Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 09/29/09

1. Ace Brown & the Helldivers: Up A Pole (Starlight Rock And Bop)
2. T-Bird Gang: Keep The Beat (It’s Showtime)
3. Round Up Boys: I Feel The Blues Baby (Favorite)
4. High Noon: Feelin’ No Pain (Rocks Me Right)
5. Sure Shots: Ain’t Being Lonely (Swanky)
6. Lil Luis y los Wild Teens: Crazy Daisy (Rip It Up)
7. Buddy Burke & the Canadian Meteors: That Big Old Moon (Regency)
8. Bill Sherrell: Don’t You Rock Me Daddy-O (Tyme)
9. Volumes: County Jail (Chex)
10. Squires: Do Be Oo Be Wop Wop (Vita)
11. Bunker Hill: The Girl Can’t Dance (Mala)
12. Lee Denson: New Shoes (Vik)
13. Jerry McCain: What About You (Gas)
14. Crazy Legs: Baby Let’s Bop (Green Men From Mars)
15. Reverend Horton Heat: Please Don’t Take The Baby To The Liquor Store (Laughin’ And Cryin’ With…)
16. Teenage Terror: Ramses Bop (Set A Rip)
17. Louis Gittens & the Sabres: Puppet (Kat)
18. Three Aces & A Joker: Booze Party (GRC)
19. Jimmie & Johnny: Can’t Find The Doorknob (D)
20. Rockin’ Continentals: The 309 (Casino)
21. Melody Rockers feat. The voice of Sherrie Scott: Fascinating Baby (Rocket)
22. Chuck Gray: Push the Panic Button (Fable)
23. Black Albinos: Shish Kebab (Delta)
24. Smiley Lewis: Rootin’ And Tootin’ (Imperial)
25. Triffits: Too Much Monkey Business (Beat Express-Amsterdam)
26. Tykes: Let’s Dance (Beat Express-Groningen)
27. Flakes: Bip Bam Boom (Just Add Water)
28. Tu Seras Terribelment Gentile: I Need A Kiss (Born Bad)
29. Hidden Charms: Cheat Liar Cheat (Square Root Of Love)
30. Shop Fronts: So Sick (s/t)
31. Sonic Chicken 4: Sufin’ On A Plane (Time In Mind)
32. Manic Attracts: Shut It (Yakasakana)
33. Photobooth: Kill The Weekend (Raw Deluxe)
34. Suspect Parts: Change Your Mind (House Party)
35. Jonny Chan & the New Dynasty Six: Going Out Of My Head (I Hate You Baby)
36. Boys Club: Up And Down And All Around (s/t)
37. Useless Eaters: Agoraphobic (Goodbye Boozy)
38. Los Huevos: Jail Girl (s/t)
39. La Cara Oculta: Por Siempre Amor (TPV)
40. Gestapo Khazi: Time Eats Time (s/t)
41. Box Elders: Hole In My Head (Alice And Friends)
42. Jay Reatard: I Can’t Do It Anymore (Watch Me Fall)
43. B-Lines: Crazy Glue (Nominal)
44. Elektras: Nous Sommes Les Elektras (Bachelor)
45. Curlee Wurlee: There Could Be Only One (Butterfly)
46. Les Terribles: Tu Las Vouce (Ils Sont Formidables)
47. Hubble Bubble: Looking Around (I Was So Upset) (s/t)
48. Nobunny: Nobunny Loves You (Love Visions)
49. Hunx & his Punx: The Last Time (True Panther Sounds)
50. Anasazis: UFO’s (I Hate Rock And Roll)
51. Hatepinks: Rock It To The Moon (Squoodge)
52. Maggots: Let’s Get Tammy Wynette (Wormusik)
53. Statues: We’re Desperate (House Party/P.Trash)
54. Supercharger: I Took A Ride When You Said I’m Gone (…Goes Way Out)
55. Girls: Big Bad Mean Motherfucker (Album)
56. Satan’s Pilgrims: Wyld Tymes (Psychsploitation)
57. A-Bones: The Lovers Curse (Not Now!)
58. Yolks: Sir Charles (s/t)
59. Estrogen Highs: BK Bridge (Tell It To Them)
60. White Wires: Pretty Girl (Time In Mind)
61. Real Numbers: Can’t Find A Way (Bachelor)
62. Manikins: Let Me Go (Plastic Idol)
63. Proto Idiot: I Don’t Like You (Andy Anderson)
64. Kaos: Alcoholiday (What?)
65. Splash Four: She’s Too Young (Wild Wild)
66. Okie Dokie: Ice Pick Kick (s/t)
67. Filth: Don’t Hide Your Hate (Purex)
68. Ism: I Think I Love You (S.I.N.)
69. Circle Jerks: Moral Majority (Wild In The Streets)
70. Chimiks: All The Time (s/t)
71. Dead Ghosts: I Know, You’re Right (s/t)
72. Toyotas: No On Likes Me Messin’ Around (…Make Headlines)
73. Playmobils: International Lifestyle (International Lifestyle)
74. Blacks: Don’t Be Cute (Savage)
75. Bats: Can I Get A Witness (Beat Im Norden)
76. April March w/the Makers: Explosion (April March Sings Along With The Makers)
77. Hex Dispensers: My Love Is A Bat (Winchester Mystery House)
78. Jewws: I Need Your Lovin’ But I Don’t Need You (Alien Snatch)