Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 10/06/09

1. Bobby Lee Trammell: Toolie Froolie (Hot)
2. Gregory Dee & the Avanties: Olds-Mo-William (Bangar)
3. Dinks: Nina Kocka Nina (Sully)
4. Rivingtons: The Bird Is The Word (Liberty)
5. Apaches: Geronimo (Stomping Time!)
6. Link Wray & his Wraymen: Comanche (They’re Outta Here Says Archie)
7. Chiefs: Apache! (Greenwich)
8. Carl Phillips: Wig Wam Willie (Bobbin’)
9. Johnny Cavalier & the Keytones: Knock Off The Rock (Hi Class)
10. Eddie Cochran: Cotton Picker (Something Else)
11. Honky Tonkin’ Boozers: Pinball Mama (It’s Boozing Time)
12. Eternals: Rockin’ In The Jungle (Hollywood)
13. Lincoln Chase: Miss Orangutan (Columbia)
14. Jayhawks: Stranded In The Jungle (Flash)
15. Jerry & Mel: Cannibal Stew (Boss Sound)
16. Rene Waters: Zoomerang Jungle Love (Soma)
17. Thurson Harris & the Masters: Purple Stew (Aladdin)
18. Ronnie Savoy: Jungle Love Call (MGM)
19. Starliters: I’m Not A Kid Anymore (Stop Kidding)
20. Barnshakers: High Flyin’ Baby (Five Minutes To Live)
21. Gene Vincent & his Blue Caps: You Better Believe (s/t)
22. T-Bird Gang: You Did It (It’s Showtime)
23. Jack Rabbit Slim: Shake A Billy Baby (Sin-U-Endo)
24. A-Bones: Bad Times (Not Now)
25. No-Talents: When I’m Bad (s/t)
26. Chinese Millionaires: Double Tough Twist (Detroit Double Cross)
27. Tokyo Knives: I Keep Thinking About You Baby (Wrench)
28. Tiki Men: Milkshake (Twelve Dusty Diamonds)
29. Mojomatics: Another Cheat On Me (Douchemaster)
30. White Wires: Goodbye Girl (Trouble In Mind)
31. Straight Arrows: Something Happens (Juvenile)
32. Popetts: Break My Heart In Two (UTMARKEN)
33. Photobooth: Boston Strangler (Raw Deluxe)
34. Torquays: Stolen Moments (Rock-It)
35. Underdogs: Friday At The Hideout (Hideout)
36. Jonny Chan & the New Dynasty Six: I Want Action (I Hate You Baby)
37. Green Hornets: Don’t Want You (Get The Buzz)
38. Headcoatees: Don’t Want To Hold Your Hand (Punk Girls)
39. Statues: To The Top (House Party/PTrash)
40. Action Now: Then And Now (s/t)
41. Gestapo Khazi: Come One Come All (s/t)
42. Ty Segall: Can’t Talk (Lemons)
43. Bobbi Ubangi: Dry (Inside The Mind Of…)
44. Real Numbers: You’re Breaking Up (Bachelor)
45. Anasazis: The Talk (I Hate Rock And Roll)
46. Suspect Parts: Change Your Mind (House Party)
47. Chain & the Gang: Looking For A Cave Girl (Down With Liberty…Up With Chains)
48. Groupies: Primitive (Atco)
49. Cramps: Human Fly (Gravest Hits)
50. Registrators: Romantic Disaster (Sixteen Wires From The Provocate)
51. Manikins: The Start For Me (Plastic Idol)
52. Hex Dispensers: I’ve Got My Doppleganger On (Winchester Mystery House)
53. Armitage Shanks: Dagger Attack (Hey Mom! The Garage Is On My Foot)
54. Shirkers: Drunk And Disorderly (Limp)
55. Loli & the Chones: Bored Bored Bored (PS We Hate You)
56. Manic Attracts: Teenage Teenage (Yakasakana)
57. Aggravation: You Make Me Sick (Killed By Trash 2)
58. Devil Dogs: Ball Me Out (s/t)
59. Panther: XXX Book Rock And Roll (Twist Like This)
60. Shonen Knife: Super Group (Super Group)
61. Estrogen Highs: Thinking Of My Health (Tell It To Them)
62. Sess: Brain Ruster (Slovenly)
63. Rippers: My Promise (Why Should I Care About You)
64. Dadds: Sexe A Pile (Idees Choc & Propos Chic)
65. Box Elders: Death Of Me (Alice And Friends)
66. Reigning Sound: Break It (Love And Curses)
67. B-Lines: Social Retard/Busy Man) (Nominal)
68. Batman & Robin: My Hero Power Is My Moustache (Bachelor)
69. Nazi Death Camp: I’m Gonna Kill You (Complete Punk Mongo Session)
70. Pets: Can’t Keep Myself Straight (Misdirection)
71. Arscene Obscene: Seul Sous Teme (Slovenly)