Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 09/14/10

1. Trashmen: Bird Bath (Surfin’ Bird)
2. Don & Dewey: Jungle Hop (Speccialty)
3. Incredible Staggers: Little Sister (Zombies Of Love)
4. Teenie Cheetahs: You’re Nuts (Come Dance To The Beat OF The…)
5. Groove Diggers: Long Lean Baby (Hear My Plea)
6. Derrell Felts & the Confederates: Playmates (Dixie)
7. Les Bellas: Funnel Of Love (Belladellic)
8. Twistaroos: Baby Baby Baby (Twisted)
9. Swingin’ Neckbreakers: Beat It Creep (Pop Of The Tops)
10. Mama Guitar: What Can I Think (Introducing…)
11. King Salami & the Cumberland Three: Ma Juju Girl (Fourteen Blazin’ Bangers)
12. Kieron McDonald: This Cat Has Nine Lives: (Beware Of The Swamp Man)
13. Jack Rabbit Slim: Sentimentally Yours (Hairdos And Heartaches)
14. Gene Vincent & his Blue Caps: Pretty Pretty Baby (Capital)
15. Floyd Dixon & his Band: Roll Baby Roll (Cat)
16. Ding-Dongs: She’s A Tiger (s/t)
17. Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs: Long Tall Sally (MGM)
18. Saturn V feat. Orbit: Karen (Having A Twist Party)
19. Nobunny: It Tastes Just Like A Milkshake (Douchemaster)
20. Welders: S.O.S. Now (BDR)
21. Gun Club: For The Love Of Ivy (Fire Of Love)
22. Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys: Creative Types (RIP Society)
23. Ex-Fag Cop: Gimme Fag Agenda (Bat Shit)
24. Black Time: Cycles (More Songs About Motorcycles And Death)
25. Women: Dead World (No Reasons)
26. Sweet Sixteens: Submarine (Windian)
27. Cheveron’s V: Niat Pac Lavram (Nook)
28. Lefty & the Leadsmen: Wildwood Fun (Co And Ce)
29. Last Sons Of Krypton: Teenage Nihilist (Cassette Tape!!!)
30. Flying Over: I Wanna Destroy You (Frantic City)
31. UV Race: I Hate You, How Did I Create You (Fashionable Idiots)
32. Turn It Offs: Jackpot (Too Much Static)
33. Complaints: Born Bored (Meaty Beaty)
34. Protex: Private Lies (Strange Obsessions)
35. Gentleman Jesse & his Men: I Won’t Say Goodbye (Douchemaster)
36. Rock-Fellers: Orange Peel (Volar)
37. Boosom Devine: Sweet Same Desire (s/t)
38. Veins: Comme Un Loup (Bourgeois Standard)
39. Super Wild Horses: World’s Gone Bad (Hozac)
40. Wild Thing: I’m Smoking (Leave Me Alone) (Daggerman)
41. Drab Doo Riffs: Broke It Up (Postcards From Uranus)
42. White Wires: Hands (WWII)
43. Shirks: Negative Reaction (Windian)
44. Sticks N Stones: Telling The Truth (Trouble In Mind)
45. Vex Ruffin & the Lo-Fi Jerkheads: Jerkhead Anthem (Black Gladiator)
46. Tutu & the Pirates: I Wanna Be A Janitor (Sub-Urban Insult Rock For The Anti/Lectual)
47. Reducers: Caveman (Rave On)
48. Wild Zeros: I Never Met A Girl Like You Before (s/t)
49. Unnatural Helpers: Sunshine/Pretty Girls (Hardly Art)
50. Outdoorsmen: Drunk Driving (Clown College)
51. Brick War: Silverado Six Pack (Savage)
52. Gestapo Khazi: The Atomic Kind (Eradicator)
53. Las Aspiradoras: Los Peligros De La Noche (Hey Girl)
54. Man…or Astro-Man?: Destination Venus (Destroy All Astromen)
55. A-Frames: Complications (333)
56. Moonhearts: Deathstar pt.2 (s/t)
57. Kyra Rubella: It’s A Stick Up (Here I Am I Always Am)
58. Ejectors: George Jetson (Hydohed)
59. Useless Eaters: White Gurls (Mastermind)
60. Cum Stain: Just A Kid (Florida’s Dying)
61. Flips: I Just Don’t Know Where I Stand (Hozac)
62. 50’s High Teens: Poppoppoppop-Pie (Punch de Beat)
63. Frowning Clouds: Do Like Me (Listen Closlier)
64. Personal & the Pizzas: Never Find Me (Raw Pie)
65. Talbot Adams: Life Is Good When Cinematic (Douchemaster)
66. Boomgates: Cameo (RIP Society)
67. Johnny & the Reforms: Shopping For A Friend (Ruling The World From The Back Seat)
68. Ex-Humans: Reckless Eyes (s/t)
69. Jet Boys: I Wanna Go To Coney Island (Love Hunter)
70. Chinese Restaurants: Summer Romance (SS)