Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 03/23/10

1. Unwed Teenage Mothers: I’m Gonna Blackout Tonight (Tic Tac Totally)
2. PVC: Kamikaze Of Love (Wall City Rock)
3. Kinfolks: Mustang (Las Vegas Grind)
4. Fortune Bravos: One Stop (Fortune)
5. Tondori Knights: Bucketful (Norton)
6. Johnny Cash & the Tennessee Two: Get Rhythm (Sun)
7. Slippery Slopes: Carberator (Florida’s Dying)
8. King Automatic: Let’s Have A Party (In The Blue Corner)
9. Cramps: Rock On The Moon (Songs The Lord Taught Us)
10. Boppin’ Fellows: I Wanna Know (Rockin’ From Outer Space)
11. Justin Tubb: Pepper Hot Baby (Decca)
12. Billy Barrix: Cool Off Baby (Chess)
13. She: Outta Reach (Outta Reach)
14. Myron Lee & the Caddies: Fat Man (Garrett)
15. Legendary Wings: E=MC who cares??? (Tic Tac Totally)
16. Personal & the Pizzas: Pepperoni Eyes (Raw Pie)
17. Eddie Cochran: Nervous Breakdown (Liberty)
18. Big Star: September Gurls (Radio City)
19. Ty Segall: Bulletproof Nothin’ (Goner)
20. Wild Billy Childish & the MBE’s: Down Amongst The Medway Losers (Thatcher’s Children)
21. Los Buddies: Destructo (Buddy)
22. Hubble Bubble: Pogo Pogo (s/t)
23. Home Blitz: Nightime Feel (Out Of Phase)
24. Woodies: Red Rock (Five Years From Now)
25. Windbreakers: That Girl (Big Monkey)
26. Nervous Eaters: Get Stuffed (s/t)
27. Shanks: Beat Up Baby (Tic Tac Totally)
28. Jehosaphat Blow: I Wanna Smash Your Love (Donkey Sack)
29. Lights Out!: Bite Me (split 12” w/High Society)
30. Devil Dogs: Radio Beat (Empty)
31. Megacools: Fun Police I (Introducing The Fun Police)
32. Vicars: Yeah Yeah (Psychotic Beat)
33. Devilles: High Blood Pressure (Studio City)
34. Peggy Peters: Aus (Hansa)
35. Useless Eaters: Panic Attac (Jeth-Row)
36. Crusaders Of Love: Better When I’m Gone (Never Grow Up)
37. Vermillion Sands: Wake Me When I Die (s/t)
38. Gaggers: Fix Me Up (Rapid Pulse)
39. Hard Ons: All Set To Go (Waterfront)
40. Beat Beat: Black Hole (s/t)
41. Superior Units: 2 Many Dipshits (Plastic Idol)
42. Strange Attractor: Litty Oh Litty (s/t)
43. Sinks: Don’t Need You (Fashionable Idiots)
44. Predator: Honest Man (Rob’s House)
45. Sedatives: Human Beings (Taken By Surprise)
46. Krunchies: Ugly Inside (Southkore)
47. Redd Kross: Clorox Girls (Annette’s Got The Hits)
48. Clorox Girls: Walk The Streets (Demos, Rarities And Early 7”’s)
49. Alex Chilton: Girl After Girl (Like Flies On Sherbert)
50. GG King The Letter (Rob’s House)
51. Wild Thing: Out Of Touch (Clown College)
52. Midwest Beat: Not To Worry (Tax Break)
53. Teenage Moods: Psychic Playlist (demo)
54. Acid Eaters: Carwasher (s/t)
55. Eddy Current Suppression Ring: Isn't It Nice (Rush To Relax)
56. Rot Shit: Hipster Local Band (Columbus Discount)
57. Rib Cages: Blame It On (Lemon Sessions Singles Club)
58. King Louie & his One Man Band: Beat Up By A Girl (Chinese Crawfish)
59. Touch-Me-Nots: Ask Me About My Persecution Complex (Sheldon Munn)
60. Downliners Sect: Glendora (Columbia)
61. Hollows: Happy To Listen (s/t)
62. Lasters: Young, Dumb, Bored And Redundant (Bat Shit)
63. Chemicals: Brains (Sonic Jett)
64. Overnight Lows: Last Meal For The Underachiever (City Of Rotten Eyes)