Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 11/23/10

1. Dick Dale & his Del Tones: Jungle Fever (Surfer’s Choice)
2. Willie Mabon & his Combo: I Don’t Know (Chess)
3. Zodiacs: Another Little Darlin’ (Soma)
4. Buck Jones & his Billy Howgs: Weirdest Situations (Ghost Train)
5. Eddie Cochran: Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie (Liberty)
6. Jiv-A-Tones: The Wild Bird (Fraternity)
7. Sparkle Moore w/Dan Belloc & his Orchestra: Skull And Crossbones (Fraternity)
8. Elvis Pummel: Ham, Jam, Amsterdam (vs. Bloodshot Bill)
9. Hunx & his Punx: Dream On Little Dreamer (Scion)
10. Lenny & the Lawbreakers: Suzy D (Rip Off)
11. Tom Thumb: I Want You (Wild Things)
12. Spiders: Boom Boom (Big Lizard Stomp)
13. Alan Barnicoat & the Bob Freeman Orchestra: Savage (Rocket)
14. Motions: Bumble Bee ’65 (Mercury)
15. Firestarter: Saturday Night Is The End Of The World (Shit Sandwich)
16. Playboys: Shevidevi De Yuko (G.S. I Love You Too)
17. Skipper: Girl Next Door (demo)
18. Maggots:Let’s Get Tammy Wynette (Wormusik)
19. Hussy: Wrong/Right (Cement Tomb Mind Control)
20. Dead Ghosts: When It Comes To You (s/t)
21. John Wesley Coleman: Lazy Baby (Bad Lady Goes To Jail)
22. Black Mamba Beat: Scene Song (s/t)
23. Boys: Sick On You (s/t)
24. Circle X: Tender (Insolito)
25. Tyvek: Pricks In Cars (Nothing Fits)
26. Morning Shakes: All Fucked Up (Wallabies)
27. Long Gones w/Peter Greenburg: Tear You Apart (Centsless)
28. Chinese Burns: Rohypnol (Leather Bar)
29. Vomit Squad: Burning With Beelzebub (Amon Ra Bless America)
30. Golden Error: Refuse Me (Hard Sell)
31. Red Mass: Charlie Brown (split w/ Strange Attractor)
32. Crappy Dracula: Reverse Puberty (Almost)
33. M.O.T.O.: Wind It Out (Shit Sandwich)
34. Girls At Dawn: Reach Me (Don’t Forget (Call The Doctor)
35. Queers: I’m Pissed (Back To The Basement)
36. Tyrades: Vicious Rumors (Big Neck)
37. Raylene & the Blue Angels: Shakin’ All Over (Cuca)
38. Strike: Teenage Rebel (Shock Rock)
39. Heartbeeps: Right Shoes, Right Jacket, Wrong Records (My Bones Are Tattooed)
40. Wheels Of Fire: Broken Up (Kind Turkey)
41. Tranzmitors: Get Around (Dirtnap)
42. Unfuckable: Complicated Meditation Class (Aarght!)
43. Fuckin’ Leftovers: I Only Panic When There Is Nothing To Do (Punji Stick)
44. Complaints: I Wanna Be Bored (Complaint)
45. Last Sons Of Krypton: I Want Action (Cassette Tape!!!)
46. New Bomb Turks: I Wanna Sleep (Pissin’ Out The Poison)
47. Rocket Reducers: Don’t Wanna Wake Up (s/t)
48. Tinopeners: I Don’t Wanna Be (Rip Off)
49. Outdoorsmen: Slap My Hand (Daggerman)
50. Personal & the Pizzas: Don’t Trust No Party Boy (Trouble In Mind)
51. Subtle Turnhips: Digid (Terd Album)
52. Myelin Sheaths: Half Wit (Get On Your Nerves)
53. Rhino 39: Xerox 12/No Comprimise (Dangerhouse)
54. Skunks: Earthquake Shake (Skunk)
55. Bits Of Shit: Tim Hemensley (Lexicon Devil)
56. Hygiene: Side Zero Model (Going Underground)
57. Fist City: Live Forever (Hunting You)
58. Young Ones: I Waiting For Your Miss (Chloroform)
59. Boomgates: Cameo (RIP Society)
60. Hatepinks: Parasites Like Me (Parasites Like Me)
61. Fabiene DelSol: Ce Jour La (On My Mind)
62. Diplomats Of Solid Sound: B-O-O-G-A-L-O-O (What Goes Around)
63. Bobby Davis: Damper Down (M-Pac)
64. Race Marbles: The Switch (Land Of 1000 Dunces)
65. Inservibles: Eshora De Retroceder (Leather Bar)
66. Demon’s Claws: Laser Beams (The Defrosting Of…)
67. Ex-Fag Cop: Remembered Future Of Dark Psychic History (Bat Shit)
68. Ramones: I Can’t Make It On Time (End Of The Century)
69. Freshies: My Tapes Gone (Fanzine)
70. J.C. Satan: Adventure Boat (Sick Of Love)
71. Sleaze: PCP (Leather Bar)
72. Jolts: baby I’m A Loser (Meaty Beaty)