Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rock And Roll Dance Party 01/05/10

1. Frantix: Rock Around The Town (Antix With The…)
2. Shillelagh Sisters: Fool I Am (Tyrannical Mex)
3. King Salami & the Cumberland Three: Do The Wurst (Dirty Water)
4. Lovetaps: Love ‘em Or Leave ‘em (Super Secret)
5. Davey Day: Motorcycle Mike (Fee Bee)
6. Charlie Singleton: Little Liza Jane
7. Dapper Dans: Bird Brain (Ember)
8. Huelyn Duvall: Double Talkin’ Baby (Challenge alt take)
9. Tandoori Knights: Bucketful (Norton)
10. Johnny Law & the Pistol Packin’ Daddies: Be Bop Baby (Crazy Love)
11. Hermits: Shake It Baby (Chickens, Whips And Rock And Roll!!!)
12. Fred Richards: Barricade (Flip)
13. Jackie & the Cedrics: Rip It Out! (Norton)
14. Bellfuries: Take You To The Chapel (Just Plain Lonesome)
15. Bill Crittendon & the Sweet Georgia Boys: Hard Luck Baby (Hard Luck Baby)
16. Ray Allen & the Blue Rhythms: Ain’t That Lovin’ You Baby (s/t)
17. Johnny Gore & the Jesters: Fi-Fi (Reed)
18. Gene Rambo & the Flames: Pink Pedal Pushers & Bright Red Hair (Kicksville)
19. Judge n’ Jury: Roaches (Verve)
20. Kenny Owen: I Got The Bug (Poplar)
21. Rantouls: Little Dune Buggy (Sunny Trees)
22. Teenage Bees: I’m So Down (Denton Denton USA)
23. Creeps: It’s Not Right (Ottawa Ga Ga)
24. Crawdads: Beating In My Heart (Released)
25. Kingsmen: Jolly Green Giant (Wand)
26. Wax Museums: Billy’s Room (Denton Denton USA)
27. Impediments: Pig Out (s/t)
28. Black & Whites: That Girl Ain’t No Good (s/t)
29. Middle Class: Out Of Vogue (Joke)
30. Horribly Wrong: Russian Roulette (C’mon And Bleed With The…)
31. Le Face: Exit/Illusions (s/t)
32. Vilteones: Does She Jump (A Taste Of Honey)
33. Shutdown 66: She’s Fabulous And Itchy (Corduroy)
34. Menster Phip & the Phipsters: I Saw Her Standing There (Phip City!)
35. Dittos: Mustard (Bug Out)
36. Young Governor: 25 With A Bullet (Parts Unknown)
37. Beach Blankets: Greatest Hits (Ottawa Ga Ga)
38. Hussy: Round And Round (Big Action)
39. Hipshakes: I’m Alright (Sounds We Found)
40. Blue Stars: Social End Product (Allied International)
41. Savage Crimes: Crawling Around (Ottawa Ga Ga)
42. Charlie & the Moonhearts: Real Hot Breakers (Trouble In Mind)
43. Daytonas: Here She Comes Again (Quarter Mile)
44. Ebonics: Japanese Flag (split w/Gestapo Khazi)
45. Groovie Ghoulies: She Gets All The Girls (Fun In The Dark)
46. Mean Jeans: Total Creep (Are You Serious?)
47. Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin: Doctor Doctor (Reverse Shark Attack)
48. Predator: DLDD (Rob’s House)
49. Krunchies: Victim All The Time (Southkore)
50. Bare Wires: Look Over Your Shoulder (Artificial Clouds)
51. Secret Bangs: Violent Love (Denton Denton USA)
52. Slippery Slopes: Panzer Frat (Sticky Stares)
53. Black Jaspers: Artificial Nosebleed (s/t)
54. Baby Shakes: Want You Around (Lil’ Chewy)
55. White Wires: Goodbye Girl (Trouble In Mind)
56. Reducers Information Overload (s/t)
57. Bad Sports: Progress Man (s/t)
58. Useless Eaters: Just A Person (Shattered)
59. Okie Dokie: Motorhead (s/t)
60. UV Race: Malaria (SS)
61. Zodiac Killers: Danger Danger (Society’s Offenders)
62. Gut Reactions: What Are You Doing (UFO Dictator)
63. Jehosaphat Blow: I Wanna Smash Your Love (Donkey Sack)
64. Jack Of Heart: Pony Crap (s/t)
65. Mantles: Samantha (s/t)
66. Tyrades: I Am Homicide (Shit Sandwich)
67. Intellectuals: Freedom Of Love II (Triple)
68. Moby Dicks: Mike Malloy (Mammoth Cave)
69. Indian Wars: If You Want Me (Bachelor)
70. Beat Beat Beat: Leave Me Out (Shadows)
71. Black Time: No Love Lost (Hate)
72. Sonic Chicken 4: Sha La La La Love (s/t)
73. Charles Albright: I Wanna Hold You (no label)
74. Fine Lines: She’s Long Gone (Six Jumpin’ Tunes)
75. Gestapo Khazi: Open House (split w/the Ebonics)
76. Suppositories: Wires MKII (Ottawa Ga Ga)
77. Wheels On Fire: Bad Lie (Trouble In Mind)
78. Ejectors: Little Johnny (Hydrohead)
79. X: Your Phone’s Off The Hook (Los Angeles)
80. UV Race: Malaria (SS)
81. Spencey Dude & the Doodles: If This Feeling Ends (Rob’s House)