Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 02/16/10

1. Teutonics: Komm Marr Hier (Boss Hoss)
2. Fabulous Wailers: Tall Cool One (Golden Crest)
3. Bare Wires: Keep Your Cool (Southpaw)
4. Barreracudas: Diet Coke (Bachelor)
5. White Wires: Girly Girly Girly (s/t)
6. Richie Valens: Hurry Up (Del-Fi)
7. Turn It Offs: Rip It Up (Too Much Static)
8. Kill Spectors: Live Like A Dog (Espanola Recording Co.)
9. Happy Burger: Cyber Mendiant (Douchmaster)
10. Squires: Batmobile (Penguin)
11. Jackie & the Cedrics: SS396 (Norton)
12. Charlie & the Hot Wheels: Plumb Crazy (Fat Krab)
13. Le Kid & Les Marinellis: T’es Pas D’ici (Telephone Explosion)
14. Donny Denim: Hey You (Radio X)
15. Nasty Facts: Get To You (Jimboco)
16. Controllers: Do The Uganda (s/t)
17. Jinxes: I’m Jinxed (Boss Hoss)
18. Strange Attractor: I’m A Strange Attractor (s/t)
19. Gaggers: Blow The Bank (Rapid Pulse)
20. Ty Segall: My Sunshine (Trouble In Mind)
21. Len Price 3: After You’re Gone (Pictures)
22. Mark & the Spies: Try As I Might (s/t)
23. Tyrades: I Am Homicide (Shit Sandwich)
24. Horribly Wrong: Aiming For You (Eradicator/Spin The Bottle)
25. Smuts: Teenage Fuck Up (Sack O’Shit)
26. Waylon Thorton & the Heavy Hands: Tuned Out (Yours Truly)
27. Tortured Tongues: Arizona Murder (Lethal Triad)
28. Tokyo Electron: Desert Snow (AZ 238)
29. Sex Beet: Desperate Man (A Fistful Of Records)
30. CoCoComa: Red Light (Spectrum Of Sound)
31. Makeouts: Throw It All Away (In A Strange Land)
32. Terminals: Ritual (Boom Chick)
33. Half Japanese: Guess Again (Hot)
34. 999: Crazy (s/t)
35. Melin Sheaths: Do The Mental Twist (Hozac)
36. Ratas del Vaticano: Toda Autoridad Es Una Broma (Volar)
37. Tyranna: Back Off Baby (Boppa Do Down)
38. Diarrhea Planet: Power Moves (Aloha!)
39. Lovetaps: Love ‘em Or Leave ‘em (Super Secret)
40. Kill-A-Watts: Treat Me Like A Jerk (Rip Off)
41. Drags: Who’s Got The Electricity (Stop Rock And Roll)
42. Rot Shit: Hipster Local Band (Columbus Discount Records)
43. Tito & the Brainsuckers: For You (Get Fuzzy)
44. Garbo’s Daughter: He Makes My Heart Go POP! (Goes Pop!)
45. Beat Beat: You Hate Me And I Hate You (s/t)
46. Touch-Me-Nots: Fucked Up Big Time (Roach And Squirrel)
47. Predator: DLDD (Rob’s House)
48. Feelin’ Lucky: Dish Rag (s/t)
49. Hussy: Head Set (A Fistful Of Records)
50. Jacuzzi Boys: Blow Your Lights Out (No Seasons)
51. Love Boat: No Particular Girl To Love (Imaginary Beatings Of Love)
52. Knack: I Want You (But The Little Girls Understand)
53. Hubble Bubble: Look Around (s/t)
54. Child Molesters: I’m The Hillside Strangler (Ace & Duce)
55. Heart Attacks: Dating Time (Here Comes The…)
56. Southside Stranglers: Too Much TV (Grave Mistake/Vicious Circle)
57. King Tuff: So Desperate (Mindblow)
58. Hunx & his Punx: You Don’t Like Rock And Roll (Rob’s House)
59. Spency Dude & the Doodles: Flirting (Rob’s House)
60. Nerves: Paper Dolls (One Way Ticket)
61. DM3: Just Like Nancy (Phantom)
62. Rubber City Rebels: Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight (s/t)
63. Dickies: I’m A Chollo (Dawn Of The Dickies)
64. Mean Jeans: Case Race (Are You Serious?)