Off)
36. Tyranna: Back Off Baby (Boppa Do Down)
37. Teenage Head: Ain’t Got No Sense (s/t)
38. Intellegence: Chateau Bandit (Males)
39. Golden Error: Refuse Me (Hard Sell)
40. Icky Boyfriends: No Duh (A Love Obscene)
41. Spits: She Don’t Kare (s/t)
42. Outdoorsmen: Dead Meat (Clown College)
43. Dishrags: Love Is Shit (Love/Hate)
44. Welders: SOS Now (BDR)
45. Radio Birdman: Do The Pop (Radios Appear)
46. Red Mass: Hurt Me (s/t)
47. Rocket Reducers: Bleed For Me (s/t)
48. Fist City: I Grew Up In Fist City (Hunting You)
49. John Wesley Coleman: Come On Cops (Bad Lady Goes To Jail)
50. Crappy Dracula: Jerk Of My Dreams (Almost)
51. Black Time: Cycles (More Songs About Motorcycles And Death)
52. Los Raw Gospels: Beat Of The Traps (La Fiesta De La Muerte)
53. Myelin Sheaths: Do The Mental Shake (Get On Your Nerves)
54. Bad Sports: Asshole With The Girl (Boom Chick)
55. UV Race: Knife Fight (Fashionable Idiots)
56. Moby Dicks: Ogo Pogo (Mammoth Cave)
57. Vex Ruffin & the Lo-Fi Jerkheads: It’s Hard To Be A Motor (Black Gladiator)
58. Ex Humans: Turn The Dial (s/t)
59. Hussy: Oh No (Cement Tomb Mind Control)
60. Controllers: Slow Boy (Siamese)
61. Tyrades: Plastic Bag Baby(s/t)
62. Inservibles: ¿Cual es Tu Pedo, Ñero? ((Leather Bar)
63. Nasties: Maybe (Lawless)
64. Queers: Fucked In The Head (Back To The Basement)
65. JC Satan: Escape For Love (Sick Of Love)