Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 10/20/09

1. Aliminators: Let Down (Desperate Rock And Roll)
2. Montclairs: Baby Doll (Desperate Rock And Roll)
3. Jessie Knight & his Combo: Nothing But Money (Checker)
4. Grover Cleveland: Why Not (Desperate Rock And Roll)
5. Jay Nelson: Raise Some San (Hollywood)
6. Jay Hodge Ork: Goatsville (Desperate Rock And Roll)
7. Hasil Adkins: Gimme Back My Ring (Peanut Butter Rock And Roll)
8. Benny Joy: Little Girl Little Girl (Crash The Party)
9. Deke Dickerson & his Ecco-fonics: Hey Worm (Ecco-fonic)
10. Smith’s Ranch Boys: Pot Of Gold (More Barnyard Favorites)
11. Musical Linn Twins: Rockin’ Out The Blues (Blue Feather)
12. Arbris: Hanyel: Roadhouse Rock (Count)
13. Billy Miranda: Run Rose (Checker)
14. Screamin’ Joe Neal: Rock And Roll Deacon (Shippings)
15. Johnny Scroggins: Talk To Me Baby (Desperate Rock And Roll)
16. Carl Belew: F-Folding Money (Decca)
17. Chuck Berry: Nadine (Chess)
18. Johnny Canales: Johnny B Goode (Desperate Rock And Roll)
19. Stuck-Ups: Kill Yourself (s/t)
20. Icky Boyfriends: I’m Not Fascinating (A Love Obscene)
21. UV Race: Am I In Love (s/t)
22. Ivy Green: Troubles (s/t)
23. Woven Bones: Some Call It A Grave (Minus Touch ep)
24. Cave Weddings: When The Lights Go Out (5 song ep)
25. Tyvek: Frustration Rock (s/t)
26. Maggots: Ain’t Nothin’ But A Maggot (Monkey Time)
27. Fever B: Please, Operator (The Lonely Sailor Sessions)
28. Boy Toys: I Want You (Spin The Bottle)
29. Boats: Twenty-One (May Cause Dizziness)
30. Ty Segall: Apples (Horn The Unicorn)
31. Box Elders: Jackie Wood (Alice And Friends)
32. Manikins: It’s Only Blood (Epileptic)
33. CoCoComa: The Right Side (Things Are Not All Right)
34. Trashmen: Surfin’ Bird (Surfin’ Bird)
35. Trashmen: Bird Bath (Surfin’ Bird)
36. Hi-Risers: Foundation Rock (Rockin’ Spree)
37. Neanderthals: Twinkle Toes (The Latest Menace To The Human Race)
38. Photobooth: Kill The Weekend (Raw Deluxe)
39. Gestapo Khazi: Smoke Signals (s/t)
40. Fungi Girls: Pacifica Nostalgia (Seafaring Pyramids)
41. Clorox Girls: The One (s/t)
42. Trend: Quarantine Teen (Batman: Live At Budakon)
43. Boys: U.S.I. (Alternative Chartbusters)
44. Hex Dispensers: Cloak And Dagger Complications (Winchester Mystery House)
45. Tough Shits: Why You Gotta Roam (Ramo International)
46. Okie Dokie: Bad Luck (s/t)
47. Dictators: Two Tub Man (Go Girl Crazy)
48. Coyote Men: Hit The Canvas (… vs El Mundo)
49. Novas: The Crusher (Norton)
50. Lightning Beatman & the Never Heard Of ‘ems: Apartment Wrestling Rock And Roll Girl (Apartment Wrestling Rock And Roll)
51. NRBQ w/ Lou Albano: Captain Lou Albano (Lou And The Q)
52. Statues: We’re Desperate (House Party)
53. X: Good On Ya Baby (Aspirations)
54. Crime: Crime Wave (San Francisco’s Still Doomed)
55. Murder By Guitar: Still Dreaming (MBG)
56. Boys Club: Can’t Do It Now (s/t)
57. White Wires: Goodbye Girl (Time In Mind)
58. Trashmen: Bird Dance Beat (Bird Call)