Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 05/11/10

1. Puddin’ Pops: Totally (Party Platter)
2. Arthur ‘Hardrock’ Gunter: Honey Babe (Excello)
3. Al Ferrier w/the Boppin’ Billies: No No Baby (Goldband)
4. Lil Luis y los Wild Teens: Crazy Daisy (Lies Lies Lies)
5. Roscoe & the Green Men: Skinny Louise
6. Turks feat. Rudy Ray Moore: Hully Gully Fever And The Flu Bug Too (Ball)
7. Garbo’s Daughter: Nice Girls Don’t Explode (Party Platter)
8. Sexcapades: Hucklebuck (Party Platter)
9. Bunnies: Pretty Little Angel Eyes (You Are For Me)
10. Scrotum Poles: Hold Me Tight (Auchimithie Forever)
11. Truly Lover Trio: Do The Bop (Bullseye)
12. Everly Brothers: Poor Jenny (Cadence)
13. Red Mass: To All The Good People (Dusty Medical)
14. Hipbone Slim & the Knee Tremblers: Nothing Means Nothing No More (Kizmiaz)
15. Reverend Horton Heat: Drinkin’ And Smoking Cigarettes (Laughin’ And Cryin’ With…)
16. Ding Dongs: You Better Hide (s/t)
17. Rays: Elevator Operator (XYX)
18. Skipper: Really Loving Tonight (In Italy)
19. Nobunny: Hocus Pocus (Party Platter)
20. Home Blitz: Perpetual Night (Almost Ready)
21. The Attention!: Shimmynizer (s/t)
22. Vicars: The Beat (Psychotic Beat)
23. Black Jaspers: Automatic Nosebleed (s/t)
24. Gaggers: Got No Time (Rapid Pulse)
25. Photobooth: You (Daggerman)
26. First Base: She’s Boy Crazy (Play Pinball!)
27. Ozzie: Terror In The Street (Parabolic Rock 1975-1982)
28. Woven Bones: Guess You Already Knew (In And Out And Back Again)
29. Brain Flannel: RMPM (Constant Sex) (s/t)
30. Ratas del Vaticano: Soy Un Animal (Tiempos Austeridad)
31. Megacools: Live Together, Die Alone (Introducing The Fun Police)
32. Warner Brothers: Please Mr. Sullivan (Destination)
33. Bocky & the Visions: Spirit Of ’64 (Redda)
34. Roadrunners: Roadrunner Baby (Michigan Nickel)
35. Bo Diddley: Say Man, Back Again (Have Guitar, Will Travel)
36. Golden Error: Refuse Me (Hard Sell)
37. Acid Baby Jesus: Tyrannosaurus Rex (s/t)
38. X: Good On Ya Baby (Home Is Where The Floor Is)
39. Eddy Current Suppression Ring: Walked Into A Corner (Rush To Relax)
40. Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys: Don’t Wanna Know (RIP Society)
41. Legendary Wings: E=MC Who Cares??? (Tic Tac Totally)
42. Lasters: Young, Dumb, Bored And Redundant (Bat Shit)
43. People’s Temple: Forget About It (Milk n Herpes)
44. Cave Weddings: Last Time (Bachelor)
45. Slippery Slopes: Shake That Bear (Party Platter)
46. Useless Eaters: Panic Attack (Jeth-Row)
47. Puffy Areolas: Fuck Your Pretzel (In The Army 1981)
48. Overnight Lows: So Well Read (City Of Rotten Eyes)
49. Silla Electrica: Hundir (Blind Owl)
50. White Wires: Pogo Til You Puke Tonight (Ugly Pop)
51. Los Steaks: Nihilistic Girl (No Moon)
52. Joliettes: Quicksand (Going Ga Ga)
53. Endtables: Process Of Elimination (Tuesday)
54. Rip Offs: She Said Yeah (Got A Record)
55. Charles Albright: I’m Happy, I’m A Genius (Permanent)
56. Rantouls: Cuddle Up (Party Platter)
57. King Louie’s Missing Monuments: Tailspin (Douchemaster)
58. Mark Sultan: Go Berserk ($)
59. Sheerah et les Weissmuller: Cete Fille La (Hola Ye Yeah!)
60. Len Price 3: The Girl Who Became A Machine (Pictures)
61. El Vicio: Death Trip 2024 (Rococo)
62. Crusaders Of Love: Braving Hell (Never Grow Up)
63. Goodnight Loving: You’ll Own My Heart (Arcobeleno)
64. Royal Headache: Surprise (RIP Society)
65. Myelin Sheaths: I Don’t Wanna Have An Operation (Hozac)
66. Hussy: Yr Stupid (demo)
67. Nightbirds: Unanswerable (Grave Mistake/Dirtnap)
68. Circle Pit: Every Body Left (RIP Society)
69. Replacements: Get Lost (Sorry Ma, I Forgot To Take Out The Trash, reissue)