Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 12/01/09

1. Yochanan: Rocket Ship Rock (Interplanetary Melodies)
2. Daywins: Heartbeat (Arwin)
3. Johnny Bass: Boppin’ It (Flyright)
4. Cover Girls: Gone But Not Forgotten (Conte)
5. Twisters: Run Little Sheba (Tampa)
6. Cosmic Rays: Daddy’s Gonna Tell You No Lie (Saturn)
7. Flashers: Big Fat Mama
8. Big John Greer w/Delores Brown: You Played On My Piano (RCA)
9. Majestics: Shoppin’ And Hoppin’ (Chex)
10. Players: The Rebel (Artemis)
11. Billy & Mickey: The Creep (The Big Itch)
12. Jackie & the Cedrics: Tall Dark Stranger (Norton)
13. Charlie & the Moonhearts: Real Hot Breakers (Time In Mind)
14. Dick Dale & his Del-tones: Dick Dale Stomp (King Of The Surf Guitar)
15. Bobby Crown & the Capers: Thirty Days (demo)
16. Que Martin & his Band: Work With It (Big Town)
17. Jesters: Jester’s Jump
18. King Khan & BBQ Show: Spin The Bottle (Invisible Girl)
19. Tony & the Knights: Twistin’ Mary Jane (USA)
20. Little Bob & his Electric Uke: Rock That Uke (B&L)
21. Mort Shuman: I’m A Man (Decca)
22. Devilles: Tell Me So (Arvee)
23. Johnny Watson: Looking Back (Escort)
24. Fine Lines: She’s Kind Of Evil (Ken Rock)
25. Useless Eaters: Hear/See (Shattered)
26. Black Jaspers: No Brain, No Pain (s/t)
27. Intellectuals: The Photographer (Triple)
28. Magnetix: Nulle Tre Que Toi (Slovenly)
29. Rip Offs: Hooked On Phonics (Pure Filth)
30. Baby Shakes: Want You Around (Lil’ Chewy)
31. UV Race: Up Yours (Aarght)
32. Shimmys: Two Pot Screamer (Brunettes On The Rocks)
33. Ty Segall: My Sunshine (Time In Mind)
34. Sonic Chicken 4: Crushed (Time In Mind)
35. Black Time: I C U (Skulltone)
36. Charles Albright: I Wanna Hold You (no label)
37. Spencey Dude & the Doodles: If This Feeling Ends (Rob’s House)
38. Scrams: Flea Market Rock (Scram)
39. White Wires: Pretty Girl (Time In Mind)
40. Love City: The Other Side (Certified PR)
41. Wheels On Fire: Come On Judy (Time In Mind)
42. Yolks: Too Much For Me (s/t)
43. Cave Weddings: When The Lights Go Out (5 Song ep)
44. Mo & Jo: The Yo Yo Song (Lita)
45. Danny Boy: Don’t Go Pretty Baby (Kent)
46. Fabulous Wailers: Livewire (Livewire!)
47. Rovin’ Flames: How Many Times (Decca)
48. Brimstone Howl: M-60 (Big Deal, What’s He Done Lately)
49. Chinese Burns: Can Dig (Must Destroy Mankind)
50. Moby Dicks: Mike Malloy (Mammoth Cave Recordings)
51. Mantles: James (s/t)
52. Oh No’s: Molly (Maximum Trash)
53. Coprolitos: Achaques De Amour (Blondes Must Die)
54. Coconut Coolouts: Yeah Right! (Ken Rock)
55. Angry Samoans: Lights Out (Back From Samoa)
56. Anasazis: The Talk (I Hate Rock And Roll)
57. Los Idiotas: Yeah Yeah (Iekk Sounds)
58. Predator: Honest Man (Rob’s House)
59. Bad Sports: She’s Never Getting Out (s/t)
60. Frisco Dykes: Vomit Symposium (demo)
61. Captain 9’s & the Knickerbocker Trio: Rockin’ Robin’ (Fascist Foods)
62. Nodzz: Highway Roadside Shrine (s/t)
63. Personal & the Pizzas: I Can Read (Gooc Entertainment)
64. Perfect Fits: Songs About Girls (Douchemaster)
65. Photobooth: Pretty Baby (Raw Deluxe)
66. Woven Bones: Have A Soul (The Minus Touch ep)
67. Queers: Girl About Town (Acid Beaters)
68. Mean Jeans: Rats, Roaches And Jeans (Are You Serious?)
69. Head: Do You remember Me (Evil Clown)
70. Redd Kross: Tatem O’Tot & the Fried Vegetables (Born Innocent)
71. Cat Burglars: I Hate My Friends (Cowabunga)
72. Christmas Island: My Baby (Blackout Summer)
73. Coolies: 1 Knock (s/t)
74. Fallen Leaves: Vendetta (That’s Right)
75. Tyler Jon Tyler: New England Street (Time In Mind)