Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 08/25/09

1. Joe Kozak w/the Frontiersmen & Hale Sisters: Hillbilly Rock (Rodeo)
2. Chuck Wiley & the Rock-Its: I Wanna Dance All Night
3. Johnny Tate: Bop With Me Baby (Moon)
4. Jeff Daniels: Switchblade Sam (Big Howdy)
5. Allen Page: She’s The One’s That’s Got It (Moon)
6. Rock’n’Rollers vocal by Keith McCormack: For You (Ven)
7. Curtis Gordon: Draggin’ (Mercury)
8. Louis Jordan & his Tympani Five: I’m On Fire (Mercury)
9. Boogaloo & his Gallant Crew: Clothes Line (Wrap It Up) (Crest)
10. Gaylarks: Ivy League Clothes (Music City)
11. Joe Bennett & the Sparkletones: Black Slacks (ABC Paramount)
12. Big Sandy & the Fly-Rite Trio: Hot Water (Fly Rite With…)
13. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins: Knock Kneed Nana (Screamin’ Jay Rocks)
14. Benny Joy: Button Nose
15. Art Adams & his Rhythm Knights: Tutti Frutti (Rock Crazy Baby)
16. Lafayette Yarborough: Cool Cool Baby (Bart)
17. Ted Daigle & the Tremolos: Red Hen Hop (Banff)
18. Furys: This Way Out (Cuca)
19. Jerry Woodward & the Cavaleers: Downbeat (Fad)
20. Dave ‘Baby’ Cortez: You Give Me Heebee Jeebies (Okeh)
21. Chuck Akin: Roberta (Bandera)
22. Omar & the String Poppers: Take Off Rhythm (Take Off Rhythm)
23. Porky & the Pinups: First Name Mister (One Single Yellow Rose)
24. Carl Perkins: Her Love Rubbed Off (Sun)
25. Corvairs: Slipped Disc (Twin)
26. Jay Haggard & his Group & Band: Tom Cat (Daja)
27. Trashwomen: I’m Trash (Spend The Night With…)
28. Fast Cars: Images Of You (Coming Ready Or Not)
29. CoCoComa: Ask, Don’t Tell (Trouble In Mind)
30. Yolks: Jane (s/t)
31. Caravans: Three Musketeers (Hipsville 29 BC)
32. Catholic Boys: Teenage Monster (Psychic Voodoo Mind Control)
33. Last Sons Of Krypton: Ready Aim Fire (s/t)
34. Richmond Sluts: Thought I Was Dead (s/t)
35. Aggravation: You Make Me Sick (Killed By Trash 2)
36. Splinters: Splintered Bridges (Double Negative)
37. Perfect Fits: Radio Transmitter (Douchemaster)
38. GG King: Witching Hour (Rob’s House)
39. Hex Dispensers: I’ve Got My Doppleganger On (Winchester Mystery House)
40. Proto Idiot: Bad Deal (Andy Anderson)
41. Sonics: Have Love Will Travel (Here Are The…)
42. Triumphs: Surfside Date (Norton)
43. Trashmen: Wildcat Loose In Town (Bird Call!)
44. A-Bones: Geraldine (Not Now!)
45. Dick Dale & his Del-Tones: My X-KE (Mr. Eliminator)
46. Dick Dale & his Del-Tones: Mama’s Gone Surfin’ (Summer Surf)
47. Rantouls: Little Dune Buggy (Sunny Trees)
48. Boys Club: Right Now (s/t)
49. Dead Ghosts: I Want Your Love (s/t)
50. Chimiks: Weird Time (s/t)
51. Carbonas: Lost Cause (Raw Deluxe)
52. Wild Thing: Out Of Touch (Clown College)
53. Hussy: Head Set (Fistfull Of Records)
54. Woven Bones: Janie (Needless)
55. Waistcoats: Little MGB (Stark Raving Mod)
56. Squares: I Got More Hate (Squarification)
57. Arscene Obscene: Partir A La Guerre (Slovenly)
58. Boppopkillers: Rocker In Wasted (Les Disques Steak)
59. Makers: Not A Social Kinda Guy (s/t)
60. Make-Out Party!: Raspberries (Play Pretend)
61. Box Elders: Death Of Me (Alice & Friends)
62. Reigning Sound: Break It (Love & Curses)
63. Oblivians: You Fucked Me Up, You Put Me Down (Popular Favorites)
64. Young Fresh Fellows: New Day I Hate (I Think This Is)
65. Reducers: No Ambition (s/t)
66. Personal & the Pizzas: Hittin’ The Road (Search & Destroy)
67. Anti-You: What’s Your Problem (Killed By Trash)
68. Angry Samoans: Stupid Jerk (Homophobic)
69. Teenage Head: Bonerack (s/t)
70. Teengenerate: Dressed In Black (Get Action)
71. Nanox: Repetition (Shit Sandwich)
72. Los Shakers: Break It All (Por Favor)
73. Motions: Land Beyond The Moon (Hipsville 29 BC)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 08/18/09

1. Benny Joy: Crash The Party (Crash The Party)
2. Tommy Sands: Kissin’ Ain’t No Fun (RCA-Victor)
3. Blue Ribbon Boys: I Love A Woman (Wormtone)
4. Jack Rabbit Slim: Jeanie With The Dark Blue Eyes (Sounds From The Cellar)
5. Gene Vincent & his Blue Caps: Hold Me Hug Me Rock Me (Capitol)
6. Benny Joy: Little Girl Little Girl (Crash The Party)
7. Benny Joy: What’ll I Do (Call The Zoo) (Love Zone)
8. Daryl Haywood Combo: Rock And Roll Fever (I’m Gonna Get Away)
9. Bob Cornegie Stop The Rock And Roll (Rama)
10. Jimmy Wright & his Orchestra: Lily Maebelle Mambo (Gee)
11. Whispering Pigg: Darlene (East West)
12. Curtis Johnson & the Windjammers: Baby Let’s Play House (Event)
13. Billy ‘The Kid” Emmerson: Red Hot (Sun)
14. Rock And Roll Trio: Please Don’t Leave Me (Coral)
15. Jack Scott w/the Chantones: Geraldine (Carlton)
16. Dusty Croswhite: Chickie Wawa (acetate)
17. Nighthawks: Chicken Grabber (Del-Fi)
18. Olympics: Chicken (Titan)
19. Knocked-Outs: Monroe Washington (Jukebox Fever)
20. Donettes: Oh Boy (Pitchin’ Woo)
21. Kidd Pharaoh: Dollar Bill Woogie (Rockabilly Record Co)
22. Roy Moss: You Nearly Loose Your Mind (Mercury)
23. Ronnie Hayward Combo: We’ll Get High (Tail Shaking)
24. Hub Caps: Bop Miss Betty Bop (s/t)
25. A-Bones: Bing Bong (There’s A Party Going On) (Not Now)
26. Les Terrribles: Tu Perds Ton Temps (s/t)
27. Goldie & the Gingerbreads: Skinny Vinnie (Spokane)
28. Del Shannon: Move It On Over (Amy)
29. Yolks: Fade Away (s/t)
30. Revillions: Not The Attraction (s/t)
31. New Bomb Turks: We Give A Rat’s Ass (Destroy, Oh Boy!)
32. Estrogen Highs: Echo (Never Heard Of It)
33. Box Elders: Atlantis (Alice And Friends)
34. Ty Segall: The Drag (Horn The Unicorn)
35. Real Numbers: You’re Breaking Up (Bachelor)
36. Nanox: Bara Bara (Shit Sandwich)
37. Rantouls: A Little Bit OF This (Chocolate Covered)
38. Personal & the Pizzas: Nobody Makes My Girl Cry But Me (Bubblebumb/Search & Destroy)
39. Cheap Time: Woodland Drive (In The Red)
40. Only Ones: Another Girl Another Planet (s/t)
41. Proto Idiot: I Don’t Like You (Andy Anderson)
42. Dead Ghosts: I Know, You’re Right (s/t)
43. Ooga Boogas: Ooga Booga I (Romance And Adventure)
44. Bob Vaught & the Renegades: Church Key Twist (Impact)
45. Maggots: Tomato Juice (Under The Covers)
46. Boys: Club: Live In A Dump (s/t)
47. Bundle Of Fags: Art School Asshole (Weird Hug)
48. Bum Kon: Gay Radio (Drunken Sex Sucks)
49. Feedtime: Fun Fun Fun (Cooper-S)
50. Channel 3: I Gotta Gun (Posh Boy)
51. Kamikaze Trio: Telepathic Love (Killed By Trash 2)
52. Sir Bald Diddley & his Wig Outs: Shake A Keg (Nitrous Peroxide)
53. Mighty Caesars: Why Don’t You Try My Love (s/t)
54. Squares: I Don’t Wanna Be (Pure And Filthy Rhythm’n’Punk)
55. Arsene Obscene: Docile (Slovenly)
56. Coconut Coolouts: I Wanna Come Back From The World OF LSD (Ero)
57. Batman & Robin: My Hero Power Is My Moustache (Bachelor)
58. Wild Thing: You’re A Punk (Clown College)
59. Mother Of Tears: Little Ratty (Hozac)
60. Poppets: Trouble (Bubbledumb)
61. Lookbacks: So Far Away (Hello Hello)
62. Shannon & the Clams: Blood (Weird Hug)
63. Sess: Authentic Black Coke (Slovenly)
64. Hex Dispensers: O-B-I-T (Winchester Mystery House)
65. King Tuff: A Pretty Dress (Mind Blow)
66. Flips: Baby, It’s Gonna Be Alright (Bancroft)
67. Nodzzz: True To Life (What’s You’re Rupture?)
68. Young Governor: Weird Ground (s/t)
69. Rippers: Into This Place (Why Should I Care About You)
70. Chants: Dick Tracy (Verve)
71. Untamed Youth: One Pine Box (Some Kinda Fun)
72. Chimiks: She’s Gonna Die (s/t)
73. Original 3: I Rock, I Ran (Killed By Trash 2)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 08/11/09

1. Marty ‘Fats’ Murdock/Ray Anthony & his Band: Rock Around The Rockpile (The Girl Can’t Help It)
2. Eddie Cochran: Twenty Flight Rock (Liberty)
3. Little Vinnie & his Orchestra: Papa Lou And Gran (Richland)
4. Buddy Sharpe & the Shakers: Fat Mama Twist (Feebee)
5. Monorays: What’s Your Name? (Nasco)
6. Premiers w/Sonny: Hey Miss Fancy (RCA)
7. Billy Riley: Rock With Me Baby (Sun)
8. Billy Riley: Pearly Lee (Sun)
9. Billy Riley: College Man (Sun)
10. Billy Riley: She’s My Baby (Sun)
11. Billy Riley & his Little Green Men: Flyin’ Saucer Rock And Roll (Sun)
12. Ricardos: Sweet Swingin’ Daisy (The Riverside Sessions)
13. Roy Thompson & his Royal Acadians: Honky Tonk Stomp (High Voltage)
14. Dottie & the Wolfpack: Cool Little Flirt (s/t)
15. Haywoods: The Real Thing (Wormtone)
16. Wesley Hardin & the Boxters: Anyway (AFS)
17. Dusters: She’s Mine (Cupid)
18. Scotty McKay: Evenin’ Time (Event)
19. Margaret Lewis: Shake A Leg (Ram)
20. Hender Saul: I Ain’t Gonna Rock Tonight (Liberty)
21. Bobby Crown & the Capris: One Way Ticket (Felco)
22. Night Owls: Stompin’ (Climax)
23. Al & Nettie: The Frog Hop (Christy)
24. Peter Berry & the Shake Set: Roll Over Beethoven (Wildberry Shake)
25. Kaisers: Don’t Aske Me (Squarehead Stomp!)
26. Friar Tuck & his Merry Men: Peanut Butter (Sherwood Forrest)
27. Mike & the Ravens: Sister Raven (No Place For Pretty)
28. Travelers: Everywhere I Go
29. King Rock & the Knights: Scandal (Zoom)
30. Real Numbers: NY Girls (Bachelor)
31. Coconut Coolouts: Pizza Fest (Search & Destroy)
32. Perverts: Nerves (HBSP-2X)
33. Dead Ghosts: Stayin’ In (s/t)
34. Proto Idiot: Be My Baby (Andy Anderson)
35. Redd Kross: S&M Party (Annette’s Go The Hits)
36. Registrators: She’s So Vibration (1995 Demo Sessions)
37. Chimiks: Banned Me (s/t)
38. Rock And Roll Adventure Kids: Fried Chicken (Hillbilly Psychosis)
39. Lyres: Help You Ann (Ace Of Hearts)
40. Los Gatos Salvajes: Donde Vas (The Complete Recordings)
41. Batman & Robin: Be My Little Cat (Bachelor)
42. Yolks: Too Much Fo Me (s/t)
43. Personal & the Pizzas: Hittin’ The Road (Search & Destroy)
44. Ramones: This Ain’t Havana (End Of The Century_
45. Angry Samoans: Steak Knife (Back To Samoa)
46. Boppopkillers: Jaergermeister Yeah! (Les Disques Steak)
47. GG King: The Letter (Rob’s House)
48. Drags: Not So Good Luck Charm (Stop Rock And Roll)
49. Angel Sluts: Radio (Designer Heat)
50. White Wires: Stayed Up Late (s/t)
51. Ty Segall: Standing At The Station (Lemons)
52. Arsene Obscene: Fier (Slovenly)
53. Dead Clodettes: Fatal Erruer (Lipstick Pickup)
54. Skipper: You’re So Charming (Chocolate Covered)
55. Rantouls: Chug-A-Lug (Chocolate Covered)
56. Nodzzz: Good Times Crowd (What’s Your Rupture?)
57. Shannon & the Clams: Heartbreak (Weird Hug)
58. Outdoorsmen: You’re A Tattletale Baby (Wild American)
59. Pagans: I Can’t Explain (Shit Street)
60. Shangri-Las: Dum Dum Ditty (Red Bird)
61. Wild Thing: I Can’t Stand It/You (Clown College)
62. Weakends: Arty Party (s/t)
63. Sess: Brain Ruster (Slovenly)
64. Woven Bones: Your Sorcery (Sweet Rot)
65. Cute Lepers: Some Hits Hurt (Daily)
66. Tranzmitters: Nervous Breakdown (Busy Signals)
67. Toyotas: TV Injection (Lost In The City)
68. Statues: Televison Sect (Killed By Trash 2)
69. Hex Dispensers: I’ve Got My Doppleganger On (Winchester Mystery House)
70. Bud White: I Beat You (Killed By Trash 2)
71. Teengenerate: I Don’t Mind (Audio Recording)
72. TV Killers: I Hate Rock And Roll (Have A Blitz On You)
73. Headache City: T-T-T-T-T-T-Tonight (slef)
74. Ratas Del Vaticano: Disimula Tu Pendejez (s/t)
75. Nazi Death Camp: Retard Violence (Complete Punk Mongo Sessions)
76. No No No Hopes: Turn It Off (Twistworthy)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 08/04/09

1. Haden Thompson: Fairlane Rock (Sun)
2. Pat Cupp & the Flying Saucers: That Girl Of Mine (RPM)
3. Pat Riley & his Rockers: Little Bop-A-Little (Reed)
4. Floyd Dixon & his Band: Roll Baby Roll (Cat)
5. Doc Starkes & his Night Riders: Women And Cadillacs (Apollo)
6. Frettones: So Long Goodbye (Down On My Luck)
7. Lil’ Lynn & the Lookout Boys: Jack, I’m Mellow (Sharpshootin’ Gal)
8. Hawkshaw Hawkins: I Wanna Be Hugged To Death By You (RCA)
9. Daryl Haywood Combo: Jessie Lou (I’m Gonna Get Away)
10. Tremors: Screaming Mimi (Demon Boogie Fever)
11. Robert Gordon w/Link Wray: Boppin’ The Blues
12. Robert Gordon w/Chris Spedding: Lawdy Miss Clawdy (It’s Now Or Never)
13. Dalhart Imperials: Won’t try To Be Your Stud (Finally)
14. Vince & the Peaktones: You Threw A Dart (Move Over Buddy)
15. Round Up Boys: All That Rock (Lift Off Like A Rocket And Rock)
16. Charlie Gracie: W-Wow (Felsted)
17. Johnny Powers w/the band of Stan Getz & Tom Cats: Rock Rock (Fox)
18. Starfires: Three Roses (Decca)
19. Videos: Trickle Trickle (Casino)
20. Wheels: Let’s Have A Ball (Premium)
21. Stray Cats: Fishnet Stockings (s/t)
22. Vargras Brothers: Wiggle Walkin’ Baby (Rockin’ Blues)
23. Standells: My Little Red Book (Why Pick On Me)
24. Ric-A-Shays: Turn On (Lola)
25. Chocholy: Uwierz Me (Wrenching The Wires)
26. Sir Frog & the Toads: The Frog (Downey)
27. Composers: With Friends Like You, Who Needs Friends (Star Bright)
28. Wooly Bandits: Don’t Want You Around (Say Hello To My Little Friend)
29. Rippers: My Promise (Why Should I Care About You)
30. Yolks: Long Cold Lonely Night (s/t)
31. Boys Club: Up And Down And All Around (s/t)
32. GG King: Witching Hour (Rob’s House)
33. Aggravation: You Make Me Sick (Killed By Trash)
34. Cokerocket: Crackomatic (Gonna Puke)
35. Controllers: Killer Queers (What?)
36. Queers: Kicked Out Of The Weebelos (Doheny)
37. Hard Ons: The Girl In The Sweater (Waterfront)
38. Bitchschool: Record Shop (Lipstick)
39. Personal & the Pizzas: Brass Knuckles (Bubbledumb/Search & Destroy)
40. Wild Thing: Out Of Touch (Clown College)
41. Cecilia und de Sauerkrauts: Je Dis Hey (Sauerkraut, Wurst And Other Delights)
42. Monster A Go-Go’s: Rock And Roll Twist (Blow Up You Head)
43. Cramps: Ultra Twist (Flamejob)
44. Hussy: Double Dare (demo)
45. Ka-Nives: Balla Balla (Get Duped)
46. Ty Segall: Drop Out Boogie (Lemons)
47. Rock And Roll Adventure Kids: Birdy Birdy (Live On Berkeley Radio)
48. Nervous Eaters: Loretta (Rat)
49. Fashion! Fashion! & the Image Boys: Break Out Tonight (Killed By Trash)
50. Cola Freaks w/Alicia Trout: Surfin’ With Steve And E.D. Amin (Killed By Trash)
51. Barracudas: Subway Surfin’ Two Sides Of A Coin)
52. Fantastic Baggys: Tell ‘em I’m Surfin’ (Tell ‘em I’m Surfin’)
53. Orientals: Cindy Lou (s/t)
54. Hi-Risers: Ain’t No Beatle (Rockin’ Spree)
55. Hunx & his Punx: I Won’t Get Under You (Shattered)
56. CoCoComa: Fever (Covert Pop)
57. Charlie & the Moonhearts: Drop In Drop Out (Tic Tac Totally)
58. Baby Shakes: Shake Shake (Douchemaster)
59. Tranzmitors: Bigger Houses, Broken Homes (Busy Signals)
60. Woven Bones: Janie (Needless)
61. Sudden Walks: Mom’s A Fake (Killed By Trash)
62. Hex Dispensers: Doomsday Romantic (Winchester Mystery House)
63. Hidden Charms: Dial M For Misery (Square Root Of Love)
64. Intercontinental Playboys: Bad Queenie (Hymns Of The Flesh)
65. Crucials: Now You Gotta Break My Heart (Give Me… A Keg… Of Beer!)
66. Popetts: Dance Party (s/t)
67. Bobby Ubangi: Dry (Inside The Mind Of…)
68. Young Governor: I’m A Mess (Plastic Idol)
69. Adolescents: Self Destruct (s/t)
70. Anna & the Psychomen: Dressed In Black (P.Trash)
71. Teengenerate: Let’s Take Another Booze (Estrus Cocktail Companion)
72. Smith Westerns: Gimme Some Time (s/t)
73. Sneaky Pinks: I Can’t Wait (Rubber Vomit)