Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 03/02/10

1. Spandecks: Go Cart (Girls Like To Dance)
2. Charlie & the Hot Wheels: Surf Route 101 (Gas, Food And Lodging)
3. Fairviews: Ya Gotta Be Real Good Baby (Spin It)
4. Pleasure Seekers: What A Way To Die (Hideout)
5. Bob Arlin & his Band: East LA (Olympia)
6. Mystics: Rockin’ Yodel (Chatam)
7. Sundowners: Snake Eyed Woman (Sun-Rise)
8. Dave & Deke Combo: You Ain’t As Dumb As You Look (Moonshine Melodies)
9. Starliners: Re-Bop (Re-Bop)
10. Holy Cobras: Domino (Our Boy Roy)
11. Midwest Beat: Not To Worry (Tax Break)
12. Redd Stewart: Drop Dead Boogie (King)
13. Piney Brown: Walk A Block And Fall (King)
14. Gene Terry & his Kool Kats: Tip, Tap And Tell Me (Rock-It)
15. Waylon Thorton & the Heavy Hands: Color TV (Yours Truly)
16. Los Vigilantes: Que Mal (Slovenly)
17. Max Alexander & the Hi-Fi Combo: Rock Rock Rock Everybody (Caprock)
18. Don ‘Pretty Boy’ Covay: Believe It Or Not (Firefly)
19. Le Jonathan Reilly: Do The Black Light (Holy Cobra Society)
20. Garbo’s Daughter: I Only Have Eyes For You (Goes Pop!)
21. Nervebreakers: My Girlfriend Is A Rock (Wild Child)
22. Los Buddies: Guanajuato (Buddy Brand)
23. Useless Eaters: Panic Attack (Jeth-Row)
24. Kill-A-Watts: Microwave My Heart (Hate)
25. Strange Attractor: Decapitate Me Baby (s/t)
26. Killers: Bad News (s/t)
27. Black Jaspers: Spicy Chicken (s/t)
28. Masters Apprentices: Dear Dad (Complete Recordings 1965-1968)
29. Supercharger: It’s Alright (…Goes Way Out)
30. Mikabomb: Heart Attack (Zubi Zaretta)
31. Rib Cages: Blame It On (Lemon Session Singles Club)
32. Overnight Lows: City Of Rotten Eyes (City Of Rotten Eyes)
33. Kaos: Alcoholiday (What?)
34. Splash Four: So Confused (Kicks In Style)
35. Lasters: Young, Dumb, Bored And Redundant (Bat Shit)
36. Bare Wires: Keep Your Cool (Southpaw)
37. Feelin’ Lucky: Ice Pick (s/t)
38. Barreracudas: Diet Coke (Bachelor)
39. Eddy Current Suppression Ring: Anxiety (Rush To Relax)
40. Gestapo Khazi: Miss Temptation (s/t)
41. Teeners: Nazis On Film (Casual Victim Pile)
42. Len Price 3: The Girl Who Became A Machine (Pictures)
43. Le Kid & les Marinellis: T’es Pas D’ici (Telephone Explosion)
44. Superior Units: 2 Many Dipshits (Plastic Idol)
45. Turn It Offs: Watch That Girl (Too Much Static)
46. Chemicals: Brains (Sonic Jett)
47. Moby Dicks: Always Be Around (demo)
48. Hussy: Round And Round (Big Action)
49. Ivan & the Terribles: Left My Baby At The Laundromat (demo)
50. Bad Sports: Last Cigarette (s/t)
51. Stuffies: No One’s Gonna Miss Yo (Casual Victim Pile)
52. Krunchies: Victim All The Time (Southkore)
53. Home Blitz: Don’t Talk To Me (Out Of Phase)
54. Jim Basnight & the Moberlys: Alone With Her (Seattle, New York And Los Angeles)
55. Crusaders Of Love: Good Time All The Time (Never Grow Up)
56. Indian Wars: If You Want Me (Bachelor)
57. Registrators: Teenage Heart (Wallabies)
58. Hipshakes: Searchin’ (Sounds We Found)
59. Dazes: Candy (Pop Ball)
60. Mean Jeans: No Brainer (Are You Serious?)
61. Vibrators: Yeah Yeah Yeah (Pure Mania)
62. Sex Beet: She Don’t Surf (A Fistful Of Records)
63. Little Bits: Girl Give Me Love (Tiger Eye)
64. Les Sexereenos: Everybody Sexereeno (Live In The Bed)
65. Ricky Tino: Twistin’ At the Hop (Bug Out)
66. Triumphs: Surfside Date (IFF)
67. Young Governor: Summer Girl (Hidden Love)
68. Kill Spectors: Red River Street (Espanola)
69. Woven Bones: Spirits Room (Casual Victim Pile)
70. Fucked Frikis: In Your Fucking Face (Discos Humeantes)
71. Flesh Lights: Crush On You (Casual Victim Pile)
72. Tokyo Electron: You’re Not There (AZ238)
73. Impediments: Violence (s/t)
74. King Automatic: Closing Time (Slovenly)