Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 08/03/10

1. Revels: Six Pack (Intoxica!!!)
2. Bashful Vic Thomas & his Western Rhythmaires: Rock And Roll Tonight (Premium)
3. Bobby Jackson: Cha Cha Cha (Jan)
4. Bloodshot Bill: Look My Way (Get High Tonight)
5. Benny Joy: Button Nose (Crash The Party)
6. Lil’ Louis y los Wild Teens: Delincuente (Lies Lies Lies)
7. Groove Diggers: Don’t Ya Break My Heart (Hear My Plea)
8. Radio Reelers: Teenage Heartattack (Meaty Beaty/No Front Teeth)
9. Ramones: Glad To See You Go (Leave Home)
10. Reducers: Caveman (Rave On)
11. Midwest Beat: Molly Molly (At The Castle)
12. El Vicio: Cherie Cherie (Squoodge)
13. Goodnight Loving: Ramble Jamble (The Goodnight Loving Supper Club)
14. Link Wray & his Wraymen: Hidden Charms (Swan)
15. Twistaroos: I Like It Like That (Twisted!)
16. Los Raw Meat: Do Me (Shots!)
17. Ding-Dongs: Don’t Ring, Come On In (s/t)
18. Cracks: Baby, Let’s Play House (Rockabilly Catching)
19. Strange Attractor: Just Looking (FDH)
20. Hex Dispensers: I’m A Ghost (Trouble In Mind)
21. Unwed Teenage Mothers: No One Wants To (Blonde Girls)
22. Bare Wires: Peculiar Julia (Seeking Love)
23. Carlos & the Bandidos: Los Bastardos (No Country For Old Bandidos)
24. Rex Johnson: Discombobulated (The Big Itch)
25. Charlie Hightone & the Rock-Its: Made It Ma, Top Of The World (Sleazy)
26. Personal & the Pizzas: I Don’t Wanna Be No Personal Pizza (Raw Pie)
27. Veins: Ville Prison (Bourgeois Standard)
28. Black Time: Fast Motorbike In The Kitchen (More Songs About Motorcycles And Death)
29. Royal Headache: Splash (RIP Society)
30. Slough Boys: Fried Chicken Baby (Hitran)
31. A Frames: Radiation Generation (333)
32. Wongs: Can’t Say No (May Cause Dizziness)
33. Charlie & the Moonhearts: I Said (s/t)
34. Mikal Cronin: Gone (Goodbye Boozy)
35. Occult Detective Club: You Liars (Tortures)
36. Nomads: This Life Is Not For Me (From Zero Down)
37. Ron-De-Voos: The Maid (Cycle)
38. Holy Cobras: Feed Your Head (Telephone Explosion)
39. Cum Stain: I WANT IT NOW (Cum Stain!)
40. Gaggers: You Ain’t No Fun (Pure Punk/No Front Teeth)
41. Four Slicks: No Money, No Job (Slick)
42. Beavers: I Don’t Care Any More (Frantic City)
43. Vex Ruffin & the Lo-Fi Jerkheads: Disco Bitch (Black Gladiator)
44. Idi Amin & the Amputees: Disco Bitch (Going Underground)
45. Real Numbers: All About You (s/t)
46. Riverdales: Girls Town (Tarantula)
47. Sticks N Stones: Telling The Truth (Trouble In Mind)
48. Women: I’m No Good, You’re No Good (No Reasons)
49. Dead Ghosts: Comanche (Goodbye Boozy)
50. 145’s: Been There, Done That (Rock And Roll Spook Party)
51. Dead As A Do Do: Ugly Baby (Yakasikana)
52. Red Mass: Red Light (s/t)
53. Wild Thing: Now I Wanna Die In A Nuclear War (Daggerman)
54. Wire: Can’t Stand It No More (1976 Demo)
55. New Bomb Turks: We Give A Rat’s Ass (Destroy Oh Boy!)
56. Devil Dogs: It’s No Easy (Saturday Night Fever)
57. Tutu & the Pirates: Wham Bam Son Of Sam (Sub-Urban Insult Rock For The Anti/Lectual)
58. No-Talents: One, Two, Three, F… (s/t)
59. Dead Farmers: Boom (Go Home)
60. Flying Over: I Wanna Destroy You (Frantic City)
61. White Wires: Goodbye Girl (Trouble In Mind)
62. Subway Surfers: Ain’t Gonna Chase You No More (Three Chords And A Mission)
63. Barracudas: Neighborhood Girls (Through The Mysts Of Time)
64. Urban Junior: Heidi’s Head (Two Headed Demon)
65. Outdoorsmen: Decapitated (Goodbye Boozy)
66. Anomalys: Fatal Attraction (s/t)
67. Wild Billy Childish & the MBE’s: Daddy Rolling Stone (Smart Guy)
68. Tyrades: Let Down (s/t)
69. Krunchies: Attack Attack (Certified PR)
70. Loli & the Chones: Everybody Hates Me (Rock And Roll Genocide)
71. Party Fowl: We’re Gonna Eat Your Brains (PPM)
72. Bored Teenagers: All The Same (demo)
73. Rot Shit: Full Retarded (Fashionable Idiots)
74. Toyotas: No One Likes Me Messin’ Around (…Make Headlines)
75. Dagger Dicks: Sharp For You (Meaty Beaty/No Front Teeth)
76. Intellectuals: Oh! Freud (Invisible Is Best)
77. Woven Bones: Half Sunk Into The Seats (In And Out And Back Again)