Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 08/18/09

1. Benny Joy: Crash The Party (Crash The Party)
2. Tommy Sands: Kissin’ Ain’t No Fun (RCA-Victor)
3. Blue Ribbon Boys: I Love A Woman (Wormtone)
4. Jack Rabbit Slim: Jeanie With The Dark Blue Eyes (Sounds From The Cellar)
5. Gene Vincent & his Blue Caps: Hold Me Hug Me Rock Me (Capitol)
6. Benny Joy: Little Girl Little Girl (Crash The Party)
7. Benny Joy: What’ll I Do (Call The Zoo) (Love Zone)
8. Daryl Haywood Combo: Rock And Roll Fever (I’m Gonna Get Away)
9. Bob Cornegie Stop The Rock And Roll (Rama)
10. Jimmy Wright & his Orchestra: Lily Maebelle Mambo (Gee)
11. Whispering Pigg: Darlene (East West)
12. Curtis Johnson & the Windjammers: Baby Let’s Play House (Event)
13. Billy ‘The Kid” Emmerson: Red Hot (Sun)
14. Rock And Roll Trio: Please Don’t Leave Me (Coral)
15. Jack Scott w/the Chantones: Geraldine (Carlton)
16. Dusty Croswhite: Chickie Wawa (acetate)
17. Nighthawks: Chicken Grabber (Del-Fi)
18. Olympics: Chicken (Titan)
19. Knocked-Outs: Monroe Washington (Jukebox Fever)
20. Donettes: Oh Boy (Pitchin’ Woo)
21. Kidd Pharaoh: Dollar Bill Woogie (Rockabilly Record Co)
22. Roy Moss: You Nearly Loose Your Mind (Mercury)
23. Ronnie Hayward Combo: We’ll Get High (Tail Shaking)
24. Hub Caps: Bop Miss Betty Bop (s/t)
25. A-Bones: Bing Bong (There’s A Party Going On) (Not Now)
26. Les Terrribles: Tu Perds Ton Temps (s/t)
27. Goldie & the Gingerbreads: Skinny Vinnie (Spokane)
28. Del Shannon: Move It On Over (Amy)
29. Yolks: Fade Away (s/t)
30. Revillions: Not The Attraction (s/t)
31. New Bomb Turks: We Give A Rat’s Ass (Destroy, Oh Boy!)
32. Estrogen Highs: Echo (Never Heard Of It)
33. Box Elders: Atlantis (Alice And Friends)
34. Ty Segall: The Drag (Horn The Unicorn)
35. Real Numbers: You’re Breaking Up (Bachelor)
36. Nanox: Bara Bara (Shit Sandwich)
37. Rantouls: A Little Bit OF This (Chocolate Covered)
38. Personal & the Pizzas: Nobody Makes My Girl Cry But Me (Bubblebumb/Search & Destroy)
39. Cheap Time: Woodland Drive (In The Red)
40. Only Ones: Another Girl Another Planet (s/t)
41. Proto Idiot: I Don’t Like You (Andy Anderson)
42. Dead Ghosts: I Know, You’re Right (s/t)
43. Ooga Boogas: Ooga Booga I (Romance And Adventure)
44. Bob Vaught & the Renegades: Church Key Twist (Impact)
45. Maggots: Tomato Juice (Under The Covers)
46. Boys: Club: Live In A Dump (s/t)
47. Bundle Of Fags: Art School Asshole (Weird Hug)
48. Bum Kon: Gay Radio (Drunken Sex Sucks)
49. Feedtime: Fun Fun Fun (Cooper-S)
50. Channel 3: I Gotta Gun (Posh Boy)
51. Kamikaze Trio: Telepathic Love (Killed By Trash 2)
52. Sir Bald Diddley & his Wig Outs: Shake A Keg (Nitrous Peroxide)
53. Mighty Caesars: Why Don’t You Try My Love (s/t)
54. Squares: I Don’t Wanna Be (Pure And Filthy Rhythm’n’Punk)
55. Arsene Obscene: Docile (Slovenly)
56. Coconut Coolouts: I Wanna Come Back From The World OF LSD (Ero)
57. Batman & Robin: My Hero Power Is My Moustache (Bachelor)
58. Wild Thing: You’re A Punk (Clown College)
59. Mother Of Tears: Little Ratty (Hozac)
60. Poppets: Trouble (Bubbledumb)
61. Lookbacks: So Far Away (Hello Hello)
62. Shannon & the Clams: Blood (Weird Hug)
63. Sess: Authentic Black Coke (Slovenly)
64. Hex Dispensers: O-B-I-T (Winchester Mystery House)
65. King Tuff: A Pretty Dress (Mind Blow)
66. Flips: Baby, It’s Gonna Be Alright (Bancroft)
67. Nodzzz: True To Life (What’s You’re Rupture?)
68. Young Governor: Weird Ground (s/t)
69. Rippers: Into This Place (Why Should I Care About You)
70. Chants: Dick Tracy (Verve)
71. Untamed Youth: One Pine Box (Some Kinda Fun)
72. Chimiks: She’s Gonna Die (s/t)
73. Original 3: I Rock, I Ran (Killed By Trash 2)