Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 07/20/10

1. I-V-Leaguers: Jim-Jam (Nau-Voo)
2. Bobby Comstock: Let’s Stomp (RCA-Victor)
3. Lil’ Louis y los Wild Teens (Teenage Riot (Lies Lies Lies)
4. Rusti Steel & the Star Tones: Speed Crazy Baby (Gone With The Wind)
5. Hidden Charms: Blackout Attitude (Squoodge)
6. A Frames: Spy Satellite (333)
7. B Girls: Fun At The Beach (Bomp!)
8. Del Monas: Hidden Charms (Dangerous Charms)
9. Gories: Casting My Spell (Get Hip)
10. Dale Rocka & the Volcanoes: We Do The Bop (Sleazy)
11. Billy Morokowa & the Rhythm Boys: Sunday Blue (Western Bop)
12. Roger & the Gypsies: Pass The Hatchet (Seven B)
13. Lewis Reed: Your Love (Norton)
14. Pagans: There She Goes Again (Pink Album…Plus)
15. Johnny Redd: Rockin’ With Ruby (Carellen)
16. Sly Fox: I’m Tired OF Beggin’ (Spark)
17. Goodnight Loving: Ain’t It Weird (The Goodnight Loving Supper Club)
18. Don Juan y los Blancos: I’ll Let Nothing Separate Me (s/t)
19. Groove Diggers: Plain Ol’ Evil (Hear My Plea)
20. Billy Carter & the Rovin’ Gamblers: Baby Brother (Black Jack)
21. Red Mass: Too Many Parties (Wall Ride)
22. Charlie & the Moonhearts: Deathstar pt. 2 (s/t)
23. Tunnel Of Love: American Girls (Rockin’ Rollin’ Bitches)
24. Anomalys: Rock And Roll World (s/t)
25. Electric Bunnies: Eat Worms (Florida’s Dying)
26. Cum Stain: Suck Her 4 U (Florida’s Dying)
27. Makers: Nothing In No Time (s/t)
28. Bored Teenagers: Smashed Up People (demo)
29. Home Blitz: Perpetual Night (Almost Ready)
30. Shindiggers: A Certain Girl (Maximum Beat)
31. Idi Amin & the Amputees: Disco Bitch (Going Underground)
32. Carbonas: Don’t Talk (s/t)
33. Bare Wires: Romantic Girl (Seeking Love)
34. Vex Ruffin & the Lo-Fi Jerkheads: It’s Hard To Be A Motor (Black Gladiator)
35. Midwest Beat: Don’t Fool Me (At The Castle)
36. Action Swingers: Bum My Trip (Quit While You’re Ahead)
37. Super Wild Horse: 89 Cadet (Arrrght)
38. Supersnazz: Baby Love (Diode City)
39. Wax Museums: Billy’s Room (Denton Denton USA)
40. Radians: Bad People (Mammoth Cave)
41. Royal Headache: Girls (Rip Society)
42. Outdoorsmen: Decapitated (Goodbye Boozy)
43. GG King: Insomnia (Local Cross)
44. Babies: Somebody Else (Make A Mess)
45. Chinese Millionaires: Annette Brunette (Detroit Double Cross)
46. Shannon & the Clams: Diary/Jimmy (Southpaw)
47. Real Numbers: Might I See You Tonight (s/t)
48. Ratas Del Vaticano: Cancer de Prostata (Tiempos de Austiridad)
49. Tension Slips: Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump (Bloodstains Across Alberta)
50. John Wesley Coleman: I Can’t Sleep (Steal My Mind)
51. Batman: I’m Not Bad, I’m A Bat (Squoodge)
52. Wild Thing: Age Difference (Daggerman)
53. Jinxes: I’m Jinxed (Boss Hoss)
54. Feelin’ Lucky: Won’t Stop (s/t)
55. Gaggers: Two Fingers Down My Throat (demo)
56. Dead Wife: Txt Me (Psychic Handshake)
57. Riverdales: Volcano (Tarantula)
58. Manges: Time Bomb (Rocket To You)
59. Dead Farmers: Run (Go Home)
60. Alarm Clocks: No Reason To Complain (Awake)
61. Bugs: Slide (Polaris)
62. Woven Bones: Half Sunk In To The Seats (In And Out And Back Again)
63. Unwed Teenage Mothers: Baby You’re Dying (Blonde Girls)
64. A Frames: Neutron Bomb (333)
65. Urban Junior: Mensch Oder Tier (Two Headed Demon)
66. 1.4.5.’s: 1965 (Rock And Roll Spook Party)
67. Wyld Oscars: Live Wired (Right, Yeah)
68. Los Wakamonos: V2 (Go Ape)
69. Famines: Got Lies If You Want Them (Mammoth Cave)
70. Dead Ghosts: That Old Feeling (Goodbye Boozy)
71. Matt K. Shrugg: Amber Sez (Gone Ashtray)
72. Sleepovers: Sleepovers Are Fun (Hozac)
73. Gestapo Khazi: Smoke Signals (Dead Beat)
74. Folded Shirt: Eleven And A Bucket (Fashionable Idiots)
75. Inservibles: Estoy Podrido (HBSP-2X)
76. Kongsmen: Chimpanzee (On Campus)