Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 01/12/10

1. Phantoms: Road Runner (Dureco)
2. Fab: Our Little Rondez-vous (Kythera)
3. Pop Rivets: I’m Just A Seattleite For Your Love (Empty Sounds From Anarchy Ranch)
4. Young Governor: Summer Girl (Hidden Love)
5. Almighty Handclaps: Handclap Shake (no label)
6. Teentones: Don’t Call Me Baby, I’ll Call You (Decca)
7. King Victor: Boppin’ Bobby Jean (Madison)
8. Jessie Hill: Whip It On Me (Minit)
9. Bo Diddley: Shank (…Is A Twister)
10. Thee Stash: We’re Selling Jeans For The USA (Get Hip)
11. Fall-Outs: Ambition (s/t)
12. Sheetah et les Weissmuller: Pire Que Le Silence (Hola Ye Yeah)
13. Black Time: Psychotic Tracks (Midnight World)
14. Mummies: Skinny Minnie (Fuck CDs, It’s The Mummies)
15. TVees: She’s A Hurricane (demo)
16. Touched: Jelly Beans (World’s Lousy With Ideas)
17. Chinese Millionaires: If Wishes Were Hearses (Detroit Double Cross)
18. Hipshakes: Searchin’ (Sounds We Found)
19. Krunchies: Deflated (Southkore)
20. Kill-A-Watts: Let’s Get High Voltage (Flying Bomb)
21. Intellectuals: Hands In Blood (Triple)
22. Haunted George: William Cooper (Where’s Charlie Jones)
23. Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin: I Wear Black (Reverse Shark Attack)
24. 54 Nude Honeys: Jungle (Snake And Queen)
25. Jet Boys: I’m Trash (Ready, Jet, Go)
26. Impediments: Violence (s/t)
27. Wildebeests: One Minutes Time (Dirty Water)
28. Fine Lines: She’s Kind Of Evil (Ken Rock)
29. Horrible Wrong: Murder On My Mind (Come Bleed With…)
30. Scrams: Dram Shopper (no label)
31. Zygoteens: No More (Big Action)
32. Black Jaspers: Born In ’77 (s/t)
33. Straight Arrows: Jeepster (Resistance A Go Go)
34. Rockin’ Berries: You Better Come Home (Pye)
35. Morning Shakes: Double Twist (Lotta Trash, Lotta Action)
36. Photobooth: Boston Strangler (Raw Deluxe)
37. Hussy: Social Critique Of Madison (Big Action)
38. Uranium Comeback: Walking (Ottawa Ga Ga)
39. Video: Bookstore (Denton Denton USA)
40. King Khan & BBQ Show: Zombies (What’s For Dinner)
41. Tyrades: Mannequin Girl (Broken)
42. Bad Sports: Should’ve Known (s/t)
43. Vacont Lot: She Gotta Leave (Baylor)
44. Playmates: Love Is You (Short Wave)
45. Brutal Knights: Le High Point (P.Trash)
46. Coconut Coolouts: Yeah Right (Ken Rock)
47. Teengenerate: I Don’t Mind (Dionysus)
48. Dead Clodettes: Action (Lipstick Pickup)
49. Slippery Slopes: Dan Savage (Sticky Stares)
50. Charlie & the Moonhearts: My Love IS Gone (Trouble In Mind)
51. Nobunny: Boneyard (Love Visions)
52. Jesoaphat Blow: It’s A Thing Thang Baby (Donkey Sack)
53. Jonny Chan & the New Dynasty Six: Going Out Of My Head (I Hate You Baby)
54. Los Hories: Criminal (Don’t Bother Me)
55. Baby Shakes: Too Much Time (Lil’ Chewy)
56. Spencey Dude & the Doodles: Girl Crazy (Rob’s House)
57. Fungi Girls: Thanks For Following Love (Denton Denton USA)
58. Lovetaps: Love ‘em Or Leave ‘em (Super Secret)
59. Waylon Thorton & the Heavy Hands: Meet Me By The Garbage Can (Yours Truly)
60. Mother’s Children: B’n’E (Ottawa Ga Ga)
61. Useless Eaters: Sucked In (Goner)
62. Wild Thing: I Can’t Stand It/You (Clown College)
63. Ebonics: Mexican Thunder (split w/Gestapo Khazi)
64. Frisco Dykes: Plastic High (demo)
65. Fever B: Please, Operator (The Lonely Sailor Sessions)
66. Magnetix: Break Up The Phone (Flash)