Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 12/29/09

1. B-Lines: Burnt CDs/Social Retard (Nominal)
2. Coconut Coolouts: Nerd Holocaust (Florida’s Dying)
3. Gestapo Khazi: Smoke Signals (s/t)
4. Wau y los Arrrghs: Viva Link Wray (Viven)
5. Crucials: Now You Gotta Break My Heart (Give Me… A Keg… Of Beer!!!)
6. Box Elders: One Foot In Front Of The Other (Alice And Friends)
7. Dead Ghosts: The Girl Across the Street (s/t)
8. Kitty, Daisy & Lewis: (Baby) Hold Me Tight (s/t)
9. Boy Toys: Girls Like You (Spin The Bottle)
10. Yolks: I Do What I Do (s/t)
11. CoCoComa: Ask, Don’t Tell (Trouble In Mind)
12. A-Bones: Shallow Grave (Not Now!)
13. Les Terribles: Nager (Ils Sont Formidables)
14. White Wires: Girly Girly Girly (s/t)
15. Personal & the Pizzas: I Don’t Wanna Be No Personal Pizza (Gooc Entertainment)
16. Happy Burger: Pizza All Around (Douchemaster)
17. Wailin’ Elroys: Just Because (On The Bum)
18. Wayne ‘The Train’ Hancock: Dog House Blues (Viper Of Melody)
19. Useless Eaters: Agoraphobic (Goodbye Boozy)
20. Mojomatics: Another Cheat On Me (Douchemaster)
21. Shannon & the Clams: I Wanna Go Home (I Wanna Go Home)
22. Ebonics: Mexican Thunder (split w/Gestapo Khazi)
23. Magnetix: Brain Out (Slovenly)
24. Hex Dispensers: My Love Is A Bat (Winchester Mystery House)
25. Popetts: Dance Party (s/t)
26. Le Face: Manic Depression (Isolation)
27. Sedatives: Human Beings (Taken By Surprise)
28. Predator: Honest Man (Rob’s House)
29. Ratas Del Vaticano: No Grite (Mocosos Pateticos)
30. Rippers: My Promise (Why Should I Care About You)
31. No No No Hopes: Kicked In The Head (Twistworthy)
32. Photobooth: Kill The Weekend (Raw Deluxe)
33. Woven Bones: Janie (Needless)
34. Boys Club: Catch Your Kisses (Three Dimensional)
35. Angel Sluts: Holly Would (Designer Heat)
36. Wild Thing: You’re A Punk (Clown College)
37. Batman & Robin: Unable To Speak After Drinking, Uhh, Whiskey (Bachelor)
38. Perverts: Nerves (HBSP-2X)
39. Aversions: Murder Of A Mannequin (Ex Nihilo Nihil)
40. Lights Out!: Destroy/Create (Destroy/Create)
41. Moby Dicks: Ogo Pogo (Mammoth Cave)
42. The Hussy: I’m Me (demo)
43. Intellectuals: The Photographer (Triple)
44. Love Boat: Take A Ride In My Machine (Imaginary Beatings Of Love)
45. Booby Traps: Diddley Wrong (Makin’ It With The…)
46. Skipper: Hanging With The Telephone (Chocolate Covered)
47. Beat Killers: Gimme A Kiss (Beat, Broken And Bruised)
48. Mark & the Spies: You Got It (Give Me A Look)
49. Ty Segall: Standing At The Station (Lemons)
50. Proto Idiot: Be My Baby (Andy Anderson)
51. Real Numbers: NY Girls (Bachelor)
52. UV Race: I Go Blank (s/t)
53. Bundle Of Fags: Art School Asshole (Weird Hug)
54. Cave Weddings: Let’s Drive (Hozac)
55. Chinese Burns: Can Dig (Must Destroy Mankind)
56. German Measles: Totally Wild (The Wild ep)
57. Shitty Limits: Your Limits Are My Limits (Beware The Linits)
58. Black Jaspers: Smart Car (s/t)
59. King Khan & BBQ Show: Lonely Boy (Invisible Girl)
60. GG King: Adult Rock (Douchemaster)
61. Bad Sports: Sinking You (s/t)
62. Krunchies: You Put The U In Useless (Southkore)
63. Slippery Slopes: Raw Toddler (Sticky Stares)
64. Reacharounds: Rocks Off (Certified PR)
65. Rock And Roll Adventure Kids: Fried Chicken (Hillbilly Psychosis)
66. Dee Rangers: Down And Out (Goodbye Boozy)
67. Mean Jeans: Let’s Pogo B 4 U Go Go (Are You Serious?)
68. Sudden Walks: Do You Feel So Dead (FDH/P.Trash)
69. Hunx & his Punx: The Last Time (True Panther Sounds)
70. Bobby Ubangi: That’s Alright (Inside The Mind Of…)
71. Charlie & the Moonhearts: Drop In Drop Out (Tic Tac Totally)
72. Nazi Death Camp: It’s Wartime Baby (The Complete Mongo Punk Sessions)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 12/22/09

1. Roosevelt Sykes: Sputnik Baby (House Of Sound)
2. Frankie Gem: Crystal Rock (USA)
3. Nobels: Black Widow (Selbon)
4. Pete Ronstandt & the Night Beats: Nightbeat (Zoom)
5. Red Coats: Midnight And Paul Revere (Valli)
6. Classics 5, vocal, Bobby Osborn: Wine Wine Wine (Countless)
7. Ray Hudson w/the Western Rhythmaires: Hare I Am Drunk Again (Dixie)
8. Roy Orbison & the Teen Kings: Rock House (Sun)
9. Loveless Cousins: Lose My Mind (No Squares Ever Tag Along)
10. Gene Vincent & his Blue Caps: I Flipped (Blue Jean Bop)
11. Dukes: Groceries Sir (Flip)
12. Link Wray & his Wraymen: Dance Contest (Lost Cadence Sessions)
13. Rock-A-Fellas: Say Mama (Cuca)
14. Dellwoods: She’s Got A Nose Job (MAD Twists Rock And Roll)
15. Kitty Daisy & Lewis: Mean Son Of A Gun (s/t)
16. King Khan & BBQ Show: I’ll Be Loving You (Invisible Girl)
17. Shangri-Las: Sophisticated Boom Boom (Red Bird)
18. Floyd Dakil Combo: Dance Franny Dance (Earth)
19. Swingin’ Neckbreakers: It’s Not Easy (Norton)
20.’s: Three Cool Chicks (Bomb The Twist)
21. Coasters: I Must Be Dreaming (Spark)
22. A-Bones: Geraldine (Not Now!)
23. Shannon & the Clams: The Warlock In The Woods ( I Wanna Go Home)
24. Ebonics: Japanese Flag (split w/Gestapo Khazi)
25. Useless Eaters: Sucked In (Goner)
26. Slippery Slopes: Dan Savage (Sticky Stares)
27. Black Time: Ma Solitude Et Moi (Hate)
28. Splash Four: Girl With No Brain (Wild Wild)
29. Buzzer: Teacher’s Pet (Tic Tac Totally)
30. Impediments: You Want A Square (s/t)
31. Reign: Zippered Up Heart (I’ve Had Enough!)
32. Hentchmen: Jack Of All Trades (I’ve Had Enough!)
33. Fanatics: Woman (Train To Nowhere!)
34. Wombats: Hey (Train To Nowhere!)
35. Bad Sports: She’ll Never Get Out (s/t)
36. Krunchies: Ugly Inside (Southkore)
37. Fems: Go To A Party (Drag City)
38. Gories: Thunderbird ESQ (I Know You’re Fine, But How You Doing?)
39. Gestapo Khazi: Open House (split w/the Ebonics)
40. Rot Shit: Power Pop (no label)
41. Sedatives: Teenage Runaway (Ottawa Ga Ga)
42. Straight Arrows: Close That Door (Resistance A Go Go)
43. Los Huevos: Do The Nihilation (s/t)
44. A/V Murder: Tourettes (Local Cross)
45. Resonars: She Did (That Evil Drone)
46. Wheels On Fire: Bad Lie (Trouble In Mind)
47. Predator: Honest Man (Rob’s House)
48. Hipshakes: Wasted Time (Sounds We Found)
49. Heartbreakers: Let Go (LAMF)
50. Chester Vomit & the Dry Heaves: Driving It Home (Rave Up)
51. Jack Of Heart: Love In Vain (s/t)
52. Milkshakes: You Can Only Lose (After School Session)
53. Fine Lines: Leaving This World Behind (Six Jumpin’ Tunes)
54. Beach Blankets: Greatest Hits (Ottawa Ga Ga)
55. Haunted George: Blood On The Moon (Where’s Charlie Jones?)
56. White Fang: Wht Fng (Whatever)
57. Le Face: Plastic Factory Love (s/t)
58. Magnetix: Nulle Autre Toi (Slovenly)
59. Revelators: Buzzard And The Hawk (Let A Poor Boy Ride)
60. Black Jaspers: I Wanna Be Your Razorblade (s/t)
61. Brimstone Howl: Last Time (Big Deal, What’s He Done Lately)
62. Ty Segall: Fuzzy Cat (Trouble In Mind)
63. Squares: Just One Word (Get Hip)
64. King Automatic: Fake Skinheads In Love (In The Blue Corner)
65. Coconut Coolouts: The Last Man You’ll Ever See (Dirtnap)
66. Charlie & the Moonhearts: My Love Is Gone (Trouble In Mind)
67. Groovie Ghoulies: Come On (Berry’d Alive)
68. Mean Jeans: Throwin’ Stones (Are You Serious?)
69. Uranium Comeback: Walking (Ottawa Ga Ga)
70. Blue Embers: I Don’t Want To See You (I’ve Had Enough!)
71. White Wires: Let It Go (Ottawa Ga Ga)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 12/15/09

1. Hen Gates & his Gaters feat. Freddie Mitchell: Rock Me Sugar (Let’s Go Dance To Rock And Roll)
2. Rusti Steel: Traffic Jam (The Embassy Session)
3. Ferry Rock Barendse: Rock And Roll Mops (Rock Rock Rock; French Rock And Roll 1956-1959)
4. Debs: Whadaya Want (Bruce)
5. Hot Toddys feat. Big John: Shakin’ And Stompin’ (Shan-Todd)
6. Althea & the Memories: Daddy Said (Rubbish)
7. Shannon & the Clams: Troublemaker (I Wanna Go Home)
8. Daryl Haywood Combo: Fernwood Gal (I’m Gonna Get Away)
9. Myron Lee & the Caddies: Peter Rabbit (M&L)
10. Fabulous Wanderers: I’m A Roadrunner (Midessa)
11. Mighty Caesars: Wily Coyote (s/t)
12. Invaders: Rawhide (Let’s Go Instro)
13. Ray Sanders & Friend: Karate (Sheb)
14. Bedwells: Karate Again (Del-Fi)
15. 5 ¾ Year Old Humorous Dan: The Three Hep Piggies (Veltone)
16. Slim Marbles: The Switch (Jo-Ree)
17. Rusty Isabell: Morbid Institution (Rockin’ And Boppin’ In The Desert vol.2)
18. Les Six Tronges: Rockabilly (Rock Rock Rock; French Rock And Roll 1956-1959)
19. Bobby Freeman: Big Fat Woman (Josie)
20. Little Mack: Tell Her To Come Home (Saturn)
21. Jaguars: Dog Catcher (Norton)
22. Corvairs: Something Wild (Crown)
23. Jackie & the Cedrics: SS396 (Norton)
24. Sedatives: Guilty (s/t)
25. First Base: First Base (s/t)
26. Fever B: Please Operator? (The Lonely Sailor Sessions)
27. Bad Sports: I Need It (s/t)
28. Chinese Burns: Everyday Is The Same (Must Destroy Mankind)
29. Coolies: Get Down (Belss The Babies And Their Mothers)
30. Suppositories: Wires MKII (Ottawa Ga Ga)
31. Impediments: Just Got Reamed (Heads Up)
32. Moby Dicks: Ogo Pogo (Mammoth Cave)
33. White Fang: Parties To Crash (Whatever)
34. Monoshock: Change That Riff (Running Ape-Like The Backwards Superman)
35. Black Jaspers: Spicy Chicken (s/t)
36. Muslims: Parasites (I Hate Rock And Roll)
37. Woven Bones: Some Call It A Grave (The Minus Touch ep)
38. Los Hories: Criminal (Don’t Bother Us)
39. Walnut Kids: Something I Can’t Stand (demo)
40. DC Snipers: Desolate (s/t)
41. FM Knives: 20/20 (Useless And Modern)
42. Resonars: No Horizon (The Evil Drone)
43. Box Elders: Hole In My Head (Alice And Friends)
44. Fine Lines: The Deceitful Smile (Six Jumpin’ Tunes)
45. Charlie & the Moonhearts: Real Hot Breakers (Time In Mind)
46. Mallrats: A Girl Like You (Fall In Love All Over Again With The…)
47. Botched Suicides: Nuthouse Inn (Ottawa Ga Ga)
48. Black And Whites: Fucked Up Heart (Shattered)
49. Useless Eaters: Smoke Alarm (Shattered)
50. Ooga Boogas: Ooga Booga II (Romance And Adventure)
51. Spencey Dude & the Doodles: Flirting (Rob’s House)
52. German Measles: Totally Wild (The Wild ep)
53. Black Time: Girls In The Garage (Bancroft)
54. Brimstone Howl: Everybody Else Is Having Fun (Big Deal, What’s He Done Lately)
55. Scrams: The Molasses (Scram)
56. Personal & the Pizzas: Bras Knuckles (Bubbledumb)
57. Visitors: Saturday Night (Ottawa Go Ga)
58. Hazard Lights: She Moves Me (Pizza)
59. Carbonas: Frothing At The Mouth (Douchemaster)
60. Beat Beat: Berry Medicine (Bachelor/Milk’n’Chocolate)
61. Ty Segall: Do It Clean (Time In Mind)
62. Cryptomaniacs: Eyeballs (no label)
63. Coconut Coolouts: Yeah Right! (Ken Rock)
64. Marked Men: Too Pretty To Fuck (No Idea)
65. Coprolitos: La Linea Gris (Blondes Must Die)
66. Nymphets: I Hate Veverybody Else (Signed By Force)
67. Black Hollies: Look What You Have Done (Softly Towards The Light)
68. Shimmys: He’s My Werewolf (Brunettes On The Rocks)
69. Muck & the Mires: Hamburg Beat (Hypnotic)
70. Predator: No (Rob’s House)
71. Wax Museums: Claw You Like A Cat (Hozac)
72. Mean Jeans: Let’s Pogo B 4 U Go Go (Are You Serious?)
73. Savage Crimes: Crawling Around (Ottawa Ga Ga)
74. Wau y los Arrrghs: Donde Estan (Viven)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 12/08/09

1. Adrian Lloyd & the Sunsets: Justine (Sunset)
2. Maurice Simon & the Casual-Aires: (What’s The Word) Thunderbird (Brunswick)
3. Jades: Surfin’ Crow (Oxboro)
4. unknown wombat: Bongo Guitar (Kicksville vol.2)
5. Donny & the Outcasts: Big Fat Alaskan (Chattahoochee)
6. Murry Kellum: Long Tall Texan (K&M)
7. Chick Carlton & the Majestics: (I Want To Be A) TV Cowboy (Faro)
8. Felines: Dance With Me (Ottawa Ga Ga)
9. Alvis Wayne: Swing Bop Boogie (Westport)
10. Bowlegs & his Band: One More Time part 2 (Zab)
11. Bullmoose Jackson & his Buffalo Bearcats: Why Don’t You Hall Off And Love Me (King)
12. Church Keys: Baby Baby (Work With It)
13. Shannon & The Clams: I Wanna Go Home (I Wanna Go Home)
14. Cosmic Rays: Bye Bye (Saturn)
15. Indian Wars: If You Want Me (Bachelor)
16. Beach Blankets: Greatest Hits (Ottawa Ga Ga)
17. Charlie & the Moonhearts: My Love Is Gone (Time In Mind)
18. Numbers: Sunset Strip (Able Label)
19. Parasites: Ronnie Is A Psycho (Retro Pop Remasters)
20. Mean Jeans: Party Animal (Are You Serious?)
21. Riverdales: Atomic Brain (Invasion USA)
22. Ramones: Pinhead (Leave Home)
23. German Measles: Sometimes Cool Guys Don’t Wear Plaid (Wild ep)
24. Coconut Coolouts: Punk House part 1 (Ken Rock)
25. Black Jaspers: 21st Centery Pox (s/t)
26. Uranium Comeback: Walking (Ottawa Ga Ga)
27. Baby Shakes: Too Much Time (Lil’ Chewy)
28. Le Face: She Was A Mutant (Isolation)
29. Predator: DLDD (Rob’s House)
30. Fine Lines: That Girl’s Got A Big Mouth (Six Jumpin’ Tunes)
31. Revelators: It’s A Sin (Let A Poor Boy Ride)
32. Intellectuals: Sleeping On The Floor (Triple)
33. King Khan & the BBQ Show: Lonely Boy (Invisible Girl)
34. White Wires: Let It Go (Ottawa Ga Ga)
35. Spencey Dude & the Doodles: Flirting (Rob’s House)
36. Bad Sports: Should’ve Known (s/t)
37. Coprolitos: No Pasaras (Blondes Must Die)
38. Armitage Shanks: I Know What You Need (Takin’ The Piss)
39. Magnetix: Brain Out (Slovenly)
40. Hipshakes: OK Alright (Slovenly)
41. Mother’s Children: B’n’E (Ottawa Ga Ga)
42. Defenders: Drag Beat (Drag Beat)
43. Spinners: Surfin’ Monkey (Big Itch)
44. David Gates: Okie Surfer (Del-Fi)
45. Rituals: Surfers Rule (Arwin)
46. Rumblers: Wiggle Wobble (Boss Sounds)
47. Wheels On Fire: Bad Lie (Time In Mind)
48. Leg Hounds: One Dollar Love (Ready To Go!)
49. UV Race: Bad News (Aarght)
50. Useless Eaters: Just A Person (Shattered)
51. Hex Dispensers: I’ve Got My Doppelganger On (Winchester Mystery House)
52. Shitty Limits: Your Limits Are My Limits (Beware The Limits)
53. Shimmys: Walkin’ Out On You (Brunettes On The Rocks)
54. Pizzas: Too Popular (Daggerman)
55. Bare Wires: Are You Taking Her Home (Artificial Clouds)
56. Love City: I Can’t Stop (Certified PR)
57. Gestapo Khazi: Smoke Signals (s/t)
58. Bundle Of Fags: Attitude (Weird Hug)
59. Zeros: Don’t Push Me Around (Bomp)
60. Moby Dicks: Ballad Of The Red Dog (Mammoth Cave)
61. Black Time: Glass Shatters (Telephone Explosion)
62. Murder By Guitar: Bombs (MBG)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 12/01/09

1. Yochanan: Rocket Ship Rock (Interplanetary Melodies)
2. Daywins: Heartbeat (Arwin)
3. Johnny Bass: Boppin’ It (Flyright)
4. Cover Girls: Gone But Not Forgotten (Conte)
5. Twisters: Run Little Sheba (Tampa)
6. Cosmic Rays: Daddy’s Gonna Tell You No Lie (Saturn)
7. Flashers: Big Fat Mama
8. Big John Greer w/Delores Brown: You Played On My Piano (RCA)
9. Majestics: Shoppin’ And Hoppin’ (Chex)
10. Players: The Rebel (Artemis)
11. Billy & Mickey: The Creep (The Big Itch)
12. Jackie & the Cedrics: Tall Dark Stranger (Norton)
13. Charlie & the Moonhearts: Real Hot Breakers (Time In Mind)
14. Dick Dale & his Del-tones: Dick Dale Stomp (King Of The Surf Guitar)
15. Bobby Crown & the Capers: Thirty Days (demo)
16. Que Martin & his Band: Work With It (Big Town)
17. Jesters: Jester’s Jump
18. King Khan & BBQ Show: Spin The Bottle (Invisible Girl)
19. Tony & the Knights: Twistin’ Mary Jane (USA)
20. Little Bob & his Electric Uke: Rock That Uke (B&L)
21. Mort Shuman: I’m A Man (Decca)
22. Devilles: Tell Me So (Arvee)
23. Johnny Watson: Looking Back (Escort)
24. Fine Lines: She’s Kind Of Evil (Ken Rock)
25. Useless Eaters: Hear/See (Shattered)
26. Black Jaspers: No Brain, No Pain (s/t)
27. Intellectuals: The Photographer (Triple)
28. Magnetix: Nulle Tre Que Toi (Slovenly)
29. Rip Offs: Hooked On Phonics (Pure Filth)
30. Baby Shakes: Want You Around (Lil’ Chewy)
31. UV Race: Up Yours (Aarght)
32. Shimmys: Two Pot Screamer (Brunettes On The Rocks)
33. Ty Segall: My Sunshine (Time In Mind)
34. Sonic Chicken 4: Crushed (Time In Mind)
35. Black Time: I C U (Skulltone)
36. Charles Albright: I Wanna Hold You (no label)
37. Spencey Dude & the Doodles: If This Feeling Ends (Rob’s House)
38. Scrams: Flea Market Rock (Scram)
39. White Wires: Pretty Girl (Time In Mind)
40. Love City: The Other Side (Certified PR)
41. Wheels On Fire: Come On Judy (Time In Mind)
42. Yolks: Too Much For Me (s/t)
43. Cave Weddings: When The Lights Go Out (5 Song ep)
44. Mo & Jo: The Yo Yo Song (Lita)
45. Danny Boy: Don’t Go Pretty Baby (Kent)
46. Fabulous Wailers: Livewire (Livewire!)
47. Rovin’ Flames: How Many Times (Decca)
48. Brimstone Howl: M-60 (Big Deal, What’s He Done Lately)
49. Chinese Burns: Can Dig (Must Destroy Mankind)
50. Moby Dicks: Mike Malloy (Mammoth Cave Recordings)
51. Mantles: James (s/t)
52. Oh No’s: Molly (Maximum Trash)
53. Coprolitos: Achaques De Amour (Blondes Must Die)
54. Coconut Coolouts: Yeah Right! (Ken Rock)
55. Angry Samoans: Lights Out (Back From Samoa)
56. Anasazis: The Talk (I Hate Rock And Roll)
57. Los Idiotas: Yeah Yeah (Iekk Sounds)
58. Predator: Honest Man (Rob’s House)
59. Bad Sports: She’s Never Getting Out (s/t)
60. Frisco Dykes: Vomit Symposium (demo)
61. Captain 9’s & the Knickerbocker Trio: Rockin’ Robin’ (Fascist Foods)
62. Nodzz: Highway Roadside Shrine (s/t)
63. Personal & the Pizzas: I Can Read (Gooc Entertainment)
64. Perfect Fits: Songs About Girls (Douchemaster)
65. Photobooth: Pretty Baby (Raw Deluxe)
66. Woven Bones: Have A Soul (The Minus Touch ep)
67. Queers: Girl About Town (Acid Beaters)
68. Mean Jeans: Rats, Roaches And Jeans (Are You Serious?)
69. Head: Do You remember Me (Evil Clown)
70. Redd Kross: Tatem O’Tot & the Fried Vegetables (Born Innocent)
71. Cat Burglars: I Hate My Friends (Cowabunga)
72. Christmas Island: My Baby (Blackout Summer)
73. Coolies: 1 Knock (s/t)
74. Fallen Leaves: Vendetta (That’s Right)
75. Tyler Jon Tyler: New England Street (Time In Mind)