Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 01/26/10

1. Velvets: My Baby’s Car Crazy (Fury)
2. Johnny Olenn & the Jokers: Sally Let Your Bangs Hang (TNT)
3. Bill Browning & his Echo Valley Boys: Wash Machine Boogie (Island)
4. Alvis Wayne: Don’t Mean Maybe Baby (Westport)
5. Sandy Lee: Ballin’ Keen (Santa Fe)
6. Jumpin’ Jacks: Let There Be Rockin’ (Ronnex)
7. Jerry McCain & his Upstarts: A Cutie Named Judy (Norton)
8. Haunted George: King OF The Draculas (Where’s Charlie Jones?)
9. Long Gone Daddy-O’s: Walking My Blues Away (Move To Dixie)
10. Frantix: Toe Rag Stomp (Antix With The…)
11. Goodnight Loving: Nothing Can Conquer Us (Dirtnap)
12. Mojomatics: Down My Spine (Wild Honey)
13. Wild Tones: Shut Ups (Madison)
14. Henry Henry: Hong Kong Mississippi (Staff)
15. Bo Diddley: Doin’ The Jaguar (…Is A Twister)
16. Carousels: Drive In Movie (Jaguar)
17. Walter Stone, The Maniac: I’m Not Good Looking (Thunderbird)
18. Rex Garvin & the Mighty Cravers: Oh Yeah! (Scatt)
19. Little Luther: Du De Squat (Dot)
20. A-Bones w/ the Great Gaylord: Sqaut With Me Baby (Norton)
21. Charles Clark & the Willie Dixon Band: Hidden Charms (Artistic)
22. Link Wray & his Wraymen: Mashed Potato Party (Swan)
23. Ratas del Vaticano: No Busco Problemas Conla Autoridad (Volar)
24. Burning Hatreds: Bad Little Girl (Bug House)
25. X-Offenders: Oh! (Milk n’ Herpes)
26. Gaggers: Fix Me Up (Rapid Pulse)
27. Feelin’ Lucky: You’re A Jerk (s/t)
28. Jetfighter: Come On Baby, Baby Come On (It Supposed To Sound Like That)
29. Vandals: I Saw Her In A Mustang (Tiara)
30. Half Rats: Throw IT Around (Culture Cast)
31. Myelin Sheaths: Stackticon (Bachelor)
32. Intellectuals: Sex On TV (Triple)
33. Sex Beet: Desperate Man (A Fistful Of Records)
34. Wild Thing: Black Boy/White Girl (demo)
35. Impediments: LeAnn (s/t)
36. Matt K. Shrugg: Anymore (Tic Tac Totally)
37. Wimpys: Weekend Runaways (It’s Alive)
38. Useless Eaters: Malfunction (Goner)
39. Moby Dicks: Ballad Of The Red Dog (Mammoth Cave)
40. Mants: Friends To None (Lance Rock)
41. Home Blitz: Don’t Talk To Me (Out Of Phase)
42. Tortured Tongues: Extension Cord (Lethal Triad)
43. Garbo’s Daughter: Oh Yeah, Maybe Baby (Goes Pop!)
44. Damal & Rasheed: Twistin’ In The Tub (Great)
45. Marvelettes: Twistin’ Postman (Tamla)
46. Handsome Stranglers: Mad Man Stomp (Savage)
47. Bad Sports: Sinking You (s/t)
48. Predator: No (Rob’s House)
49. John Wesley Colman III: I Can’t Sleep (Steal My Mind)
50. Mothballs: I ♥ Records (Car Hole)
51. Indian Wars: Just Can’t Get Along With You (Bachelor)
52. Acid Baby Jesus: I’m A Baby (Secret Pizza Party)
53. Spencey Dude & the Doodles: Girl Crazy (Rob’s House)
54. Spits: Beat You Up (Slovenly)
55. Carbonas: Foaming At The Mouth (Douchemaster)
56. Shimmys: Don’t Give Me Lip (Brunettes On The Rocks)
57. Bare Wires: I Lie Awake (Artificial Clouds)
58. Coconut Coolouts: The Last Man You’ll Ever See (Dirtnap)
59. Pumpers: Shut Down (Denton Denton USA)
60. Makers: Shout On My Brother (SFTRI)
61. Black Time: You Make Me (Telephone Explosion)
62. Gonks: Tomorrow My Love (Float Your Boat)
63. Doctor Explosion: Chesterfield Childish Club (Chupa Aqui)
64. Canadian Rogues: Keep In Touch (Charay)
65. Murhpy & the Mob: Born Loser (Talisman)
66. Black Jaspers: I Wanna Be Your Razor Blade (s/t)
67. White Fang: Parties To Crash (Whatever)
68. Gestapo Khazi: Open House (split w/the Ebonics)
69. JEFF the Brotherhood: U Got The Look (Heavy Days)
70. Loli & the Chones: Nazi Death Camp (PS We Hate You)
71. Nazi Death Camp: I Got Problems (Complete Punk Mongo Sessions)
72. Mean Jeans: No Brainer (Are You Serious?)
73. Chinese Burns: Can Dig (Must Destroy Mankind)
74. Los Hories: Outta Touch (Don’t Bother Us)