Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 05/04/10

1. Reverend Horton Heat: Big Little Baby (Full Custom Gospel Sounds Of…)
2. Bill Haley & his Comets: Hot Dog Buddy Buddy (Decca)
3. Deke Dickerson: Someone Used To Love Me (The Melody)
4. First Base: You’re My Waste Of Time (Play Pinball!)
5. Red Mass: Too Many Parties (Wallride)
6. Fred Mick w/the Kingsmen: Daddy-O Goose & the Three Little Pigs (Hilltop)
7. Tyrone Schmidling: Honey Don’t (Norton)
8. A-Bones: Monkey’s Uncle (The Life Of Riley)
9. Chuck Barr & the Playboys: Joe Botch (RPC)
10. Hipbone Slim & the Kneetremblers: Hold On, Here I Come (Kizmiaz)
11. Hollywood Flames: Strolling On The Beach (Ebb)
12. Loafers: Crazy Talk (Phonograph)
13. Morty Shann & the Morticians: Red Headed Woman (Kicksville)
14. Ozzie: Beach Girls (The Parabolic Rock 1975-1982)
15. Scrotem Poles: Radio Tay (One Tone)
16. Shuggie Smith & the Cajuns: Twistin’ With Bad Boy Bubbles (Gift)
17. Reverend Horton Heat: Psychobilly Freakout (Smoke ‘em If You Got ‘em)
18. Cramps: How Come You Do Me (Flame Job)
19. Les Paxton & the Raiders Rhythm: Tall Texas Women
20. White Wires: Don’t Call Me When You’re Ill (Ugly Pop)
21. Eddie Cochran: Crusin’ The Dirve-In (Something Else)
22. Pit Men: Surf Bored (Pit)
23. Los Wakamonos: V2 (Go Ape)
24. Teengenerate: Top Down (Oh Canaduh!)
25. Kids: Baby That’s Alright (s/t)
26. Nightbirds: Gift Giver (Grave Mistake/Dirtnap)
27. Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys: Lone Wolf (RIP Society)
28. Megacools: Fun Police II (Introducing The Fun Police)
29. Homostupids: The Donovan (Chop Chop Chop) (Fashionable Idiots)
30. Sir Dance-A- Lot & his Dancing Romancing Pranceteers: Do The Slam (Death To The False Twist)
31. The Attention!: Kaiser’s Dance (s/t)
32. Otis Riley: Sure Look Good To Me (Norton)
33. Back C.C.’s: No More Gasoline In My Car (Puta)
34. X: Home Is Where The Floor Is (Rock’n’Roll Blitzkrieg/Slander)
35. Longhasmottaningen: Lumpettrick (Local Cross)
36. Royal Headache: Splash (Rip Society)
37. Feelin’ Lucky: 3AM (s/t)
38. Infants: Giant Girls In the 5th Grade (Are We Too Late For The Money)
39. Slippery Slopes: Sad Tugs (Florida’s Dying)
40. Perculators: Drunk Punx (Ken Rock)
41. Turn It Offs: Runaway (Too Much Static)
42. Les Terribles: Le Club (Ils Sont Formidables)
43. Tuff Bananas: Rollercoaster (Dusty Medical)
44. Crusaders Of Love: Little Mind (Never Grow Up)
45. Charles Albright: Young Woman (Permenant)
46. Unwed Teenage Mothers: Teenage Brain (Tic Tac Totally)
47. Royal Coachmen: Lollipop (Coachmen)
48. Chandeliers: Color TV
49. Brimstones: City Of People (Go Ape)
50. Box Elders: Plenty Of Room At The Bottom (Hozac)
51. Overnight Lows: Shut Up Looking At Me (City Of Rotten Eyes)
52. Jetfighter: Come On Baby, Baby Come On (It Supposed To Sound Like That)
53. Indian Wars: Just Can’t Get Along With You (Bachelor)
54. Skipper: Can’t See You Anymore (In Italy)
55. Pagans: I Don’t Understand (Shit Street)
56. Slough Boys: Surfin’ On Cedar Lake (Hitran)
57. Goodnight Loving: Orphans (Arcboneleno)
58. Half Rats: The Girl (Douchemaster)
59. Circle Pit: total Waste (RIP Society)
60. Gold Stars: Agile, Mobile And Hostile (The Race ep)
61. Eegos: Hot Fake (Goodbye Boozy)
62. Harlan T Bobo: Bad Boyfriends (Sucker)
63. Mean Jeans Cool 2 Drive (Trouble In Mind)
64. Young Governor: Cindy’s Gonna Save Me (Dirtnap)
65. Ty Segall: Bullet Proof Nothing (Goner)
66. Sticks N Stones: Time Change (Dusty Medical)
67. German Measles: Color Vibrations (Wild World)
68. Crime: Crazy Beat (FYBS)
69. Walnut Kids: Jenny, You’re A Bug (demo)
70. Eastern Dark: Julie Is A Junkie (Waterfront)
71. New Christs: No Way On Earth (Distemper)