Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 11/30/10

1. Bill Lee: If Jesus Came To Your House (It’s Finkin’ Time)
2. Rip Offs: Heatseaker/Rip Your Heart Out (Got A Record)
3. Zymotics: Dirty Punk Man (Ad Vice)
4. Jim Jones Revue: Who’s Got Mine? (s/t)
5. Lil Luis y los Wild Teens: Rock Mi Chica (Lies Lies Lies)
6. Ivy Green: Sex On The Radio (s/t)
7. Bobby Fuller Four: Annie Lou (Mustang)
8. Hullaballoos: Don’t Stop (On Hullaballoo)
9. Grizzly Family: Number Nine Train (Don’t Mess With The Grizzly)
10. Garnet Hearts: All The Time In The World (Cupid)
11. Nobunny: Someone Else’s Brain (Vice)
12.’s: Teenage Mojo Workout (Teenage Mojo Workout)
13. Rantouls: Two By Two (In The Village Of The Rantoul)
14. Maine Coons: Hey Dickhead (demo)
15. Tyvek: 4321 (Nothing Fits)
16. Loli & the Chones: I D*O*N*T (P.S. We Hate You)
17. Clone Defects: Fill My Fridge (Shapes Of Venus)
18. Fix-It: Fuck 77 (s/t)
19. Star Club: Kamisori Baby (Cool Posers)
20. Subtle Turnhips: Comment (Terd Album)
21. Tranzmitors: It’s not Your Call (Dirtnap)
22. Matthew Melton: She’s So Out (Still Misunderstood)
23. Wild Zeros: Tight Tight Jeans (s/t)
24. Dead Ghosts: Off The Hook (s/t)
25. White Wires: Let’s Go To The Beach (WWII)
26. Black Mamba Beat: D.I. And Die (split w/Wake Up Dead)
27. Digger & the Pussycats: Ten Car Pile Up (Young, Tight And Alright)
28. Bo Diddley: Background To A Music (The Originator)
29. Ex-Fag Cop: Hard On Crime (Bat Shit)
30. Reatards: I’m So Gone (Teenage Hate)
31. X: Suck Suck (Aspirations)
32. Aversions: Wirehead (Ex Nihilo Nihil)
33. Liquor Store: Free Pizza (Almost Ready)
34. Midnight Snaxxx: Heart Full Of Doubt (demo)
35. Faders: In It For The Kicks (Rip Off)
36. Tyranna: Back Off Baby (Boppa Do Down)
37. Teenage Head: Ain’t Got No Sense (s/t)
38. Intellegence: Chateau Bandit (Males)
39. Golden Error: Refuse Me (Hard Sell)
40. Icky Boyfriends: No Duh (A Love Obscene)
41. Spits: She Don’t Kare (s/t)
42. Outdoorsmen: Dead Meat (Clown College)
43. Dishrags: Love Is Shit (Love/Hate)
44. Welders: SOS Now (BDR)
45. Radio Birdman: Do The Pop (Radios Appear)
46. Red Mass: Hurt Me (s/t)
47. Rocket Reducers: Bleed For Me (s/t)
48. Fist City: I Grew Up In Fist City (Hunting You)
49. John Wesley Coleman: Come On Cops (Bad Lady Goes To Jail)
50. Crappy Dracula: Jerk Of My Dreams (Almost)
51. Black Time: Cycles (More Songs About Motorcycles And Death)
52. Los Raw Gospels: Beat Of The Traps (La Fiesta De La Muerte)
53. Myelin Sheaths: Do The Mental Shake (Get On Your Nerves)
54. Bad Sports: Asshole With The Girl (Boom Chick)
55. UV Race: Knife Fight (Fashionable Idiots)
56. Moby Dicks: Ogo Pogo (Mammoth Cave)
57. Vex Ruffin & the Lo-Fi Jerkheads: It’s Hard To Be A Motor (Black Gladiator)
58. Ex Humans: Turn The Dial (s/t)
59. Hussy: Oh No (Cement Tomb Mind Control)
60. Controllers: Slow Boy (Siamese)
61. Tyrades: Plastic Bag Baby(s/t)
62. Inservibles: ¿Cual es Tu Pedo, Ă‘ero? ((Leather Bar)
63. Nasties: Maybe (Lawless)
64. Queers: Fucked In The Head (Back To The Basement)
65. JC Satan: Escape For Love (Sick Of Love)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 11/23/10

1. Dick Dale & his Del Tones: Jungle Fever (Surfer’s Choice)
2. Willie Mabon & his Combo: I Don’t Know (Chess)
3. Zodiacs: Another Little Darlin’ (Soma)
4. Buck Jones & his Billy Howgs: Weirdest Situations (Ghost Train)
5. Eddie Cochran: Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie (Liberty)
6. Jiv-A-Tones: The Wild Bird (Fraternity)
7. Sparkle Moore w/Dan Belloc & his Orchestra: Skull And Crossbones (Fraternity)
8. Elvis Pummel: Ham, Jam, Amsterdam (vs. Bloodshot Bill)
9. Hunx & his Punx: Dream On Little Dreamer (Scion)
10. Lenny & the Lawbreakers: Suzy D (Rip Off)
11. Tom Thumb: I Want You (Wild Things)
12. Spiders: Boom Boom (Big Lizard Stomp)
13. Alan Barnicoat & the Bob Freeman Orchestra: Savage (Rocket)
14. Motions: Bumble Bee ’65 (Mercury)
15. Firestarter: Saturday Night Is The End Of The World (Shit Sandwich)
16. Playboys: Shevidevi De Yuko (G.S. I Love You Too)
17. Skipper: Girl Next Door (demo)
18. Maggots:Let’s Get Tammy Wynette (Wormusik)
19. Hussy: Wrong/Right (Cement Tomb Mind Control)
20. Dead Ghosts: When It Comes To You (s/t)
21. John Wesley Coleman: Lazy Baby (Bad Lady Goes To Jail)
22. Black Mamba Beat: Scene Song (s/t)
23. Boys: Sick On You (s/t)
24. Circle X: Tender (Insolito)
25. Tyvek: Pricks In Cars (Nothing Fits)
26. Morning Shakes: All Fucked Up (Wallabies)
27. Long Gones w/Peter Greenburg: Tear You Apart (Centsless)
28. Chinese Burns: Rohypnol (Leather Bar)
29. Vomit Squad: Burning With Beelzebub (Amon Ra Bless America)
30. Golden Error: Refuse Me (Hard Sell)
31. Red Mass: Charlie Brown (split w/ Strange Attractor)
32. Crappy Dracula: Reverse Puberty (Almost)
33. M.O.T.O.: Wind It Out (Shit Sandwich)
34. Girls At Dawn: Reach Me (Don’t Forget (Call The Doctor)
35. Queers: I’m Pissed (Back To The Basement)
36. Tyrades: Vicious Rumors (Big Neck)
37. Raylene & the Blue Angels: Shakin’ All Over (Cuca)
38. Strike: Teenage Rebel (Shock Rock)
39. Heartbeeps: Right Shoes, Right Jacket, Wrong Records (My Bones Are Tattooed)
40. Wheels Of Fire: Broken Up (Kind Turkey)
41. Tranzmitors: Get Around (Dirtnap)
42. Unfuckable: Complicated Meditation Class (Aarght!)
43. Fuckin’ Leftovers: I Only Panic When There Is Nothing To Do (Punji Stick)
44. Complaints: I Wanna Be Bored (Complaint)
45. Last Sons Of Krypton: I Want Action (Cassette Tape!!!)
46. New Bomb Turks: I Wanna Sleep (Pissin’ Out The Poison)
47. Rocket Reducers: Don’t Wanna Wake Up (s/t)
48. Tinopeners: I Don’t Wanna Be (Rip Off)
49. Outdoorsmen: Slap My Hand (Daggerman)
50. Personal & the Pizzas: Don’t Trust No Party Boy (Trouble In Mind)
51. Subtle Turnhips: Digid (Terd Album)
52. Myelin Sheaths: Half Wit (Get On Your Nerves)
53. Rhino 39: Xerox 12/No Comprimise (Dangerhouse)
54. Skunks: Earthquake Shake (Skunk)
55. Bits Of Shit: Tim Hemensley (Lexicon Devil)
56. Hygiene: Side Zero Model (Going Underground)
57. Fist City: Live Forever (Hunting You)
58. Young Ones: I Waiting For Your Miss (Chloroform)
59. Boomgates: Cameo (RIP Society)
60. Hatepinks: Parasites Like Me (Parasites Like Me)
61. Fabiene DelSol: Ce Jour La (On My Mind)
62. Diplomats Of Solid Sound: B-O-O-G-A-L-O-O (What Goes Around)
63. Bobby Davis: Damper Down (M-Pac)
64. Race Marbles: The Switch (Land Of 1000 Dunces)
65. Inservibles: Eshora De Retroceder (Leather Bar)
66. Demon’s Claws: Laser Beams (The Defrosting Of…)
67. Ex-Fag Cop: Remembered Future Of Dark Psychic History (Bat Shit)
68. Ramones: I Can’t Make It On Time (End Of The Century)
69. Freshies: My Tapes Gone (Fanzine)
70. J.C. Satan: Adventure Boat (Sick Of Love)
71. Sleaze: PCP (Leather Bar)
72. Jolts: baby I’m A Loser (Meaty Beaty)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 11/16/10

1. Jonny Barber & the Rhythm Razors: Nothing But The Radio On (Cut Close)
2. Grizzly Family: Come On Let’s Rock (Don’t Mess With The Grizzly)
3. Elvis Pummel: Black Cat’s Home (vs. Bloodshot Bill)
4. King Size: Strange Little Linda (Hot Rhythm And Rockabilly)
5. Joe Boot & the Fabulous Winds: Rock And Roll Radio (Norton)
6. Ernest Brooks: Talkin’ Off The Wall (Ekko)
7. Little Ernest Brooks: Gonna Get Me A Satellite (Fortune)
8. Johnny Jano: She’s My Baby (King Of Louisiana Rockabilly)
9. Coasters: I’m A Hog For You Baby (Atco)
10. Nanine: Souie! Baby Souie! (Joli)
11. Impediments: Pig Out (s/t)
12. Personal & the Pizzas: I Want You (Trouble In Mind)
13. Krunchies: Ugly Inside (Southkore)
14. King Salami & the Cumberland Three: Big Blon’ Baby (Fourteen Blazin’ Bangers)
15. Nobunny: Ain’t It A Shame (First Blood)
16. Faders: In It For The Kicks (Rip Off)
17. Rocket Reducers: Bleed For Me (s/t)
18. Ronnie Self: Bop-A-Lena (Columbia)
19. Garnet Hearts: Thistle In Your Garden (Cupid)
20. Bloodshot Bill: Losing… My Mind (vs. Elvis Pummel)
21. John Wesley Coleman: Can’t Stop Dreaming (Bad Lady Goes To Jail)
22. Tranzmitors: Jimmy’s At The Mod Shop (Meaty Beaty)
23. Tinopeners: I Want You (Rip Off)
24. Los Raw Gospels: Nothing Coming (La Fiesta De La Muerte)
25. Registrators: Let’s Go Baby (Snuffy Smile)
26. Inservibles: Aceptalo Todo (Leather Bar)
27. Red Mass: Lord Of The Rats (s/t)
28. Cardiac Kidz: Get Out (Lub Dub)
29. Insubordinates: Pier Pressure (s/t)
30. Idi Amin & the Amputees: Disco Bitch (Going Underground)
31. Rantouls: Carrie Do You (In The Village Of The Rantoul)
32. Lyres: Never Met A Girl Like You (On Fyre)
33. Wildebeests: Bubblegum Fuzz (Dimbo Party)
34. Subtle Turnhips: Freres Jour Dan (Terd Album)
35. Heartbeeps: Already Lost (My Bones Are Tattooed)
36. Arscene Obscene: Je Suis Reactif (Zone Industrielle)
37. Black Mamba Beat: Despondent (s/t)
38. unknown: Palace Of Love (You Tore My Brain!)
39. Inner Sanctum: Can’t Make It Without You (Thunder)
40. Blue Stars: Social End Product (Allied)
41. Spits: Drop Out (19 Million AC)
42. J.C. Satan Satan (Sick Of Love)
43. Ex-Humans: Reckless Eyes (s/t)
44. Fresh & Onlys: I’m All Shook Up (Play It Strange)
45. Demolition Girl: They Saved Hitler’s Brain (Ruling The World From The Back Seat)
46. Angry Samoans: Inside My Brain (Inside My Brain)
47. Queers: I Knew GG When He Was A Wimp (Back To The Basement)
48. Ugly Beats: Bee Line (Motor!)
49. Strike: Radio Songs (Shock Rock)
50. Peach Kelli Pop: Girls Of Summer (s/t)
51. Shangri-Las: Sophisticated Boom Boom (Red Bird)
52.’s: Guitar Date (Bomb The Twist!)
53. Mother’s Children: Everybody’s Doing It (That’s Who!)
54. White Wires: Born On A Saturday Night ((P.Trash)
55. Welders: Debutantes In Bondage (BDR)
56. Unfuckable: Day Off (Aarght)
57. Teen Archer: Tick (s/t)
58. Moscow Moscow Moscow: Fans Of Stalin Show Your Bottom (Eradicator)
59. Sleaze: Crush (Leather Bar)
60. Chinese Burns: Rohypnol (Leather Bar)
61. Los Explosivos: Lo Que Me Exita!!! (Sonido Rocanrol!!!)
62. Kill Spectors: Live Like A Dog (Espanola)
63. Zeros: Don’t Push Me Around (Bomp!)
64. Demon’s Claws: Last Time At The Pool (The Defrosting Of…)
65. Pretty Boy Floyd & the Gems: Sharon (Rip Off)
66. Bits Of Shit: Gail Force (Lexicon Devil)
67. Drab Doo Riffs: Ill Equipped (Postcards From Uranus)
68. Ex-Fag Cop: Matrixcide (Bat Shit)
69. Gags: The Butcher Boys (Criss Cross)
70. Originals Sins: Just 14 (Bar None)
71. Tyvek: Future Junk (Nothing Fits)
72. Vomit Squad: ABCDEF (Amon Ra Bless America)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 11/09/10

1. Bunker Hill: The Girl Can’t Dance (Mala)
2. Lo-Lites: You Gotta Be Loose (Thinkin’ Man’s Girl)
3. Invictas: Watusi (You Tore My Brain!)
4. Blue Valley Boys: I Don’t Care About You (Let’s Go Boppin’)
5. Smith’s Ranch Boys: High Geared Daddy (More Barnyard Favorites)
6. B-Stars: Duckin’ And Dodgin’ (Behind the Barn With…)
7. John Wesley Coleman: New York (Bad Lady Goes To Jail)
8. Strike: Teenage Rebel (Shock Rock)
9. Chinese Burns: Rohypnol (Leather Bar)
10. Welders: P-E-R-V-E-R-T (BDR)
11. Red Mass: Party Til I Die (s/t)
12. Hillbilly Werewolf: Crankhead Boogie (No Count Dance Party)
13. Bloodshot Bill: Big Eyes, Crazy Curls (Bloodshot Bill vs. Elvis Pummel)
14. Chuck Berry: Carol (Chess)
15. Pretty Boy Floyd & the Gems: Sharon (Rip Off)
16. Link Wray & his Wraymen: Hidden Charms (Epic)
17. Hidden Charms: Don’t Hide Your Charms (Square Root Of Love)
18. Iguanas: Mona (Forte)
19. Rolling Stones: Down the Road A Piece (The Rolling Stones Now!)
20. Useless Eaters: Panic Attack (Jeth-Row)
21. Tinopeners: I Don’t Wanna Be (Rip Off)
22. White Wires: Roxanne (WWII)
23. Nobunny: Never Been Kissed (First Blood)
24. Vandervorts: He’s Realistic (demo)
25. Franks: She’s My Girl (21st Century Frakbeat)
26. Rocket Reducers: Waste Away (s/t)
27. Crappy Dracula: From A To Please (Almost)
28. Intellegence: Turned To Puke (Males)
29. Ex-Fag Cop: Hard On Crime (Bat Shit)
30. Myelin Sheaths: What’s Your Diagnosis (Get On Your Nerves)
31. Queers: Back To The Basement (Back To The Basement)
32. Sleaze: PCP (Leather Bar)
33. Shit Dogs: Not Responsible (World War III)
34. Personal & the Pizzas: I Don’t Wanna Think About It (Trouble In Mind)
35. Hussy: I’m Me (Cement Tomb Mind Control)
36. B. Goode And Band: Ho Key Po Key Rock (Gem)
37. Teengenerate: Hippy Hippy Shake (Corduroy)
38. Legs: Gotta Eat (Sir Bald’s Hairy Guitar)
39. Vomit Squad: Felony Murder (Amon Ra Bless America)
40. Black Mamba Beat: F.Y.I. (s/t)
41. Subtle Turnhips: Head On The Wall (Terd Album)
42. Unfuckable: Complicated Mind Control (Aarght!)
43. Tranzmitors: It’s Not Your Call (Dirtnap)
44. Gentleman Jesse & his Men: Harriett, It’s You (Daddy Rockin’ Strong)
45. Hygiene: Recruitment (Going Underground)
46. Peach Kelli Pop: Do The Eggroll (s/t)
47. Rantouls: She’s A Rebel (In The Village Of The Rantoul)
48. Cramps: Jackyard Backoff (Enigma)
49. Demon’s Claws: At The Disco (The Defrosting Of…)
50. Derek Lyn Plastic: Get Away (NMG)
51. Wheels On Fire: Black Wave (Kind Turkey)
52. Urinals: Go Away Girl (Negative Capability…Check It Out)
53. Count Vertigo: I’m A Mutant (Cool)
54. Helen Keller: Surfin’ With Steve And Idi Amin (Blitz)
55. Saints: Demolition Girl (One Two Three Four)
56. Fist City: Murder Bitch (Hunting You)
57. UV Race: I Hate You (Fashionable Idiots)
58. Cum Stain: Suck Her 4 U (Florida’s Dying)
59. Chosen Few: The Jokes On Us (The Jokes On Us)
60. Bits Of Shit: Dirty Bomb (Lexicon Devil)
61. Heartbeeps: Just For Her (My Bones Are Tattooed)
62. Redd Kross: St. Lita Ford Blues (Born Innocent)
63. Parasites Of The Western World: Mo (s/t)
64. Holy Cobras: Sun Inside Revisited (Make Pyramids)