Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 01/19/10

1. Royal Deuces: Drinkin’ Til Dawn (Introducing…)
2. Star Mountain Dreamers: She Drives Me High (Greetings From El Paso)
3. Little Junior’s Blue Flames: Love My Baby (Sun)
4. I-V Leaguers: Jim-Jammin’ (Nau-Voo)
5. Randy Rich & the Poor Boys: Rock n’ Roll Daddy-O (Bye Bye Mr. Blues)
6. Cramps: What’s Inside A Girl (A Date With Elvis)
7. Memphis Morticians: Bury You Now, Dig You Later (Play Primitive Trashmen And 13 Other Love Songs)
8. Frantix: She’s My Baby (Antix With The….)
9. L’Captains: Homework (Savoy)
10. Yochanan: Is That Me? (Interplanetary Melodies)
11. Jackie & the Starlites: Valerie (Fury)
12. Mad Fred & the Maniacs: I’m Gonna Love My Baby Now (s/t)
13. Buddy Holly & the Crickets: Down The Line (The Complete Buddy Holly)
14. Legendary Stardust Cowboy: I Hate CDs (Retro Rocket Back To Earth)
15. Downliners Sect: He Was A Square (Columbia)
16. Shannon & the Clams: Blast Me To Bermuda (I Wanna Go Home)
17. King Khan & BBQ Show: I’ll B e Loving You (Invisible Girl)
18. Bloodshot Bill: Bertha Lou (Trash Addict)
19. Monsters: Ponytail And A Black Cadillac (Birds Eat Martians)
20. Garbo’s Daughter: Private Party (Goes Pop!)
21. Krunchies: Ugly Inside (Southkore)
22. Tyrades: In My Cubicle (Die Slaughterhaus)
23. Le Face: Christ (s/t)
24. Proto Idiot: I Don’t Like You (Andy Anderson)
25. Loli & the Chones: Rumble In My Pants (Rock And Roll Genocide)
26. Kill-A-Watts: Shock You Dead (Electro Rock)
27. Impediments: Don’t Mess Me Around (s/t)
28. Teenage Bees: I’m In Love (Denton Denton USA)
29. Useless Eaters: Hear/See (Shattered)
30. Reatards: Oh My Soul (Not Fucked Enough)
31. Reatards: Not Good Enough For You (Teenage Hate)
32. Reatards: Fashion Victim (Get Real Stupid)
33. Final Solutions: In A Coma (Songs By Solutions)
34. Angry Angles: She’s Dead (P.Trash)
35. Bad Times; Over You (s/t)
36. Jay Reatard: Shadow Me (Blood Visions)
37. Final Solutions: I’m A Victim (Therapeutic)
38. Final Solutions: Eye Don’t Like You (Shit Sandwich)
39. Reatards: I Gotta Rock And Roll (Teenage Hate)
40. Primate 5: I Need Your Luh (Goodbye Boozy)
41. Sheetah el les Weismuller: Cette Filla La (Holla Ye Yeah!)
42. Gonks: Just A Man (Float Your Boat)
43. Magnetix: Nulle Autre Que Toi (Slovenly)
44. Brimstone Howl: Everybody Is Having Fun But Me (Big Deal, What’s He Done Lately)
45. White Wires: Pretty Baby (Trouble In Mind)
46. Outdoorsmen: You’re A Tattletale Baby (Wild American)
47. Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin: High School (Reverse Shark Attack)
48. Bad Sports: Face Like That (s/t)
49. Hipshakes: Let’s Get Acquainted (Sounds We Found)
50. Spits: Pain (Slovenly)
51. Boy Toys: I Want You (Spin The Bottle)
52. Bare Wires: You’ve Gone Out (Artificial Clouds)
53. A/V Murder: Tourettes (Local Cross)
54. Toyotas: Big Mouth Of The Neighborhood (Make Headlines)
55. Touch-Me-Nots: Imbe-Style (Sheldon Munn)
56. Predator: Honest Man (Rob’s House)
57. Jet Boys: Get Out My Girl (SFTRI)
58. Moby Dicks: Fuck Off Baby (Mammoth Cave)
59. Anteenagers MC: Let’s Not Have A Party (Plastic Idol)
60. Urinals: She’s A Drone (Negative Capability…Check It Out!)
61. GG King: Head In The Clouds (Last Of The Night Wiggers)
62. Black Jaspers: 21st Century Pox (s/t)
63. Mean Jeans: Throwing Stones (Are You Serious?)
64. Cave Weddings: Just Like A Fool (UFO Dictator)
65. Chronic Sick: Dress Code (Cutest Band In Hardcore)
66. Sinks: I Want To Be Dumb (Ken Rock)
67. Scrams: The Molasses (Scram)
68. Hussy: On The Cover (Jeffery Drag)
69. Horribly Wrong: Russian Roulette (C’mon And Bleed With…)
70. Spaceshits: Teenage Crimewave (Sultan)
71. Supercharger: Ice Pick (Pre BS)
72. Wax Museums: Billy’s Room (Denton Denton USA)
73. Young Governor: Hidden Love (Hidden Love)
74. Hex Dispensers: Channel 13 Is Haunted (s/t)
75. Sedatives: S.E.D.A.T.I.V.E. (Taken By Surprise)
76. Ebonics: Japanese Flag (split w/Gestapo Khazi)