Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 11/16/10

1. Jonny Barber & the Rhythm Razors: Nothing But The Radio On (Cut Close)
2. Grizzly Family: Come On Let’s Rock (Don’t Mess With The Grizzly)
3. Elvis Pummel: Black Cat’s Home (vs. Bloodshot Bill)
4. King Size: Strange Little Linda (Hot Rhythm And Rockabilly)
5. Joe Boot & the Fabulous Winds: Rock And Roll Radio (Norton)
6. Ernest Brooks: Talkin’ Off The Wall (Ekko)
7. Little Ernest Brooks: Gonna Get Me A Satellite (Fortune)
8. Johnny Jano: She’s My Baby (King Of Louisiana Rockabilly)
9. Coasters: I’m A Hog For You Baby (Atco)
10. Nanine: Souie! Baby Souie! (Joli)
11. Impediments: Pig Out (s/t)
12. Personal & the Pizzas: I Want You (Trouble In Mind)
13. Krunchies: Ugly Inside (Southkore)
14. King Salami & the Cumberland Three: Big Blon’ Baby (Fourteen Blazin’ Bangers)
15. Nobunny: Ain’t It A Shame (First Blood)
16. Faders: In It For The Kicks (Rip Off)
17. Rocket Reducers: Bleed For Me (s/t)
18. Ronnie Self: Bop-A-Lena (Columbia)
19. Garnet Hearts: Thistle In Your Garden (Cupid)
20. Bloodshot Bill: Losing… My Mind (vs. Elvis Pummel)
21. John Wesley Coleman: Can’t Stop Dreaming (Bad Lady Goes To Jail)
22. Tranzmitors: Jimmy’s At The Mod Shop (Meaty Beaty)
23. Tinopeners: I Want You (Rip Off)
24. Los Raw Gospels: Nothing Coming (La Fiesta De La Muerte)
25. Registrators: Let’s Go Baby (Snuffy Smile)
26. Inservibles: Aceptalo Todo (Leather Bar)
27. Red Mass: Lord Of The Rats (s/t)
28. Cardiac Kidz: Get Out (Lub Dub)
29. Insubordinates: Pier Pressure (s/t)
30. Idi Amin & the Amputees: Disco Bitch (Going Underground)
31. Rantouls: Carrie Do You (In The Village Of The Rantoul)
32. Lyres: Never Met A Girl Like You (On Fyre)
33. Wildebeests: Bubblegum Fuzz (Dimbo Party)
34. Subtle Turnhips: Freres Jour Dan (Terd Album)
35. Heartbeeps: Already Lost (My Bones Are Tattooed)
36. Arscene Obscene: Je Suis Reactif (Zone Industrielle)
37. Black Mamba Beat: Despondent (s/t)
38. unknown: Palace Of Love (You Tore My Brain!)
39. Inner Sanctum: Can’t Make It Without You (Thunder)
40. Blue Stars: Social End Product (Allied)
41. Spits: Drop Out (19 Million AC)
42. J.C. Satan Satan (Sick Of Love)
43. Ex-Humans: Reckless Eyes (s/t)
44. Fresh & Onlys: I’m All Shook Up (Play It Strange)
45. Demolition Girl: They Saved Hitler’s Brain (Ruling The World From The Back Seat)
46. Angry Samoans: Inside My Brain (Inside My Brain)
47. Queers: I Knew GG When He Was A Wimp (Back To The Basement)
48. Ugly Beats: Bee Line (Motor!)
49. Strike: Radio Songs (Shock Rock)
50. Peach Kelli Pop: Girls Of Summer (s/t)
51. Shangri-Las: Sophisticated Boom Boom (Red Bird)
52.’s: Guitar Date (Bomb The Twist!)
53. Mother’s Children: Everybody’s Doing It (That’s Who!)
54. White Wires: Born On A Saturday Night ((P.Trash)
55. Welders: Debutantes In Bondage (BDR)
56. Unfuckable: Day Off (Aarght)
57. Teen Archer: Tick (s/t)
58. Moscow Moscow Moscow: Fans Of Stalin Show Your Bottom (Eradicator)
59. Sleaze: Crush (Leather Bar)
60. Chinese Burns: Rohypnol (Leather Bar)
61. Los Explosivos: Lo Que Me Exita!!! (Sonido Rocanrol!!!)
62. Kill Spectors: Live Like A Dog (Espanola)
63. Zeros: Don’t Push Me Around (Bomp!)
64. Demon’s Claws: Last Time At The Pool (The Defrosting Of…)
65. Pretty Boy Floyd & the Gems: Sharon (Rip Off)
66. Bits Of Shit: Gail Force (Lexicon Devil)
67. Drab Doo Riffs: Ill Equipped (Postcards From Uranus)
68. Ex-Fag Cop: Matrixcide (Bat Shit)
69. Gags: The Butcher Boys (Criss Cross)
70. Originals Sins: Just 14 (Bar None)
71. Tyvek: Future Junk (Nothing Fits)
72. Vomit Squad: ABCDEF (Amon Ra Bless America)