Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 08/17/10

1. Rhythmics: Comin’ Through
2. Tielman Brothers: Record Hop (Imperial)
3. Wayne Sherwood: Moon Step Twist (Aurora)
4. Mike Lawing: Chimpanzee Ride (Hawk)
5. Kongsmen: Do The Ape (On Campus)
6. Ray Sharpe: Monkey’s Uncle (Jamie)
7. Neil Sedaka: I Go Ape (RCA)
8. Don French: Goldilocks! (Lancer)
9. Renegades: Geronimo (American International)
10. Bloodshot Bill: Cause Of It All (Our Boy Roy)
11. Protex: Don’t Ring Me Up (Good Vibrations)
12. Jackie Lowell w/Duane Diamond & the Astronauts: Rocket Trip (Band Box)
13. Uptown Savages: Nash Rambler (Rocket Driving Daddy)
14. Tom Powder: Speed Crazy (Dangerous Curves)
15. Deke Dickerson: Hey Worm (Ecco-Fonic)
16. Flips: I Just Don’t Know Where I Stand (Hozac)
17. Bunnies: I Want You To Be My Baby (s/t)
18. Groove Diggers: Rock And Roll Gal (Hear My Plea)
19. Danny Roland w/Little Jimmy Dempsey & his Cherokee Country Boys: Shockwave (Bayou)
20. Shindiggers: Crash The Party (Maximum Beat)
21. Benny Joy: Little Red Book (Antler)
22. Cheap Time: Fake Friends (Two And A Half Times Around)
23. Arsene Obscene: Au Bout Du Tunnel (Zone Industrielle)
24. Vex Ruffin & the Lo-Fi Jerkheads: Youth Of Beast (Black Gladiator)
25. Headcoats: Pinhead (Hendrix Was Not The Only Musician)
26. Jacuzzi Boys: Freakazoids (Mexican Summer)
27. Mongrolls: 3 Chord Rock (Ruling The World From The Backseat)
28. Afrika Korps: Juvenile Delinquent (Music To Kill By)
29. Donny Denim: Rock And Roll Love Affair (Radio X)
30. Tony & the Runaways: Komm Mal Her
31. Warlocks: I Love You (Big Rock)
32. Unwed Teenage Mothers: Baby You’re Dying (Blonde Girls)
33. Urban Junior: Girl Like You (Two Headed Demon)
34. Splash Four: Summertime (Ruling The World From The Backseat)
35. Unnatural Helpers: Sunshine/Pretty Girls (Cracked Love And Other Drugs)
36. Cum Stain: Suck Her 4U (Florida’s Dying)
37. Bare Wires: The Last Thing On My Mind (Seeking Love)
38. Crusaders Of Love: Better When I’m Gone (Never Grow Up)
39. Sticks N Stones: Telling The Truth (Trouble In Mind)
40. Midwest Beat: Get It Started (At The Gates)
41. Strange Attractor: Just Looking (FDH)
42. Johnny & the Reforms: Shopping For A Friend (Ruling The World From The Backseat)
43. Super Wild Horses: Adrian (Fifteen)
44. Menthols: Switchblade Nite (Michigan Works)
45. Barry Wilson & the Camelots: The Bug (Dot)
46. Groupies: Primitive (Atco)
47. Features: Floosie Of The Neighborhood (Paradox)
48. Personal & the Pizzas: Nobody Makes My Girl Cry But Me (Raw Pie)
49. Veins: Controlle (Bourgeois Standard)
50. Charlie & the Moonhearts: Eat My Shorts (s/t)
51. Black Flag: Nervous Breakdown (SST)
52. Gaggers: Nothing To Me (Pure Punk)
53. Atilla & the Huns: Mojo Cools (Beaux-Art Sound)
54. Sonics: You’ve Got Your Head On Backwards (Jerden)
55. Beavers: Silly Girls (Frantic City)
56. Hex Dispensers: I’m A Ghost (Trouble In Mind)
57. Tranzmittors: Some Girls Do (La-Ti-Da)
58. Visitors: Say You Wanna Go (Avenging The Visigoths)
59. Black Time: The Living End (More Songs About Motorcycles And Death)
60. Outdoorsmen: Decapitated (Goodbye Boozy)
61. CIA: I Hate The Radio (God Guts Guns And More)
62. Vibrators: Sweet Sweet Heart (Pure Mania)
63. Mantles: Situations (Pink Information)
64. Occult Detective Club: The Way It Goes (Tortures)
65. Tina Peel: Punk Rock Janitor (Pajama Party)
66. Tutu & the Pirates: Burn Down The Discotheque (Sub Urban Insult Rock For The Anti/Lectual)
67. Replacements: Lookin’ For Ya (Hootenanny)
68. Apache: OMC (Radical Sabbatical)
69. Complaints: Bail Me Out (Meaty Beaty)
70. Perculators: My Friends Are Your Friends (Ken Rock)
71. Women: Someone Else (No Reasons)
72. CH 3: I Got A Gun (Posh Boy)
73. Matt K Shrugg: Show Down (Gone Ashtray)
74. Controllers: Do The Unganda (Siamese)