Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 08/11/09

1. Marty ‘Fats’ Murdock/Ray Anthony & his Band: Rock Around The Rockpile (The Girl Can’t Help It)
2. Eddie Cochran: Twenty Flight Rock (Liberty)
3. Little Vinnie & his Orchestra: Papa Lou And Gran (Richland)
4. Buddy Sharpe & the Shakers: Fat Mama Twist (Feebee)
5. Monorays: What’s Your Name? (Nasco)
6. Premiers w/Sonny: Hey Miss Fancy (RCA)
7. Billy Riley: Rock With Me Baby (Sun)
8. Billy Riley: Pearly Lee (Sun)
9. Billy Riley: College Man (Sun)
10. Billy Riley: She’s My Baby (Sun)
11. Billy Riley & his Little Green Men: Flyin’ Saucer Rock And Roll (Sun)
12. Ricardos: Sweet Swingin’ Daisy (The Riverside Sessions)
13. Roy Thompson & his Royal Acadians: Honky Tonk Stomp (High Voltage)
14. Dottie & the Wolfpack: Cool Little Flirt (s/t)
15. Haywoods: The Real Thing (Wormtone)
16. Wesley Hardin & the Boxters: Anyway (AFS)
17. Dusters: She’s Mine (Cupid)
18. Scotty McKay: Evenin’ Time (Event)
19. Margaret Lewis: Shake A Leg (Ram)
20. Hender Saul: I Ain’t Gonna Rock Tonight (Liberty)
21. Bobby Crown & the Capris: One Way Ticket (Felco)
22. Night Owls: Stompin’ (Climax)
23. Al & Nettie: The Frog Hop (Christy)
24. Peter Berry & the Shake Set: Roll Over Beethoven (Wildberry Shake)
25. Kaisers: Don’t Aske Me (Squarehead Stomp!)
26. Friar Tuck & his Merry Men: Peanut Butter (Sherwood Forrest)
27. Mike & the Ravens: Sister Raven (No Place For Pretty)
28. Travelers: Everywhere I Go
29. King Rock & the Knights: Scandal (Zoom)
30. Real Numbers: NY Girls (Bachelor)
31. Coconut Coolouts: Pizza Fest (Search & Destroy)
32. Perverts: Nerves (HBSP-2X)
33. Dead Ghosts: Stayin’ In (s/t)
34. Proto Idiot: Be My Baby (Andy Anderson)
35. Redd Kross: S&M Party (Annette’s Go The Hits)
36. Registrators: She’s So Vibration (1995 Demo Sessions)
37. Chimiks: Banned Me (s/t)
38. Rock And Roll Adventure Kids: Fried Chicken (Hillbilly Psychosis)
39. Lyres: Help You Ann (Ace Of Hearts)
40. Los Gatos Salvajes: Donde Vas (The Complete Recordings)
41. Batman & Robin: Be My Little Cat (Bachelor)
42. Yolks: Too Much Fo Me (s/t)
43. Personal & the Pizzas: Hittin’ The Road (Search & Destroy)
44. Ramones: This Ain’t Havana (End Of The Century_
45. Angry Samoans: Steak Knife (Back To Samoa)
46. Boppopkillers: Jaergermeister Yeah! (Les Disques Steak)
47. GG King: The Letter (Rob’s House)
48. Drags: Not So Good Luck Charm (Stop Rock And Roll)
49. Angel Sluts: Radio (Designer Heat)
50. White Wires: Stayed Up Late (s/t)
51. Ty Segall: Standing At The Station (Lemons)
52. Arsene Obscene: Fier (Slovenly)
53. Dead Clodettes: Fatal Erruer (Lipstick Pickup)
54. Skipper: You’re So Charming (Chocolate Covered)
55. Rantouls: Chug-A-Lug (Chocolate Covered)
56. Nodzzz: Good Times Crowd (What’s Your Rupture?)
57. Shannon & the Clams: Heartbreak (Weird Hug)
58. Outdoorsmen: You’re A Tattletale Baby (Wild American)
59. Pagans: I Can’t Explain (Shit Street)
60. Shangri-Las: Dum Dum Ditty (Red Bird)
61. Wild Thing: I Can’t Stand It/You (Clown College)
62. Weakends: Arty Party (s/t)
63. Sess: Brain Ruster (Slovenly)
64. Woven Bones: Your Sorcery (Sweet Rot)
65. Cute Lepers: Some Hits Hurt (Daily)
66. Tranzmitters: Nervous Breakdown (Busy Signals)
67. Toyotas: TV Injection (Lost In The City)
68. Statues: Televison Sect (Killed By Trash 2)
69. Hex Dispensers: I’ve Got My Doppleganger On (Winchester Mystery House)
70. Bud White: I Beat You (Killed By Trash 2)
71. Teengenerate: I Don’t Mind (Audio Recording)
72. TV Killers: I Hate Rock And Roll (Have A Blitz On You)
73. Headache City: T-T-T-T-T-T-Tonight (slef)
74. Ratas Del Vaticano: Disimula Tu Pendejez (s/t)
75. Nazi Death Camp: Retard Violence (Complete Punk Mongo Sessions)
76. No No No Hopes: Turn It Off (Twistworthy)