Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 06/15/10

1. Ding-Dongs: Ding-Dong Party (s/t)
2. Jerry J. Nixon & the Volcanoes: Saturday Night Bop (Gentleman Of Rock And Roll)
3. Johnny Dollar: Slim Jim Baby (Gene Vincent Cut Our Songs)
4. Myelin Sheaths: Chinook Party (Bloodstains Across Alberta)
5. Tunnel Of Love: American Girls (Rockin’ Rollin’ Bitches)
6. Sting-Rays: Hot Sausage (Rose)
7. Chuck Howard: Out Of Gas (Do-Ra-Me)
8. Bobby Fuller: Nervous Breakdown (El Paso Rock vol. 3)
9. Rantouls: Cuddle Up (Party Platter)
10. Sleepovers: Secret (Hozac)
11. King Louie Combo: Squeeze Don’t Tease (Big Train)
12. Musical Linn Twins vocal by Carroll Linn: Indian Rock (Big Feather)
13. Rondels: Caledonia (Dog Bollocks: Lift Off)
14. Johnny Knight: Snake Shake (Morocco)
15. Jesters: Jester’s Jump (Las Vegas Grind)
16. Jack Rabbit Slim: Bad Girls (Sin-Uendo)
17. Wild Billy Childish & the MBE’s: Daddy Rolling Stone (Smart Guy)
18. Intimates; I’ve Got A Tiger In My Tank (Epic)
19. Boats: Pool Party (May Caused Dizziness/No Front Teeth)
20. Urban Junior: With The Idiots (Two Headed Demon)
21. Bobby Louis: Adult Western (Capitol)
22. Rahgoos: Do The Rahgoo (Garage Beat ’66)
23. Rolling Stones: Poison Ivy (Singles 1963-1965)
24. Two Crows & the Diggers feat Lloyd Rowe: Poison Ivy (Dig This Record)
25. Famines: Syllables (Mammoth Cave Recordings)
26. Hussy: Head Set (A Fistful Of Records)
27. Real Numbers: All About You (s/t)
28. Tension Slips: Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump (Bloodstains Across Alberta)
29. Unwed Teenage Mothers: Change You Mind (Blonde Girls)
30. Manipulators: Shake Your Death Rattle (Ease Up On The Breakdowns)
31. Bored Teenagers: All The Same (demo)
32. Psyco-Surgeons: Horizontal Action (Wallyby Beat)
33. Registrators: Girl Girl Girl (Mangrove)
34. Eddy Current Suppression Ring: Do My Thing (s/t)
35. Idi Amin & the Amputees: Nasty Nazi (Going Underground)
36. Half Rats: The Girl (Douchemaster)
37. Midwest Beat: Alone Now (Mongrel Zine #5)
38. Weird Shits: Killed My Mind (demo)
39. Radians: Iran (Mammoth Cave Recordings)
40. Red Mass: To All The Good People (Dusty Medical)
41. Southside Stranglers: Strangle You (Fashionable Idiots)
42. Limininas: I’m Dead (Hozac)
43. Davila 666: Dos O Tres (Rob’s House)
44. Wild Thing: Now I Wanna Die In A Nuclear War (Daggerman)
45. Moby Dicks: Frostbite (Bloodstains Across Alberta)
46. Dead Wife: Gentleman Rapist (Psychic Handshake/No Vacation)
47. Dead As Do Do: Ugly Baby (Yakisakana)
48. Intellectuals: Boring Town (Hate)
49. White Wires; Don’t Call Me When You’re Ill (Ugly Pop)
50. Coconut Coolouts: Do The Dolphin (Party Platter)
51. Barons: Surprise Suuprise (MCS)
52. No-Talents: Blondes Have More Guns (We Never Learn)
53. Archie & the Pukes: I Got Worms (Centlsess)
54. GG King: Babbling Voices (Local Cross)
55. Kids: I Feel Alright (s/t)
56. Personal & the Pizzas: Never Find Me (Windian)
57. Matt K. Shrugg: Amber Sez (Gone Ashtray)
58. Home Blitz: Nighttime Feel (Out Of Phase)
59. Topless Mongos: Alberta’s Burning Up (Bloodstains Across Alberta)
60. New Bomb Turks: Up For A Downslide (Destroy, Oh Boy!)
61. Wire: TV (1976 Demo)
62. Woven Bones: Seven Year Mirror (In And Out And Back Again)
63. Royal Headache: Eloise (RIP Society)
64. Sweet Nothings: When Your Around (Primitive Air-Raid)
65. Sticks N Stones: Red Light (Dusty Medical)
66. Gaggers: Fix Me Up (Rapid Pulse)
67. Skipper: Not A Girl Left Standing (In Italy)
68. Brimstones: Shut Me Down (Go Ape)
69. First Base: I’ll Be Your Hangover (Play Pinball!)
70. Tutu & the Pirates: Maybe I Got No Manners (Sub-Urban Insult Rock For The Anti/Lectual)
71. El Vicio: Trash (Rococo)
72. Legendary Wings: E=MC Who Cares? (Tic Tac Totally)
73. Timmy’s Orgasm Cold Pizza (Cass)