Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 10/13/09

1. Sputnik Monroe: Sputnik Hires A Band (Peak)
2. Bashful Vic Thomas & the Western Rhythmaires: Rock And Roll Tonight (Premium)
3. Chessmen: Bop-A-Lena (In)
4. Rhythmics: Comin’ Through (Desperate Rock And Roll)
5. Millionaires: Arkansas Jane (Cadillac)
6. Tommy Knacklin & the Four Jets: Worry Worry Worry (Cascade)
7. Dick Bush: Hollywood Party (Era)
8. Glen Glenn: Blue Jeans And A Boys Shirt (Era)
9. Johnny Tedesco: Rock Del Ton Ton (Nueva ola)
10. Ron & Elie Jaye: Road Runner (Table Rock)
11. Bobby Fry & Troupe: Highway Robbery (Playback)
12. Little Ellis & his L7’s: Barbwire (Desperate Rock And Roll)
13. Nat Robinson & his Nu Kat Band: Country Boy (Desperate Rock And Roll)
14. Wild Spirits: Maybelle (Jump Cats, It’s Wild)
15. Ollie Vee & the Shamrocks: I’m A Rocker (Jump Cats. It’s Wild)
16. Bourbonaires: Burnin’ Up (Boston’s Infamous Rockabilly Racket)
17. Jackie Lee Cochran: Pity Me (Spry)
18. Benny Joy: Cutie Pie (Crash The Party)
19. Kitty, Daisy & Lewis: Ooo Wee (s/t)
20. Uncle Charlie & the Riverside Stompers: I Get The Blues (Rockin’, Rollin’, Swingin’ And Stompin’ With…)
21. Big Dave & the House Rockers: Going On Baby (Corde)
22. Floyd Dakil Combo : Dance Franny Dance (Guyden)
23. Lester Robinson: Oh Babe (Montel)
24. Johnny Burnette Trio: Oh Baby Babe (Coral)
25. Donnie Nix: Ain’t About To Go Home (Wilrod)
26. Party Fowl: We’re Gonna Eat Your Brains (PPM)
27. Four Slicks: Bye Bye Bye (Savage)
28. Boats: My Mother Was Right (May Cause Dizziness)
29. UV Race: I Go Blank (s/t)
30. Hatepinks: You Dress In Blue (Squoodge)
31. Makers: Don’t Need A Thing (All Night Riot!!)
32. Boy Toys: Girls Like You (Spin The Bottle)
33. Heartbreakers: One Track Mind (L.A.M.F.)
34. Tough Shits: Pretty Wild (Ramo International)
35. Photobooth: Pretty Baby (Raw Deluxe)
36. Sonic Chicken 4: Crushed (Time In Mind)
37. Fabulous Wailers: You Weren’t Using Your Head (Etiquette)
38. Magic Kids: Hey Boy (Goner)
39. Girls: Big Bad Mean Motherfucker (Album)
40. White Wires: Goodbye Girl (Time In Mind)
41. Nackers: Smash Your Head Off (Bubca)
42. Hex Dispensers: My Love Is A Bat (Winchester Mystery House )
43. Sedatives: Can Not Calm Down (s/t)
44. Kidnappers: Hey Hey Hey (Ransom Notes And Telephone Calls)
45. 60 Second Swingers: I Got Something (Fuzz Overdose)
46. Les Terribles: Nager (Ils Sont Formidables)
47. Revelators: It’s A Sin (Let A Poor Boy Ride…)
48. Ultra Twist: Because Lurch Loves To Shimmy (Bubca)
49. Jehosaphat Blow: Shake Your Bacon (Donkey Sack)
50. Crucials: Can’t Sit Still (Give Me A Keg Of Beer)
51. Tyvek: Give It Up (Fast Metabolism)
52. Controllers: Hot Stumps (s/t)
53. CoCoComa: It Won’t Be Long (Things Are Not All Right)
54. Box Elders: Atlantis (Alice And Friends)
55. Blue Stars: Social End Product (Allied)
56. A-Bones: Shallow Grave (Not Now!)
57. Chesterfield Kings: Ain’t No Use (Don’t Open Until Doomsday)
58. Jonny Chan & the New Dynasty Six: Hook, Line And Sinker (I Hate You Baby)
59. Soda Pop Kids: Stomp And Shout (Meaty Beaty)
60. Smith Westerns: Gimme Some Time (s/t)
61. Suspect Parts: Man Eater (Hovercraft)
62. Head: I Hate Your Friends (Street Level Assault)
63. Lemonheads: Gotta Stop (Hate Your Friends)
64. Replacements: Take Me To The Hospital (Hootenanny)
65. Personal & the Pizzas: Hittin’ The Road (Search And Destroy)
66. Yolks: Fade Away (s/t)
67. Proto Idiot: You Said (Andy Anderson)
68. Knock-Ups: Tracy Lea (s/t)
69. Jetsons: Suicidal Tendencies (Gulcher)
70. Angry Samoans: Gas Chamber (Back From Samoa)
71. Trend: Band Aid (Batman: Live At Budakon)
72. Saints: This Perfect Day (Wild About You)