Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 02/09/10

1. Franklin Stewart & the Stewart Brothers: That Long Black Train (Lu)
2. Orville Fox & the Harmony Masters: Honey, You Talk Too Much (Ellis)
3. Jacuzzi Boys: You Got It (Our Boy Roy)
4. Waylon Thorton & the Heavy Hands: I Need Love (Pure Evil)
5. Skinnys: Caldonia (Good Rockin’ Tonight)
6. Johnny Carroll & his Hot Rocks: Rockin’ Maybelle (Rock Baby Rock It)
7. Fancy Dan & the Highshouters: Moon Dawg (Don’t Try This At Home)
8. Teenage Crash: Goose Bumps (Rockin’ From Outer Space)
9. Young Jessie w/the Maxwell Davis Orchestra: Mary Lou (Modern)
10. Rosco Gordon: Cheese And Crackers (Sun)
11. Rebel Rousers: Leroy (Jan)
12. Charlie & the Moonhearts: Chickenhearted (Our Boy Roy)
13. Golden Boys: Kontrol Girls (Do The Electric Wolfman)
14. Goodnight Loving: Nothing Can Conquer Us (Dirtnap)
15. Andre Williams w/the Don Juans: Bobbie Jean (Fortune)
16. Five Dollars feat. Little Eddie: How To Do The Bacon Fat (Fortune)
17. Boogaloo & his Gallant Crew: Talk About A Party (Crest)
18. Louis Jordan & his Tympani Five: Have You Got The Gumption (Decca)
19. Mel Smith w/the Night Riders: Ugly George (Chime)
20. Two Crows & the Diggers: Poison Ivy (Dig This Record)
21. Eddie Cochran: Pretty Girl (Liberty)
22. Johnny Buckett & his Cumberland River Boys: Hippy In A Blunder (Cornball)
23. Barreracudas: Dog Food (Bachelor)
24. Myelin Sheaths: I Don’t Wanna Have An Operation (Hozac)
25. Spits: Planet Failure (Slovenly)
26. Black Flag: Wasted (SST)
27. Teenanger: Minimum Wage (Telephone Explosion)
28. Young Governor: 25 With A Bullet (Hidden Love)
29. Beat Beat: Bad Feeling (s/t)
30. Slippery Slopes: Panzer Frat (Sticky Stares)
31. Finally Punk: Negative Creep (Casual Goths)
32. Bad Sports: I Need It (s/t)
33. Black Time: Feel So Bad (Bancroft)
34. Clorox Girls: The One (s/t)
35. White Wires: Pogo ‘til You Puke (Ugly Pop)
36. Scientists: Pissed On Another Planet (Pissed On Another Planet)
37. Moby Dicks: Spiders (demo)
38. Feelin’ Lucky: Oh Yeah (s/t)
39. Nobunny: Motorhead With Me (Hozac)
40. Zygoteens: No More (Big Action)
41. Ebonics: Japanese Flag split w/Gestapo Khazi)
42. Makeouts: Still Love You (In A Strange Land)
43. Garbo’s Daughter: I Only Have Eyes For You (Goes Pop!)
44. Southside Stranglers: I’m A Cannibal (Grave Mistake/Vicious Circle)
45. Eat: Comunist Radio (Giggling Hitler)
46. Afrika Corps: NY Punk (Music To Kill By)
47. Aversions: Left For Dead (s/t)
48. Barreracudas: Diet Coke (Bachelor)
49. Fine Lines: She’s Long Gone (Six Jumpin’ Tunes)
50. Flakes: Hang Up (Lipstick)
51. Woven Bones: Have A Soul (Minus Touch ep)
52. Younger Lovers: Low Top Chucks And Skinny Jeans (Newest Romantic)
53. Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin: Ramona (Reverse Shark Attack)
54. Cheap Thrills: Kick Me In The Heart (Savage)
55. Gaggers: Fix Me Up (Rapid Pulse)
56. Teengenerate: Gonna Feel Alright (Dog Meat)
57. Zeros: Don't Push Me Around (Bomp)
58. Karate Party: One Two Three Four (Black Helicopter)
59. Users: I’m In Love With Today (Raw)
60. Saints: Demolition Girl (Harvest)
61. Useless Eaters: Hear/See (Shattered)
62. Predator: Honest Man (Rob’s House)
63. Impediments: Pig Out (s/t)
64. Mickey: She’s So Crazy (Hozac)
65. Indian Wars: If You Want Me (Bachelor)
66. Riff Randells: Fun At The Beach (Parties Are My Favorite)
67. Mean Jeans: Party Animal (Are You Serious?)
68. Barracudas: I Wish It Could Be 1965 Again (Surf And Destroy)
69. Original Sins: Drop Out (Acid Bubble Punk)
70. Sheetah et les Weissmuller: Chien Mechant (Hola Ye Yeah!)
71. Len Price 3: I Don’t Believe You (Pictures)
72. Fallen Leaves: Did You See Her (That’s Right)
73. Hubble Bubble: Sweet Rot (s/t)