Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 08/31/10

1. Wild Wax Combo: Alcoholic Baby (Hot Rod Doll)
2. Thumper Jones: Rock It (Starday)
3. Gentleman Jessie & his Men: She’s A Trap (Douchemaster)
4. Cheap Time: Glitter And Gold (Two And A Half Times Around)
5. Lonesome Drifter: Tear Drop Valley (K)
6. Rudy ‘Tutti’ Grayzell: Ducktail (Starday)
7. Blue Rhythm Boys: Nobody But You (Northwood)
8. Urban Junior: Mensch Oder Tier (Two Headed Demon)
9. White Wires: Popularity (WWII)
10. Tiger Lilly: Come On Baby (The Sound Of…)
11. Al Sweatt w/Johnnie Cole & the Valentines: I Hate Myself (Keen)
12. Tony Casanova: Showdown (Dore)
13. Protex: Look Out Johnny (Strange Obsession)
14. Magic Kids: Hey Boy (Memphis)
15. Bobby Davis: Damper Down (M Pac)
16. Galaxies & the Renegades: Ride Your Horse (Epic)
17. Players: The Rebel (Artemis)
18. Chuck Stacey w/the Rompers: You Think It’s Funny
19. Groove Diggers: The Crying Loser (Hear My Plea)
20. Rusti Steel & the Star Tones: Gone With The Wind (Gone With The Wind)
21. Keiron McDonald: Third Times A Charm (Beware Of The Swamp Man)
22. Warren Scott & the Memphis Playboys: Fist Hand Second Class Woman (Western Bop Sensations)
23. Big Sandy & his Fly-Rite Trio :One Sided Love Affair (On The Go)
24. Useless Eaters: Mr. Oscillations (Mastermind)
25. UV Race: I Hate You How Did I Create You (Fashionable Idiots)
26. Arsene Obscene: La Crise Sociale (Zone Industriele)
27. Charlie & the Moonhearts: I Said (s/t)
28. Nobunny: Braceface (Douchemaster)
29. Customs: Long Gone (Shake It)
30. Problematics: The Kids All Suck (The Kids All Suck)
31. Super Wild Horses: Mess Around (Fifteen)
32. Wild Zeros: College Rock Massacre (s/t)
33. Heartbreakers: One Track Mind (L.A.M.F.)
34. Jet Boys: Johnny Was So Cool (Vinyl Japan)
35. Zeros: Wild Weekend (Bomp)
36. Fast Takers: She’s Goin’ Crazy (Skygoat)
37. Mother’s Children: What’ll Happen To All The Girls (That’s Who)
38. Vicars: I Don’t Wanna Be Like You (Back On The Streets)
39. Discords: It’s You Girl (Second To No One)
40. Real Numbers: No Exceptions (s/t)
41. Riverdales: Infection (Tarantula)
42. Vex Ruffin & the Lo-Fi Jerkheads: It’s Hard To Be A Motor (Black Gladiator)
43. Crime: If Looks Could Kill (Punk Vault)
44. Black Time: Harley Davidson (More Songs About Motorcycles And Death)
45. Statics: No Parking (Punk Rock And Roll)
46. Strange Attractor: So Pissed Off (FDH)
47. Tree Stumps: Jennie Lee (Records Inc. )
48. Pattens: Say Mama (Pattens)
49. Leaves Of Grass: Crabs (MAAD)
50. Brentwoods: Everybody Buri Buri (Fun In South City)
51. Wild Billy Childish & the MBE’s: Comb Over Mod (Punk Rock At The British Legion Hall)
52. Gestapo Khazi: Fickle Little Child (Stunned Mullet)
53. Women: KGB (No Reasons)
54. CIA: Love And War (God, Guts, Guns And More)
55. Veins: Ma Zone (Bourgeois Standard)
56. Dead Ghosts: That Old Feeling (Goodbye Boozy)
57. Dead Farmers: Bad Time (Go Home)
58. Tyrades: I Hate Your Wave (s/t)
59. Turn It Offs: Devil In My Guitar (Too Much Static)
60. Traditional Fools: Snot Rag (s/t)
61. Apache: Heaven Can Wait (Radical Sabbatical)
62. Cum Stain: Bachelor’s Life (Florida’s Dying)
63. Flips: Sooner Than Later (Hozac)
64. Davila 666: La Killer Bitch (Rob’s House)
65. A-Bones: Bamboo Rock And Roll (1+2)
66. Bama Lamas: Hungry Teenage Werewolf (Dirty Ugly)
67. Hex Dispensers: One Less Ghost (Trouble In Mind)
68. Ejectors: Communist Call (Hydrohed)
69. Queers: No Surfin’ In Dorchester Bay (Ruling The World From the Back Seat)
70. Moby Dicks: The Ballad Of The Red Dog (Mammoth Cave)
71. Personal & the Pizzas: Pizza Army (Raw Pie)
72. White Boy & the Average Rat Band: Maybe I’m A Fool (s/t)