Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 02/02/10

1. Emcees: Wine Wine Wine (Chimarron)
2. Riders: Rooten Tooten
3. Bloodshot Bill: Cause Of It All (Our Boy Roy)
4. Charlie Feathers: Bottle To The Baby alt. (Can’t Hardly Stand It)
5. Frantic Johnny Rogers: Sassy (Cindy)
6. Connie Allen w/the Todd Rhodes Orchestra: Rocket 69 (King)
7. Garbo’s Daughter: Oh Yeah, Maybe Baby (Burger)
8. Camero Wolf Band: Problem Child (Our Boy Roy)
9. Ty Segall: Pretty Woman (Our Boy Roy)
10. Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson: Hot Little Mama (RPM)
11. Howlin’ Wolf: Rockin’ Daddy (Chess)
12. Bob Luman: Make Up Your Mind Baby (Bob Rocks)
13. Hal Peters & the String Dusters: Radio Boogie (Lonesome Hearted Blues)
14. Felines: Dance With Me (Ottawa Ga Ga)
15.’s: Jane In The Jungle (Bomb The Twist)
16. Bob Ridgley: She Was A Mau Mau (Del-Fi)
17. Guitar Gable: String Bean (Calm Cool Collected)
18. Harry Carter, the Rock And Roll Apache w/the Dixie Rhythmaires: Jump Baby Jump (Mar’Vel)
19. The Alabama Kid: Rockin’ Jalopy (Varsity)
20. Jackie & the Cedrics: You’re Sixteen (Great 9 Stomps Set)
21. Shannon & the Clams: Troublemaker (I Wanna Go Home)
22. John Wesley Colman III: Steal My Mind (Steal My Mind)
23. Robins: Hatchet Man (Spark)
24. Electric Bunnies: What’s Your Favorite Thing (Through The Magic Door)
25. Karate Party: Ball Game (Black Helicopter)
26. M.O.T.O.: Wind It Out (Shit Sandwich)
27. Home Blitz: Nighttime Feel (Out Of Phase)
28. Sons Of Sadam: Usarsch (Red Lounge)
29. Hussy: Social Critique Of Madison (Big Action)
30. Tyrades: Dance Like A Maniac (s/t)
31. Sex Beet: She Don’t Surf (A Fistful Of Records)
32. Len Price 3: After You’re Gone (Pictures)
33. Tito & the Brainsuckers: Love For A Price (Get Fuzzy)
34. JEFF the Brotherhood: Bone Jam (Heavy Days)
35. Impediments: Vom (s/t)
36. Angry Samoans: Gas Chamber (Back From Samoa)
37. Nazi Death Camp: Satan Says Kill (Red Lounge)
38. Icky Boyfriends: No Duh (A Love Obscene)
39. Zodiac Killers: Kamikaze Attack (Have A Blast)
40. Gaggers: Got No Time (Rapid Pulse)
41. Jacuzzi Boys: Smells Bad (No Seasons)
42. Hipshakes: I Try (Sounds We Found)
43. Horribly Wrong: I Admit (C’mon And Bleed With…)
44. Predator: Honest Man (Rob’s House)
45. Baby Shakes: Want You Around (Lil’ Chewy)
46. Bad Sports: She’ll Never Get Out (s/t)
47. Feelin’ Lucky: Brain Explosion (s/t)
48. Tokyo Electron: You Can’t Save Me (AZ 238)
49. Jetfighter: Come On , Baby Come On (It Supposed To Sound Like That)
50. Silky & the Shantungs: He’s A Fink (Musicor)
51. Love City: The Other Side (Certified PR)
52. Black Hollies: Can’t Stop These Tears From Falling (Softly Towards The Light)
53. Los Hories: Criminal (Don’t Bother Us)
54. Wax Museums: Billy’s Room (Denton Denton USA)
55. Royal Turds: Bedsheet Blitzkrieg (Red Lounge)
56. Ratas del Vaticano: Toda Autroridad Es Una Broma (Volar)
57. Rot Shit: Full Retarded (Fashionable Idiots)
58. Hidden Charms: Gotta Go (Square Root Of Love)
59. Hate Pinks: So The Hateswing Baby (Sehr Gut Rock Und Roll)
60. Mean Jeans: Total Creep (Are You Serious?)
61. Magnetix: Brain Out (Slovenly)
62. Myelin Sheaths: Do The Mental Twist (Hozac)
63. Supercharger: Lost Cause (s/t)
64. Black Jaspers: I Want My Face On The Radio (s/t)
65. Revelators: What I Want (Let A Poor Boy Ride…)
66. Teenanger: You’re My Baby (Our Boy Roy)
67. Le Face: Exit/Illusions (s/t)
68. Charlie & the Moonhearts: Chickenhearted (Our Boy Roy)
69. White Wires: Let It Go (Ottawa Ga Ga)
70. Fems: Go To A Party (Drag City)
71. First Base: I’ve Got A Girl (Pizza Party)
72. Personal & the Pizzas: Nobody Makes My Girl Cry But Me (Bubbledumb)
73. Ramones: She’s The One (Road To Ruin)
74. Romanes: I Hate You Baby (It’s My Turn)
75. Traditional Fools: Surfin’ With The Phantom (Chocolate Covered)