Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 09/01/09

1. Prowlers: Honey Strollin’ (Aragon)
2. Rick Emerson: Dance With Me (Bandera)
3. Young Jessie: Hit, Git & Split (Modern)
4. Rubberlegs Williams & Band: Going Back To Washington, Corner 77th & T (Haven)
5. Louis Jordan & his Tympani Five: Beware (Decca)
6. Louis Jordan & his Tympani Five: Lookout (Decca)
7. Reverend Horton Heat: Drinkin’ And Smoking Cigarettes (Laughin’ And Cryin’ With..)
8. Teenage Terror: Killer Diller (Set A Rip)
9. Satellites: Wrong Move (Wrong Move)
10. Country Cattin’: Maybeline (It’s Saturday Night)
11. Johnny Jano: Having A Whole Lotta Fun (Excello)
12. Cupids feat. Tony Allen: Now You Tell Me Baby (Aladdin)
13. Johnny Carroll: You Two Timed Me One Time Too Often (Rock Baby Rock It)
14. Eddie Hill: Educated Fool (Mercury)
15. Jackson Brothers Orchestra: Flat Foot Boogie (Groove)
16. Buddy Holly & the Crickets: Tell Me How (Brunswick)
17. Benny Joy: Rebel Rock (Crash The Party)
18. Esquerita: Hole In My Heart (Capitol)
19. Rhythm Rockers: Crisis (Gaity)
20. Jack Starr: Crazy Rock (Born Petrified)
21. Hasil Adkins: Shake With Me (Rock And Roll Tonight)
22. Miller-Olsen Combo: Twist All Wrong (Gaity)
23. Epkons: Horsefly
24. Intellegence: Universal Babysitter (Fake Surfers)
25. Maharajahs: Odd Socks (Unrelated Statements)
26. Riots: A Little Bit Of Love (Seven Songs)
27. Box Elders: Hole In My Head (Alice And Friends)
28. Dadds: Comme Quoi Parfois La Demographe (Idees Choc And Propus Choco)
29. Sir Bald Diddley & his Wig Outs: Bird Pie (Pie Go Mania)
30. Ty Segall: Shoot Me In The Head (Horn The Unicorn)
31. Touch-Me-Nots: Food, Sex And Television (Chris Owen Said It….)
32. Real Numbers: NY Girls (Bachelor)
33. Testors: Primitive (Complete Recordings)
34. No No No Hopes: Kicked In The Head (Twistworthy)
35. Proto Idiot: FYI (Andy Anderson)
36. Von Zippers: Freaka Nature (Wow ‘em Down At Franzels)
37. Omens: I Need Your Love (Send Black Flowers)
38. Poppets: Cherry On My Sunday (s/t)
39. Sess: Brain Ruster (Slovenly)
40. Chimiks: Banned Me (s/t)
41. Aversions: Black Alibi (Ex Nihilo Nihil)
42. Smith Westerns: Dreams (s/t)
43. Dead Ghosts: What To Do (s/t)
44. Skipper: Hangin’ With The Telephone (Chocolate Covered)
45. Sluts: Hey Hey We’re The Sluts (12” Of Sluts)
46. Ramontures: Johnny Hit And Run Paulene (Johnny Walk Don’t Run Paulene)
47. X: Sex And Dying In High Society (Los Angeles)
48. Outdoorsmen: Hey Jessica (Wild American)
49. GG King: Drug Zoo (Rob’s House)
50. A-Bones: Restless (Not Now)
51.’s: Oriental Rock (s/t)
52. Doctor Explosion: Chesterfield Childish Club (Chupa Aqui)
53. CoCoComa: Ask, Don’t Tell (Time In Mind)
54. Batman & Robin: Unable To Speak After Dinking Whiskey (Bachelor)
55. King Automatic: Down In Soho (Automatic Ray)
56. Yolks: I Do What I Do (s/t)
57. Coconut Coolouts: Pizza Fest (Search And Destroy)
58. Arscene Obscene: Seul Sous Teme (Slovenly)
59. Crap Detectors: Intellectual Morons (We Went And Recorded It Anyway)
60. Reaction: The Kids Arrived (We Went And Recorded It Anyway)
61. Cheap Thrills: I’m Useless (Killed By Trash 2)
62. Shameholes: Nemo’s Last Words (I Heard The Party Was At Your House)
63. Nodzzz: Good Times Crowd (What’s Your Rupture)
64. Art Thieves: I’ve Had It (Hozac)
65. Estrogen Highs: Echo (Never Heart Of It)
66. Boys Club: Back To School (s/t)
67. Perverts: I Saw It All (HBSP-2X)
68. Wild Thing: Out Of Touch (Clown College)
69. Oblivians: Losing Hand (Barristers ’95)
70. Reigning Sound: If I Can’t Come Back (Love And Curses)