Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 11/17/09

1. Dynamites: Tell Me Yes Or No (Columbia)
2. Squares: Square Rock part 3 (Tell)
3. Rusty Bryant & the Carolyn Club Band: Hot Fudge (Dot)
4. Flannels: Hey Rube (Tampa)
5. Marathons: The Chicken Spaceman (Arvee)
6. Olympics: The Chicken (Titan)
7. Johnny & the Roccas: Rough Cut (Bang Bang Rock And Roll)
8. A-Bones: Restless (Not Now!)
9. Rusty Draper: Hip Monkey (Mercury)
10. Loretta Thompson: Square From Nowhere (Skoop)
11. Willis Wade: The Dope Addict (Sims)
12. Jimmy Simpson: I’m A High Tone Papa (Hidus)
13. Bill Ennis: I’m Hypnotized
14. Kitty, Daisy & Louis: Honolulu Rock And Rolla (s/t)
15. Little Richard w/the Johnny Otis Orchestra: Little Richard Boogie (Peacock)
16. King Khan & BBQ Show: Third Avenue (Invisible Girl)
17. Jo Jo Smith: Find This Woman (Stature)
18. Jimmy Myers & his Gems: Go Cat Go (Super)
19. Teenage Terror: Killer Diller (Set A Rip)
20. Little Rachel & the Hogs Of Rhythm: You Ain’t So Such A Much (When A Blue Note Turns Red Hot)
21. Emile Lambert: Le Hula Bop (Rock Rock Rock)
22. Bunker Hill: Hide And Seek part 1 & 2 (Mala)
23. Moby Dicks: Ogo Pogo (Mammoth Cave Recording Co.)
24. Shitty Limits: Your Limits Are My Limits (Beware The Limits)
25. Bombettes: Let’s Go-Go (NY Vag)
26. White Wires: Did You Forget My Name (Dirtnap)
27. Wild Billy Childish & the MBE’s: He’s Making A Tape (Thatcher’s Children)
28. Bare Wires: I Lie Awake (Artificial Clouds)
29. Okmoniks: It’s Not You (Party Fever)
30. Almighty Handclaps: Works Okay (Goodbye Boozy)
31. GG King: Head In The Clouds (Last Of The Night Wiggers)
32. Jehosaphat Blow: It’s A Thing Thang Baby (Donkey Sack)
33. Chinese Burns: Get Out (Must Destroy Mankind)
34. Gestapo Khazi: Smoke Signals (s/t)
35. Murder By Guitar: Bombs (MBG)
36. Jerk Alert: Primitive Fucks (Eradicator)
37. Bobby & the Soft Spots: Can’t Get Her Off (Rob’s House)
38. Electric Bunnies: Love Radiation (Florida’s Dying)
39. Christmas Island: Nineteen (Captured Tracks)
40. CPC Gangbangs: Kill Yourself For Rock And Roll (Dusty Medical)
41. Nymphets: I Hate Everybody Else (Signed By Force)
42. Intellectuals: One Riff, One Verse… (Triple)
43. Fallen Leaves: Charity Girl (That’s Right)
44. Rock Garden: Super Stuff (Revise)
45. King Automatic: Let’s Have A Party (In The Blue Corner)
46. German Measles: Wild Weekend (The Wild ep)
47. Micragirls: Go Girl Crazy (Wild Girl Walk)
48. Angel Sluts: Radio (Designer Heat)
49. Be Your Own Pet: Bicycle Bicycle You Are My Bicycle (s/t)
50. Los Huevos: Too Many People (Moo-La-La)
51. Boy Toys: Black And Gray (Spin The Bottle)
52. Bad Sports: On Video (s/t)
53. Sedatives: Human Beings (Taken By Surprise)
54. Turbo Fruits: Naked With You (Echo Kid)
55. Black Hollies: Look What You Have Done (Softly Towards The Light)
56. Reigning Sounds: Debris (Love And Curses)
57. Tourettes: The Battle Hymn (Lookout)
58. Southside Stranglers: I’m A Cannibal (demo)
59. Voyeurs: Big Girl (???)
60. Jack Of Heart: Wicked Guy (s/t)
61. Ty Segal: You Should Have Never Opened That Door (s/t)
62. Ramones: Time Bomb (Subterranean Jungle)
63. Mean Jeans: Born On A Saturday (Are You Serious)
64. Weakends: Back From The Rave (s/t)
65. Woven Bones: The Minus Touch (Zoo Music)
66. Hunx & his Punx: The Last Time (True Panther Sounds)
67. Stiletto Boys: 8 Track (Zodiac)
68. Mantels: Smantha (s/t)
69. Mojomatics: Down By The Graveyard (Douchemaster)
70. Box Elders: Death Of Me (Alice And Friends)