Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 08/10/10

1. Wade Curtiss & the Rhythm Rockers: Rock-A-Beat (Bright Lights)
2. Bo Diddley: Who Do You Love (Checker)
3. Long Gone Daddy-O’s: Can’t Find The Doorknob (Move To Dixie)
4. Johnny Tedesco: Rock Del Ton Ton (Nueva Ola)
5. Denny Noie & the Catalinas: It Ain’t A Big Thing (Knight)
6. Rusti Steel & the Star Tones: Baby, You’re Doing Me Wrong (Gone With The Wind)
7. King Baker’s Combo: Everybody’s Rockin’ But Me (Crest Sessions)
8. Nat Couty & the Braves: Woodpecker Rock (Fox)
9. Kieron McDonald: Little Miss Lizzie (Ain’ No Prissy At All) (Beware Of The Swamp Man)
10. Warren Scott & the Memphis Playboys: Scarecrow Bop (Western Bop Sensations)
11. Seeburg Spotlight Band: Slow Down (Seeburg)
12. Milkshakes: Can You Tell Me (14 Rhythm And Beat Greats)
13. Nightriders: Cotton Pickin’ (Profile)
14. Jimmy Myers: Go Cat Go (Super)
15. Week-enders: Rampage (Baltimore’s Teen Beat A Go Go)
16. Half Rats: For The Sake Of Love (Douchemaster)
17. Zebrassieres: Beach Fight (Gooey Zoo)
18. Steve Del & the Furys: Minor Chaos
19. White Wires: Your Mother Says You’re Ugly (s/t)
20. Nobunny: Somewhere Now (Love Visions)
21. Personal & the Pizzas: 7.99 For Love (Raw Pie)
22. Kongsmen: Karate Monkey (On Campus)
23. Searchers: Some Other Guy
24. Buster Brown: Sugar Babe (Fire)
25. Donnie Bell: Sugar Baby (Reece-Rawson)
26. Kaisers: Hipshake Shimmy Kitten (Squarehead Stomp)
27. Mantles: Summer Read (Pink Information)
28. Sticks N Stones: Is It You (Trouble In Mind)
29. Tunnel Of Love: Joey Killed Mary (Rockin’ Rollin’ Bitches)
30. Wire: Lost Boy (1976 Demo)
31. Jet Boys: C’mon Little Baby (Jumpin’ Jet Flash)
32. Queers: Burger King Queen (Grow Up)
33. Veins: Comme Un Loup (Bourgeois Standard)
34. Charlie & the Moonhearts: I Hate Myself (s/t)
35. UV Race: I Go Blank (s/t)
36. Strange Attractor: So Pissed Off (FDH)
37. Famines: Syllables (Mammoth Cave)
38. Teemates: I’m Movin’ Out (Audio Fidelity)
39. Little Caesar & the Conspirators: It Must Be Love (Studio City)
40. Rave-Ons: Love Pill (Twin Town)
41. Jewws: Love IN A Pill (L’Explosion Du Son De Maintenant!)
42. Ty Segall: My Sunshine (Melted)
43. Bare Wires: Nice To Know You (Seeking Love)
44. Black Time: Harley Davidson (More Songs About Motorcycles And Death)
45. Manipulators: Ooga Booga Man (Ease Up On The Breakdowns)
46. Complaints: Born Bored (Meaty Beaty)
47. Outdoorsmen: Beat Around The Bush (Goodbye Boozy)
48. Cum Stain: Just A Kid (Florida’s Dying)
49. First Base: I’ll Be Your Hangover (Play Pinball!)
50. Unnatural Axe: They Saved Hitler’s Brain (Varulven)
51. Idi Amin & the Amputees: Nasty Nazi (Going Underground)
52. Angry Samoans: Gas Chamber (Back From Samoa)
53. Loli & the Chones: Nazi Death Camp (P.S. We Hate You)
54. Arsene Obscene: Je Ne Tolere Rien (Zone Industrielle)
55. A Frames: Crutches (333)
56. Action Swingers: I’m Dead (s/t)
57. Unwed Teenage Mothers: Do You Wanna Be My Girl (Blonde Girls)
58. Inservibles: Nada (HBSP-2X)
59. Occult Detective Club: I Get Cruel (Tortures)
60. Radio Reelers: Drinkin’ Shoes (Meaty Beaty)
61. Gaggers: Bored OF You (Pure Punk)
62. Squares: Wanna Be (Pure And Filthy Rhythm n’ Punk)
63. Wongs: All’s I Got (May Cause Dizziness)
64. Mighty Caesars: Devious Means (Thee Caesars Of Trash)
65. Morning Shakes: Blind Drunk (Weed Honky)
66. Matt K. Shrugg: You’re A Drag (Gone Ashtray)
67. Skipper: Can’t See You Anymore (In Italy)
68. Real Numbers: Spirographic Skin (s/t)
69. Home Blitz: Other Side Of The Street (Out Of Phase)
70. Teenanger: Alone On Acid (Give Me Pink)
71. Sex Church: I Don’t Want To Die (Six Songs By Sex Church)
72. Red Mass: I Love My Baby (s/t)
73. Pity Fucks: I Don’t Want To Live Alone (s/t)
74. Bad Sports: Sinking You (s/t)
75. Dagger Dicks: Razor Sharp Love (Meaty Beaty)
76. Flying Over: Fier De Deplaire (Frantic City)
77. Defektors: Black Hole (Bottom Of The City)
78. Wyld Oscars: Live Wired (Right Yeah)