Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 04/13/10

1. Ray Condo & his Hardrock Goners: High Voltage (Hillbilly Holiday)
2. Matadors: Have Mercy baby (Sue)
3. Quarter Notes: Suki Yaki Rocki (Wizz)
4. Tabbys: Hong Kong Baby (Cleopatra)
5. Half Rats: For The Sake Of Love (Douchemaster)
6. Nervebreakers: Why Am I So Flipped (Wild Child)
7. Teenanger: High Risk High Fun (Give Me Pink)
8. Hipbone Slim & the Kneetremblers: Eye Of The Storm (The Kneeanderthal Sounds Of…)
9. Walnut Kids: Sabrina Sabrina (Going Ga Ga)
10. Rhytm Rockers: Madness (Square)
11. Delroys: Bermuda Shorts (Apollo)
12. Hollows: Bobby Blueheart (Trouble In Mind)
13. Ricardos: Green Eyes (Wild Saturday Night On Earth)
14. Tony Moon & the Actones: N-A-C-L (Pan World)
15. Moongooners: Moongoon Twist (Donna)
16. Royal Headache: Girls (RIP Society)
17. Matcchheads: Pearl Harbor (Artiste)
18. Beat Rats: Mine All Mine (A Cellar Full Of Rats)
19. Vicars: The Beat (Psychotic Beat)
20. People’s Temple: Forget About It (Milk n’ Herpes)
21. Goodnight Loving: Orphans (Arcbaleno)
22. Mark Kelf & the Rocking Guitar of Richard Howard: One Sided Love Affair (Ballad Of The Cleaver Boys)
23. Link Wray: Turn Me Loose (Hillbilly Wolf)
24. Crime: Extortion (FYBS)
25. Endtables: Process Of Elimination (Tuesday)
26. Charlie & the Moonhearts: 7 And 7 Is (Trouble In Mind)
27. Circle X: Albeit Living (s/t)
28. German Measles: Color Vibration (Wild World)
29. Barreracudas: Diet Coke (Bachelor)
30. Skipper: Anxiety (Here It Comes) (In Italy)
31. White Wires: That’s The Way A Woman Is (Trouble In Mind)
32. Hatepinks: Logo Hearted (Sick Cake)
33. Charles Albright: I’m A Fine Young ManAnd I’m Doing So Well (SS)
34. Le Face: Isolation (Rich Bitch)
35. Crusaders Of Love: Can’t Get Enough (Never Grow Up)
36. Chinese Restaurants: Queen Of The Skanks (SS)
37. Mind Spiders: Ripped (Dirtnap)
38. Surfin’ Lungs: She’s A Surf Punk (Full Petal Jacket)
39. Slippery Slopes: Sad Tugs (Florida’s Dying)
40. Joliettes: Girls Like Me (Going Ga Ga)
41. Cave Weddings: Last Time (Bachelor)
42. Eddy Current Suppression Ring: Walked Into A Corner (Rush To Relax)
43. Mean Jeans: Cool 2 Drive (Trouble In Mind)
44. Metros: On The Radio Waves (s/t)
45. King Louie’s Missing Monuments: Black Rainbow (Douchemaster)
46. Los Steaks: Nihilistic Girl (No Moon)
47. Shanks: I’m Always Wrong (Tic Tac Totally)
48. She: Piece Of You (Outta Reach)
49. Unwed Teenage Mothers: If That’s Love (Tic Tac Totally)
50. Horribly Wrong: Russian Roulette (C’mon And Bleed With…)
51. New Bomb Turks: Tattooed Apathetic Boys (Destroy Oh-Boy!)
52. Home Blitz: Other Side Of The Street (Out Of Phase)
53. Rot Shit: Power Pop (Fashionable Idiots)
54. Megacools: I Love Songs That Sound Like This (Introducing The Fun Police)
55. Finks: Outta Control (Fill ‘er Up And Go)
56. Chinese Burns: Get Out (Must Destroy Mankind)
57. Legendary Wings: E=MC Who Cares??? (Tic Tac Totally)
58. CoCoComa: Messenger (Trouble In Mind)
59. Personal & the Pizzas: Never Find Me (Raw Pie)
60. Head: Senor Itchy (Street Level Assault)
61. Strange Attractor: Route 666 (s/t)
62. Timmy’s Orgasm: I’m A Nice Guy Now (Cass)
63. Controllers: The Original Neutron Bomb (What?)
64. Turn It Offs: Watch That Girl (Too Much Static)
65. Teutonics: Komm Marr Hier (Boss Hoss)
66. Perennials: Love Anymore (Eradicator)
67. Cat Burglars: I Wanna Be John Goodman (s/t)
68. Mighty Caesars: You Make Me Die (English Punk Rock Explosion)
69. Pack: Terrorist (s/t)
70. PVC: Sick Of You (Wall City Rock)
71. Overnight Lows: Picked Apart (Left To Rot) (City Of Rotten Eyes)
72. Potential Johns: Can I Really Not Go With You (Dirtnap)
73. Marvelous Darlings: I Don’t Want To Go To The Party (Deranged)
74. Hex Dispensers: I’ve Got My Doppelganger On (Winchester Mystery House)
75. Burning Hatreds: Hit The Road (Bughouse)