Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 08/31/10

1. Wild Wax Combo: Alcoholic Baby (Hot Rod Doll)
2. Thumper Jones: Rock It (Starday)
3. Gentleman Jessie & his Men: She’s A Trap (Douchemaster)
4. Cheap Time: Glitter And Gold (Two And A Half Times Around)
5. Lonesome Drifter: Tear Drop Valley (K)
6. Rudy ‘Tutti’ Grayzell: Ducktail (Starday)
7. Blue Rhythm Boys: Nobody But You (Northwood)
8. Urban Junior: Mensch Oder Tier (Two Headed Demon)
9. White Wires: Popularity (WWII)
10. Tiger Lilly: Come On Baby (The Sound Of…)
11. Al Sweatt w/Johnnie Cole & the Valentines: I Hate Myself (Keen)
12. Tony Casanova: Showdown (Dore)
13. Protex: Look Out Johnny (Strange Obsession)
14. Magic Kids: Hey Boy (Memphis)
15. Bobby Davis: Damper Down (M Pac)
16. Galaxies & the Renegades: Ride Your Horse (Epic)
17. Players: The Rebel (Artemis)
18. Chuck Stacey w/the Rompers: You Think It’s Funny
19. Groove Diggers: The Crying Loser (Hear My Plea)
20. Rusti Steel & the Star Tones: Gone With The Wind (Gone With The Wind)
21. Keiron McDonald: Third Times A Charm (Beware Of The Swamp Man)
22. Warren Scott & the Memphis Playboys: Fist Hand Second Class Woman (Western Bop Sensations)
23. Big Sandy & his Fly-Rite Trio :One Sided Love Affair (On The Go)
24. Useless Eaters: Mr. Oscillations (Mastermind)
25. UV Race: I Hate You How Did I Create You (Fashionable Idiots)
26. Arsene Obscene: La Crise Sociale (Zone Industriele)
27. Charlie & the Moonhearts: I Said (s/t)
28. Nobunny: Braceface (Douchemaster)
29. Customs: Long Gone (Shake It)
30. Problematics: The Kids All Suck (The Kids All Suck)
31. Super Wild Horses: Mess Around (Fifteen)
32. Wild Zeros: College Rock Massacre (s/t)
33. Heartbreakers: One Track Mind (L.A.M.F.)
34. Jet Boys: Johnny Was So Cool (Vinyl Japan)
35. Zeros: Wild Weekend (Bomp)
36. Fast Takers: She’s Goin’ Crazy (Skygoat)
37. Mother’s Children: What’ll Happen To All The Girls (That’s Who)
38. Vicars: I Don’t Wanna Be Like You (Back On The Streets)
39. Discords: It’s You Girl (Second To No One)
40. Real Numbers: No Exceptions (s/t)
41. Riverdales: Infection (Tarantula)
42. Vex Ruffin & the Lo-Fi Jerkheads: It’s Hard To Be A Motor (Black Gladiator)
43. Crime: If Looks Could Kill (Punk Vault)
44. Black Time: Harley Davidson (More Songs About Motorcycles And Death)
45. Statics: No Parking (Punk Rock And Roll)
46. Strange Attractor: So Pissed Off (FDH)
47. Tree Stumps: Jennie Lee (Records Inc. )
48. Pattens: Say Mama (Pattens)
49. Leaves Of Grass: Crabs (MAAD)
50. Brentwoods: Everybody Buri Buri (Fun In South City)
51. Wild Billy Childish & the MBE’s: Comb Over Mod (Punk Rock At The British Legion Hall)
52. Gestapo Khazi: Fickle Little Child (Stunned Mullet)
53. Women: KGB (No Reasons)
54. CIA: Love And War (God, Guts, Guns And More)
55. Veins: Ma Zone (Bourgeois Standard)
56. Dead Ghosts: That Old Feeling (Goodbye Boozy)
57. Dead Farmers: Bad Time (Go Home)
58. Tyrades: I Hate Your Wave (s/t)
59. Turn It Offs: Devil In My Guitar (Too Much Static)
60. Traditional Fools: Snot Rag (s/t)
61. Apache: Heaven Can Wait (Radical Sabbatical)
62. Cum Stain: Bachelor’s Life (Florida’s Dying)
63. Flips: Sooner Than Later (Hozac)
64. Davila 666: La Killer Bitch (Rob’s House)
65. A-Bones: Bamboo Rock And Roll (1+2)
66. Bama Lamas: Hungry Teenage Werewolf (Dirty Ugly)
67. Hex Dispensers: One Less Ghost (Trouble In Mind)
68. Ejectors: Communist Call (Hydrohed)
69. Queers: No Surfin’ In Dorchester Bay (Ruling The World From the Back Seat)
70. Moby Dicks: The Ballad Of The Red Dog (Mammoth Cave)
71. Personal & the Pizzas: Pizza Army (Raw Pie)
72. White Boy & the Average Rat Band: Maybe I’m A Fool (s/t)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 08/24/10

1. Lonesome Drifter: Eager Boy (K)
2. Larry Wheeler w/his Bice Rockers: You Can’t Lose Me (Glory)
3. Racketts: Ooh My Soul
4. Troyce Key: Watch Your Mouth (Warner Brothers)
5. Radiators From Space: Television Screen (Chiswick)
6. Wongs: Nothing To Me (May Cause Dizziness)
7. Haywoods: High Time (High Time)
8. Brian Setzer: Hot Rod Girl (Ignition)
9. Fabulous Mach Kung Fu: Teenage Letter (Bugged)
10. James Boys: Back Rub (Galliant)
11. Buddy Corvelle: Loraine (Coral)
12. First Base: She’s Boy Crazy (Play Pinball!)
13. Nerves: One Way Ticket (Bomp)
14. Zebrassieres: Digitize/Party Ghost (Gooey Zoo)
15. Bare Wires: Family Heat (Seeking Love)
16. Alan Barnicoat w/the Bob Freedman Orchestra: Trip To The Orient (Rocket)
17. Angie & the Citations: Headache (Angela)
18. Dick Dale & his Del Tones: Wild Wild Mustang (Mr. Eliminator)
19. Fashions: Surfin’ Back To School (Garpax)
20. Willie &the Stablemen: I’m Out (A Legend Of His Own Time)
21. Marty Robbins: Respectfully Miss Brooks (Columbia)
22. Ding-Dongs: Military Mama (s/t)
23. Hasil Adkins: Truly Ruly (Out To Hunch)
24. Square Man Stan & his Nuclear Rockets: Ride My Rocket (Jump Cats, It’s Wild)
25. Wild Zeros: Tight Tight Jeans (s/t)
26. Arsene Obscene: Peur Del La Mort (Zone Industrielle)
27. DMZ: Watch For Me Girl (s/t)
28. Chosen Few: Do The Manic
29. Gestapo Khazi: The Atomic Kid (Eradicator)
30. Ruiners: Screw You (Happy Birthday Bitch)
31. Pandoras: Anyone But You (Stop Pretending)
32. Flips: 1 And 1 (Hozac)
33. White Wires: Let’s Go To The Beach (WWII)
34. Teenage Head: Teenage Beer Drinking Party (Some Kinda Fun)
35. Undertones: I Don’t Wanna See You Again (Hypnotized)
36. Fine Lines: Can’s Escape (Chick Pea)
37. Veins: Mort Clinique (Bourgeois Standard)
38. Hollywood Sinners: I’m A Martian (We Won’t Change Our Style)
39. Super Wild Horses: Enigma (You Say Go) (Hozac)
40. Sparkles: Ain’t No Friend Of Mine (Hickory)
41. Dirty Wurds: Why (Marina)
42. Nobunny: Tina Goes To Work (Love Visions)
43. A Frames: Neutron Bomb (333)
44. Cum Stain: Vicdumb (s/t)
45. Overnight Lows: Lipstick Burn (City Of Rotten Eyes)
46. Action Swingers: I Don’t Want To Be This Way (Complete Toe Rag Sessions)
47. Black Time: Mallory Park (More Songs About Motorcycles And Death)
48. Unwed Teenage Mothers: I Am A Ghost (Blonde Girls)
49. Personal & the Pizzas: I Can Read (Raw Pie)
50. Protex: I Just Want Your Attention (Good Vibrations)
51. Anomalys: Fatal Attraction (s/t)
52. Vex Ruffin & the Lo-Fi Jerkheads: New Wipeout (Black Gladiator)
53. Menthols: B-OK (Michigan Works)
54. Outter Minds: Bloodshot Eyes (Hozac)
55. Switch Trout: Lipstick On You Collar (Eternally Ours)
56. Monarchs: Sarah’s Prison Song (Et Vincere Et Mori)
57. Cheap Time: Back To School (Two And A Half Times Around)
58. Saints: No Time (I’m Stranded)
59. Monsters: I’m A Record Junkie (Youth Against Nature)
60. Rev. Norb: the Creeper (Ruling The World From The Back Seat)
61. Jacuzzi Boys: Blowin’ Kisses (Rob’s House)
62. Useless Eaters: Panic Attack (Jeth-Row)
63. Famines: Got Lies If You Want Them (Mammoth Cave)
64. Complaints: Sound Of Truth (Meaty Beaty)
65. Brain Flannel: Symptom Set (s/t)
66. Tranzmitors: Teenage Tragedy (Deranged)
67. Strange Attractor: Ales Is A Night Banger (FDH)
68. Screws: You’re Just A Bum (12 New Hate Fueled Classics)
69. Tutu & the Pirates: Berlin (Sub-Urban Insult Rock For The Anti/Lectual)
70. Wongs: Media Orgre (May Cause Dizziness)
71. Wild Thing: You’re A Punk (Clown College)
72. Boys: Kiss Like A Nun (s/t)
73. Tuff Bananas: Refrigerator Gator (Dusty Medical)
74. Armitage Shanks: Drink Driver (Takin’ The Piss)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 08/17/10

1. Rhythmics: Comin’ Through
2. Tielman Brothers: Record Hop (Imperial)
3. Wayne Sherwood: Moon Step Twist (Aurora)
4. Mike Lawing: Chimpanzee Ride (Hawk)
5. Kongsmen: Do The Ape (On Campus)
6. Ray Sharpe: Monkey’s Uncle (Jamie)
7. Neil Sedaka: I Go Ape (RCA)
8. Don French: Goldilocks! (Lancer)
9. Renegades: Geronimo (American International)
10. Bloodshot Bill: Cause Of It All (Our Boy Roy)
11. Protex: Don’t Ring Me Up (Good Vibrations)
12. Jackie Lowell w/Duane Diamond & the Astronauts: Rocket Trip (Band Box)
13. Uptown Savages: Nash Rambler (Rocket Driving Daddy)
14. Tom Powder: Speed Crazy (Dangerous Curves)
15. Deke Dickerson: Hey Worm (Ecco-Fonic)
16. Flips: I Just Don’t Know Where I Stand (Hozac)
17. Bunnies: I Want You To Be My Baby (s/t)
18. Groove Diggers: Rock And Roll Gal (Hear My Plea)
19. Danny Roland w/Little Jimmy Dempsey & his Cherokee Country Boys: Shockwave (Bayou)
20. Shindiggers: Crash The Party (Maximum Beat)
21. Benny Joy: Little Red Book (Antler)
22. Cheap Time: Fake Friends (Two And A Half Times Around)
23. Arsene Obscene: Au Bout Du Tunnel (Zone Industrielle)
24. Vex Ruffin & the Lo-Fi Jerkheads: Youth Of Beast (Black Gladiator)
25. Headcoats: Pinhead (Hendrix Was Not The Only Musician)
26. Jacuzzi Boys: Freakazoids (Mexican Summer)
27. Mongrolls: 3 Chord Rock (Ruling The World From The Backseat)
28. Afrika Korps: Juvenile Delinquent (Music To Kill By)
29. Donny Denim: Rock And Roll Love Affair (Radio X)
30. Tony & the Runaways: Komm Mal Her
31. Warlocks: I Love You (Big Rock)
32. Unwed Teenage Mothers: Baby You’re Dying (Blonde Girls)
33. Urban Junior: Girl Like You (Two Headed Demon)
34. Splash Four: Summertime (Ruling The World From The Backseat)
35. Unnatural Helpers: Sunshine/Pretty Girls (Cracked Love And Other Drugs)
36. Cum Stain: Suck Her 4U (Florida’s Dying)
37. Bare Wires: The Last Thing On My Mind (Seeking Love)
38. Crusaders Of Love: Better When I’m Gone (Never Grow Up)
39. Sticks N Stones: Telling The Truth (Trouble In Mind)
40. Midwest Beat: Get It Started (At The Gates)
41. Strange Attractor: Just Looking (FDH)
42. Johnny & the Reforms: Shopping For A Friend (Ruling The World From The Backseat)
43. Super Wild Horses: Adrian (Fifteen)
44. Menthols: Switchblade Nite (Michigan Works)
45. Barry Wilson & the Camelots: The Bug (Dot)
46. Groupies: Primitive (Atco)
47. Features: Floosie Of The Neighborhood (Paradox)
48. Personal & the Pizzas: Nobody Makes My Girl Cry But Me (Raw Pie)
49. Veins: Controlle (Bourgeois Standard)
50. Charlie & the Moonhearts: Eat My Shorts (s/t)
51. Black Flag: Nervous Breakdown (SST)
52. Gaggers: Nothing To Me (Pure Punk)
53. Atilla & the Huns: Mojo Cools (Beaux-Art Sound)
54. Sonics: You’ve Got Your Head On Backwards (Jerden)
55. Beavers: Silly Girls (Frantic City)
56. Hex Dispensers: I’m A Ghost (Trouble In Mind)
57. Tranzmittors: Some Girls Do (La-Ti-Da)
58. Visitors: Say You Wanna Go (Avenging The Visigoths)
59. Black Time: The Living End (More Songs About Motorcycles And Death)
60. Outdoorsmen: Decapitated (Goodbye Boozy)
61. CIA: I Hate The Radio (God Guts Guns And More)
62. Vibrators: Sweet Sweet Heart (Pure Mania)
63. Mantles: Situations (Pink Information)
64. Occult Detective Club: The Way It Goes (Tortures)
65. Tina Peel: Punk Rock Janitor (Pajama Party)
66. Tutu & the Pirates: Burn Down The Discotheque (Sub Urban Insult Rock For The Anti/Lectual)
67. Replacements: Lookin’ For Ya (Hootenanny)
68. Apache: OMC (Radical Sabbatical)
69. Complaints: Bail Me Out (Meaty Beaty)
70. Perculators: My Friends Are Your Friends (Ken Rock)
71. Women: Someone Else (No Reasons)
72. CH 3: I Got A Gun (Posh Boy)
73. Matt K Shrugg: Show Down (Gone Ashtray)
74. Controllers: Do The Unganda (Siamese)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 08/10/10

1. Wade Curtiss & the Rhythm Rockers: Rock-A-Beat (Bright Lights)
2. Bo Diddley: Who Do You Love (Checker)
3. Long Gone Daddy-O’s: Can’t Find The Doorknob (Move To Dixie)
4. Johnny Tedesco: Rock Del Ton Ton (Nueva Ola)
5. Denny Noie & the Catalinas: It Ain’t A Big Thing (Knight)
6. Rusti Steel & the Star Tones: Baby, You’re Doing Me Wrong (Gone With The Wind)
7. King Baker’s Combo: Everybody’s Rockin’ But Me (Crest Sessions)
8. Nat Couty & the Braves: Woodpecker Rock (Fox)
9. Kieron McDonald: Little Miss Lizzie (Ain’ No Prissy At All) (Beware Of The Swamp Man)
10. Warren Scott & the Memphis Playboys: Scarecrow Bop (Western Bop Sensations)
11. Seeburg Spotlight Band: Slow Down (Seeburg)
12. Milkshakes: Can You Tell Me (14 Rhythm And Beat Greats)
13. Nightriders: Cotton Pickin’ (Profile)
14. Jimmy Myers: Go Cat Go (Super)
15. Week-enders: Rampage (Baltimore’s Teen Beat A Go Go)
16. Half Rats: For The Sake Of Love (Douchemaster)
17. Zebrassieres: Beach Fight (Gooey Zoo)
18. Steve Del & the Furys: Minor Chaos
19. White Wires: Your Mother Says You’re Ugly (s/t)
20. Nobunny: Somewhere Now (Love Visions)
21. Personal & the Pizzas: 7.99 For Love (Raw Pie)
22. Kongsmen: Karate Monkey (On Campus)
23. Searchers: Some Other Guy
24. Buster Brown: Sugar Babe (Fire)
25. Donnie Bell: Sugar Baby (Reece-Rawson)
26. Kaisers: Hipshake Shimmy Kitten (Squarehead Stomp)
27. Mantles: Summer Read (Pink Information)
28. Sticks N Stones: Is It You (Trouble In Mind)
29. Tunnel Of Love: Joey Killed Mary (Rockin’ Rollin’ Bitches)
30. Wire: Lost Boy (1976 Demo)
31. Jet Boys: C’mon Little Baby (Jumpin’ Jet Flash)
32. Queers: Burger King Queen (Grow Up)
33. Veins: Comme Un Loup (Bourgeois Standard)
34. Charlie & the Moonhearts: I Hate Myself (s/t)
35. UV Race: I Go Blank (s/t)
36. Strange Attractor: So Pissed Off (FDH)
37. Famines: Syllables (Mammoth Cave)
38. Teemates: I’m Movin’ Out (Audio Fidelity)
39. Little Caesar & the Conspirators: It Must Be Love (Studio City)
40. Rave-Ons: Love Pill (Twin Town)
41. Jewws: Love IN A Pill (L’Explosion Du Son De Maintenant!)
42. Ty Segall: My Sunshine (Melted)
43. Bare Wires: Nice To Know You (Seeking Love)
44. Black Time: Harley Davidson (More Songs About Motorcycles And Death)
45. Manipulators: Ooga Booga Man (Ease Up On The Breakdowns)
46. Complaints: Born Bored (Meaty Beaty)
47. Outdoorsmen: Beat Around The Bush (Goodbye Boozy)
48. Cum Stain: Just A Kid (Florida’s Dying)
49. First Base: I’ll Be Your Hangover (Play Pinball!)
50. Unnatural Axe: They Saved Hitler’s Brain (Varulven)
51. Idi Amin & the Amputees: Nasty Nazi (Going Underground)
52. Angry Samoans: Gas Chamber (Back From Samoa)
53. Loli & the Chones: Nazi Death Camp (P.S. We Hate You)
54. Arsene Obscene: Je Ne Tolere Rien (Zone Industrielle)
55. A Frames: Crutches (333)
56. Action Swingers: I’m Dead (s/t)
57. Unwed Teenage Mothers: Do You Wanna Be My Girl (Blonde Girls)
58. Inservibles: Nada (HBSP-2X)
59. Occult Detective Club: I Get Cruel (Tortures)
60. Radio Reelers: Drinkin’ Shoes (Meaty Beaty)
61. Gaggers: Bored OF You (Pure Punk)
62. Squares: Wanna Be (Pure And Filthy Rhythm n’ Punk)
63. Wongs: All’s I Got (May Cause Dizziness)
64. Mighty Caesars: Devious Means (Thee Caesars Of Trash)
65. Morning Shakes: Blind Drunk (Weed Honky)
66. Matt K. Shrugg: You’re A Drag (Gone Ashtray)
67. Skipper: Can’t See You Anymore (In Italy)
68. Real Numbers: Spirographic Skin (s/t)
69. Home Blitz: Other Side Of The Street (Out Of Phase)
70. Teenanger: Alone On Acid (Give Me Pink)
71. Sex Church: I Don’t Want To Die (Six Songs By Sex Church)
72. Red Mass: I Love My Baby (s/t)
73. Pity Fucks: I Don’t Want To Live Alone (s/t)
74. Bad Sports: Sinking You (s/t)
75. Dagger Dicks: Razor Sharp Love (Meaty Beaty)
76. Flying Over: Fier De Deplaire (Frantic City)
77. Defektors: Black Hole (Bottom Of The City)
78. Wyld Oscars: Live Wired (Right Yeah)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 08/03/10

1. Revels: Six Pack (Intoxica!!!)
2. Bashful Vic Thomas & his Western Rhythmaires: Rock And Roll Tonight (Premium)
3. Bobby Jackson: Cha Cha Cha (Jan)
4. Bloodshot Bill: Look My Way (Get High Tonight)
5. Benny Joy: Button Nose (Crash The Party)
6. Lil’ Louis y los Wild Teens: Delincuente (Lies Lies Lies)
7. Groove Diggers: Don’t Ya Break My Heart (Hear My Plea)
8. Radio Reelers: Teenage Heartattack (Meaty Beaty/No Front Teeth)
9. Ramones: Glad To See You Go (Leave Home)
10. Reducers: Caveman (Rave On)
11. Midwest Beat: Molly Molly (At The Castle)
12. El Vicio: Cherie Cherie (Squoodge)
13. Goodnight Loving: Ramble Jamble (The Goodnight Loving Supper Club)
14. Link Wray & his Wraymen: Hidden Charms (Swan)
15. Twistaroos: I Like It Like That (Twisted!)
16. Los Raw Meat: Do Me (Shots!)
17. Ding-Dongs: Don’t Ring, Come On In (s/t)
18. Cracks: Baby, Let’s Play House (Rockabilly Catching)
19. Strange Attractor: Just Looking (FDH)
20. Hex Dispensers: I’m A Ghost (Trouble In Mind)
21. Unwed Teenage Mothers: No One Wants To (Blonde Girls)
22. Bare Wires: Peculiar Julia (Seeking Love)
23. Carlos & the Bandidos: Los Bastardos (No Country For Old Bandidos)
24. Rex Johnson: Discombobulated (The Big Itch)
25. Charlie Hightone & the Rock-Its: Made It Ma, Top Of The World (Sleazy)
26. Personal & the Pizzas: I Don’t Wanna Be No Personal Pizza (Raw Pie)
27. Veins: Ville Prison (Bourgeois Standard)
28. Black Time: Fast Motorbike In The Kitchen (More Songs About Motorcycles And Death)
29. Royal Headache: Splash (RIP Society)
30. Slough Boys: Fried Chicken Baby (Hitran)
31. A Frames: Radiation Generation (333)
32. Wongs: Can’t Say No (May Cause Dizziness)
33. Charlie & the Moonhearts: I Said (s/t)
34. Mikal Cronin: Gone (Goodbye Boozy)
35. Occult Detective Club: You Liars (Tortures)
36. Nomads: This Life Is Not For Me (From Zero Down)
37. Ron-De-Voos: The Maid (Cycle)
38. Holy Cobras: Feed Your Head (Telephone Explosion)
39. Cum Stain: I WANT IT NOW (Cum Stain!)
40. Gaggers: You Ain’t No Fun (Pure Punk/No Front Teeth)
41. Four Slicks: No Money, No Job (Slick)
42. Beavers: I Don’t Care Any More (Frantic City)
43. Vex Ruffin & the Lo-Fi Jerkheads: Disco Bitch (Black Gladiator)
44. Idi Amin & the Amputees: Disco Bitch (Going Underground)
45. Real Numbers: All About You (s/t)
46. Riverdales: Girls Town (Tarantula)
47. Sticks N Stones: Telling The Truth (Trouble In Mind)
48. Women: I’m No Good, You’re No Good (No Reasons)
49. Dead Ghosts: Comanche (Goodbye Boozy)
50. 145’s: Been There, Done That (Rock And Roll Spook Party)
51. Dead As A Do Do: Ugly Baby (Yakasikana)
52. Red Mass: Red Light (s/t)
53. Wild Thing: Now I Wanna Die In A Nuclear War (Daggerman)
54. Wire: Can’t Stand It No More (1976 Demo)
55. New Bomb Turks: We Give A Rat’s Ass (Destroy Oh Boy!)
56. Devil Dogs: It’s No Easy (Saturday Night Fever)
57. Tutu & the Pirates: Wham Bam Son Of Sam (Sub-Urban Insult Rock For The Anti/Lectual)
58. No-Talents: One, Two, Three, F… (s/t)
59. Dead Farmers: Boom (Go Home)
60. Flying Over: I Wanna Destroy You (Frantic City)
61. White Wires: Goodbye Girl (Trouble In Mind)
62. Subway Surfers: Ain’t Gonna Chase You No More (Three Chords And A Mission)
63. Barracudas: Neighborhood Girls (Through The Mysts Of Time)
64. Urban Junior: Heidi’s Head (Two Headed Demon)
65. Outdoorsmen: Decapitated (Goodbye Boozy)
66. Anomalys: Fatal Attraction (s/t)
67. Wild Billy Childish & the MBE’s: Daddy Rolling Stone (Smart Guy)
68. Tyrades: Let Down (s/t)
69. Krunchies: Attack Attack (Certified PR)
70. Loli & the Chones: Everybody Hates Me (Rock And Roll Genocide)
71. Party Fowl: We’re Gonna Eat Your Brains (PPM)
72. Bored Teenagers: All The Same (demo)
73. Rot Shit: Full Retarded (Fashionable Idiots)
74. Toyotas: No One Likes Me Messin’ Around (…Make Headlines)
75. Dagger Dicks: Sharp For You (Meaty Beaty/No Front Teeth)
76. Intellectuals: Oh! Freud (Invisible Is Best)
77. Woven Bones: Half Sunk Into The Seats (In And Out And Back Again)