Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 11/10/09

1. D’Matics: Rank (Drahcir)
2. Van Kirks: Stay Away (Flame)
3. Bill & Ray: Hillbilly Beatnik (Skippy)
4. Jack Jolly: Club Delight (Tof)
5. T-Bone Walker: She’s Going To Ruin Me (Mercury)
6. Lester Williams: I’m So Happy I Could Jump And Shout (Macy’s Recordings)
7. Louisiana Lannis: Tongue Twister Boogie (Snowcap)
8. T. Texas Tyler ”The Man With A Million Friends”: Hot Rod Rag (Decca)
9. Elroy Dietzel & his Rhythm Bandits: Teenage Ball (Bo-Kay)
10. Hazy Osterwald: Solid Man (Rock Rock Rock: French Rock And Roll 1956-1959)
11. Andre Fandrel: Mademoiselle Rock And Roll (Rock Rock Rock: French Rock And Roll 1956-1959)
12. Rockin’ Harry & his Brothers: Faunt Pas M’emerver (Rock Rock Rock: French Rock And Roll 1956-1959)
13. Bill Haley & his Comets: Two Hound Dogs (Decca)
14. Bell Notes: White Buckskin Sneakers And Checkerboard Socks (I’ve Had It)
15. Little Rachel & the Hogs Of Rhythm: Go Bully Some Other Gal (When A Blue Note Turns Red Hot)
16. Big Jay McNeely: Nervous Man Nervous (Federal)
17. Billy The Kid Emerson: Do The Chicken (Vee Jay)
18. Hen Gates & the Rockers: Cross Walk
19. Ty Wagner & the Scotchmen: I’m A No-Count (Chattahoochee)
20. Chob: We’re Pretty Quick (Lavette)
21. German Measles: Totally Wild (Wild ep)
22. Chinese Burns: Can Dig! (Must Destroy Mankind)
23. Turbo Fruits: Mamma’s Mad Cause I Fried My Brain (Echo Kid)
24. Manic Attracts: Teenage Teenage (Yakasakana)
25. Murder By Guitar: Still Dreaming (MBG)
26. Intellectuals: Miss Johnny (Triple)
27. Jehosaphat Blow: I Wanna Smash Your Love (Donkey Sack)
28. Real Numbers: NY Girls (Bachelor)
29. King Khan & BBQ Show: Lonely Boy (Invisible Girl)
30. Icky Boyfriends: Toenails (A Love Obscene)
31. Impediments: Amphetamine Stepdad (Heads Up)
32. Tough Shits: Pretty Wild (Ramo International)
33. Black Time: Link Wray (Bancroft)
34. Nymphets: With A Girl Like You (Signed By Force)
35. Jack Of Heart: If You Go To Hell (s/t)
36. Cave Weddings: Heart So Cold (5 Song ep)
37. Mummies: A Girl Like You (Regal Select)
38. Mothballs: Walking Down A Street Called Love (Car Hole)
39. Fever B: Words That Make Your Heart Sing (The Lonely Sailor Sessions)
40. Photobooth: Boston Strangler (Raw Deluxe)
41. Wire: Mr. Suit (Pink Flag)
42. Irritations: Indian Giver (Nothing Beats A Royal Flush)
43. Pulses: Kinks Say Fuck You (Funhouse Comp Thing)
44. Hussy: Double Dare (demo)
45. Coconut Coolouts: Rachel Horvath Says (Wild About Jenkem)
46. Hunx & his Punx: Do The Makeup (Gay Singles)
47. Moby Dicks: Ballad Of The Red Dog (Mammoth Cave Recording Co.)
48. Some Action: Gotta Know (s/t)
49. Fevers: Tonight’s The Night (Gaan Daar Waar De Meisjes Zijn)
50. Hazard Lights: She Moves Me (Pizza)
51. White Wires: Goodbye Girl (Time In Mind)
52. Spandecks: Paranoia (s/t)
53. Afrika Korps: Too Coo To Fool (Music to Kill By)
54. Alertos y los Trios Paranoias: Kill (Snuff Rock ep)
55. Ivy Green: I’m Your Television (s/t)
56. Pink Lincolns: Got My Tie On (Back From The Pink Room)
57. Boats!: My Mother Was Right (May Cause Dizziness)
58. Box Elders: Alice And Friends (Alice And Friends)
59. UV Race: The UV Know (s/t)
60. Intellectuals: White Light/White Heat (Invisible Is The Best)
61. Pagans: There She Goes Again (The Pink Album…Plus)
62. Dorktones: Take My Word (Pop Goes The Dorktones)
63. Young Fresh Fellows: Shakedown (Our Favorite Texan)
64. Bobby Fuller: Keep On Dancin’ (El Paso Rock)
65. Mods: I Give You An Inch And You Take A Mile (Peck)
66. Savages: The World Ain’t Round, It’s Square (Duane)