Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 10/12/10

1. The Bunch: Do The Jump (You Tore My Brain!)
2. Traits: One More Time (Live It Up)
3. Cub Coda: You’re The Only Girl, Delores (Daddy Rockin’ Strong)
4. Cherry Tess & her Rhythm Sparks: Rock And Roll In The Groove (Roc-A-Chicka)
5. Johnny Burnette & the Rock And Roll Trio: Your Baby Blue Eyes (Coral)
6. Rio Rockers: Mexicali Baby (Capitol)
7. Tandori Knights: Tandori Party (Curry Up)
8. Unknown: Follow Her Home (You Tore My Brain!)
9. Rhythm Aces: The First Teenage (Hand Me Down Suits n Hobnail Boots)
10. Rockin’ R’s: Long Tall Sally (Crazy Date)
11. Mike Bell & the Bell Tones: She Can Rock (Scream And Holler)
12. Jack Baymore & the Bandits: Drunk Tank Boogie (A V-8 Boogie)
13. A-Bones: Real True Love (Daddy Rockin’ Strong)
14. Arthur ‘Hardrock’ Gunter: Don’t Leave Me Now (Excello)
15. Happiness Boys: Pastafazoola (Victor)
16. Unique Echos: Italian Twist (Southern Sound)
17. Louis Prima w/Sam Butera & the Witnesses: O Ma-Ma Twist (Capitol)
18. Tito & the Revlons: Lazy Mary Memphis (Dearborn)
19. Big Walter Price & his Thunderbirds: Hello Maria (Peacock)
20. Joe Nardine & the All Stars: Pizza Pie
21. Don Carroll & the Sharpies: Italian Rock And Roll (Baton)
22. Cramps: I’m Cramped (Songs The Lord Taught Us)
23. Gentleman Jesse & his Men: Harriette It’s You (Daddy Rockin’ Strong)
24. Persuaders: Total Reject (s/t)
25. Teen Archer: Tic Tic Tic (s/t)
26. James Street Overpass: You Tore My Brain (You Tore My Brain!)
27. Dirty Jobs: Going Out Tonight (Get Out Of My Garage, Punk!)
28. Red Mass: You’ve Heard These Chords Before (s/t)
29. Girls At Dawn: Most Terrible Thing (Call The Doctor)
30. Nobunny: Ain’t It A Shame (First Blood)
31. Suburban Lawns: Gidget Goes To Hell (Suburban Industrial)
32. Veins: Ville Prison (Bourgeois Standard)
33. Los Idiotas: Dejame En Paz (Slovenly)
34. Sugar Stems: If You Want Me To (Sweet Sounds Of…)
35. King Salami & the Cumberland Three: Do The Climb (Fourteen Blazin’ Bangers)
36. Moondogs: She’s Nineteen (Real)
37. The Ace: Waiting For My Baby (Attack Of The Ace)
38. Gags: I Wanna Be Your Infirmary (Criss Cross)
39. Replacements: Dope Smokin’ Moron (Stink)
40. Moscow Moscow Moscow: Take A Walkski (Eradicator)
41. Playmobils: Don’t Need Nobody (International Lifestyle)
42. Feelin’ Lucky: Dish Rag (s/t)
43. Welders: S.O.S. Now (BDR)
44. Invaders: Cat’s Eyes (Phillips)
45. Street Cleaners: Garbage City (Amy)
46. Derek Lyn Plastic: I Got A Cold (Certified PR)
47. Ex-Fag Cop: Matrixcide (Bat Shit)
48. Outdoorsmen: Sun Tan Lotion (Daggerman)
49. Protex: Don’t Ring Me Up (Strange Opsession)
50. Miss Chain & the Broken Heels: Roller Coaster (On A Bitter Sweet Ride)
51. Invictas: Watusi (You Tore My Brain!)
52. Home Blitz: Right Cut Even (Weird Wings)
53. Insubordinates: My Side (s/t)
54. Soviet Valves: Sight That Harms/Gaze That Harms (Smart Guys)
55. Drab Doo Riffs: Ill Equipped (Postcards From Uranus)
56. UV Race: I Hate You How Did I Create You (Fashionable Idiots)
57. Ex-Humans: Reckless Eyes (s/t)
58. King Uszniewicz & his Uszniewicztones: I Saw Her On The Beach (Twistin’ And Bowlin’ With…)
59. Barracudas: Dead Skin (Two Sides Of A Coin)
60. Holy Cobras: Feed Your Head (Telephone Explosion)
61. Bad Sports: Would You Wait For Me Too (Scion)
62. Los Raw Gospels: There’s No Going Back (La Fiesta De La Muerte)
63. The Eat: Communist Radio (Giggling Hitler)
64. Last Sons Of Krypton: Ready Aim Fire (Cassette Tape!!!)
65. Nasty Facts: Drive My Car (Jimboco)
66. Frowning Clouds: Mean Old Girl (Listen Closlier)
67. Strange Attractor: I Won’t Fit (P.Trash)
68. Shirks: Disease (Windian)