Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 07/28/09

1. Jimmy Johnson sings w/Al Casey & the Arizona Hayriders: How About Me Pretty Baby (Viv)
2. Johnny Waleen: Mystery Train (Coulee)
3. Fendermen: Koo-Koo (Soma)
4. Four Lovers: Diddly Diddly Babe (RCA-Victor)
5. Larry Terry: Hep Cat (Testa)
6. Four Chaps: Roll Over Beethoven (Rama)
7. Loveless Cousins: Don’t Make Me Wait (No Squares Ever Tag Along)
8. Kim Lenz & her Jaguars: Shined Up And Ready To Shout (It’s All True)
9. Adam & his Nuclear Rockets: No Other Baby (Little Piece Of Souvenir)
10. Deke Dickerson & his Ecco-fonics: Let’s Go Wild Tonight (In 3-Dimensions)
11. Mack Stevens & the Red Light Boys: Talk Talk (Hillbilly Proud)
12. Carroll “Wild Red” Pegues: Don’t Monkey With Somebody Elses Monkey (GM)
13. Johnny Paycheck: Don’t Monkey With Another Monkey’s Monkey (Lil’ Darlin’)
14. Roy Hall: One Monkey Can’t Stop The Show (Pierce)
15. Tremors: Sweet Lovin’ Man (Demon Boogie Fever)
16. Wayne “The Train” Hancock: Dog House Blues (Viper Of Melody)
17. Hank Williams & his Drifting Cowboys: Settin’ The Woods On Fire (MGM)
18. Jiv-A-Tones: Fire Engine Baby (Fox)
19. Rockin’ R’s: Crazy Baby (Tempus)
20. Gene O’Quinn: Too Hot To Handle (Capitol)
21. Jimmy Wages: Heartbreakin’ Love (Sun)
22. Wayne Worley & his Worley Birds: Red Headed Woman (Elbridge)
23. Chuck Higgins & the Mellotones: Too Smart (Combo)
24. Mack Banks & his Driftin’ Troubadours: You’re So Dumb (Fame)
25. Wild Thing: You’re A Punk (Clown College)
26. Wax Museums: Claw You Like A Cat (Hozac)
27. Ty Segall: Standing At The Station (Lemons)
28. Personal & the Pizzas: Nobody Makes My Girl Cry But Me (Bubbledumb/Search & Destroy)
29. Hunx & his Punx: The Last Time (True Panther Sounds)
30. Gizmos: Take Me To The River (Nevermind The Sex Pistols, Here’s The…)
31. Ape City R&B: Firestarter (La-Ti-Da)
32. Nakers: Due Mafiosi Contro Goldginger (Pork And Roll)
33. Jam: Batman Theme (In The City)
34. Batman & Robin: Wonder What TO Do? Uh! No Problem I Have The BAT-BELT (Bachelor)
35. Odd Numbers: She Made Me Shake (About Time)
36. Raxola: Wild Cat (s/t)
37. Hex Dispensers: A Brain Inside A Jar (Winchester Mystery House)
38. Young Fresh Fellows: After Suicide (I Think This Is)
39. Ralphs: Mass Confusion (Zeros-No Ones)
40. Hollywood Blondes: Tina Is A Headache (15 Minutes Of Lame)
41. Woven Bones: With You Alone (Hozac)
42. Charlie & the Moonhearts: Obliteration (Tic Tac Totally)
43. Personal & the Pizzas: Brass Knuckles ver.2 (Bubbledumb/Search & Destroy)
44. Skipper: Hangin’ With The Telephone (Chocolate Covered)
45. King Tuff: So Desperate (Mind Blow)
46. Intellectuals: Commando (Black! Domania! Now!)
47. No No No Hopes: Kicked In The Head (Twistworthy)
48. Rippers: Into This Place (Why Should I Care About You)
49. The Hussy: Yr Stupid (demo)
50. Earl Vance & the Valiants: Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight
51. Shatners: Damn Your Fucking World (s/t)
52. Mighty Caesars: Devious Means (Surley They Were The Sons Of God
53. Statics: Can’t Get Enough (Punk Rock And Roll)
54. Perverts: I Saw It All (HBSP-2X)
55. Top Ten: Girls Understand (Classic Bar Music)
56. Shannon & the Clams: Blood (Weird Hug)
57. Barbacans: I Know You (God Save The Fuzz)
58. Controllers: Do The Uganda (Siamese)
59. Rip Offs: Baby Let Go (Got A Record)
60. Stomach Mouths: R&B No.65 (Something Weird)
61. Screaming Diz Busters: This Ain’t The Summer Of Love (Amigo)
62. Nomads: Bangkok (Temptation Pays Double)
63. Nazi Death Camp: I Got Problems (Complete Mongo Punk Sessions)
64. Jackie & the Cedrics: Justine (Norton)
65. Bedwells: Karate Again (Sleazy Surf)
66. Velvetones: Doheny Run (Sleazy Surf vol.2)
67. Squires: I Wonder (Archives vol.1, Neil Young)
68. Snowmen Garbage Man (Gamma Knee Kappa)
69. Catalinas: Coco Cherry Mash (Drink Beer! Yell! Dance!)
70. Holy Cobras: Mama Jihad (Make Pyramids)
71. Mika Miko: Sex (We Be Xuxa)
72. Radio Faces: Party At The Bushwick Hotel (Party At The Bushwick Hotel)
73. Dogmatics: You Say (Thayer St.)
74. Los Idiotas: The Blob (Slovenly)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 07/21/09

1. Daryl Haywood Combo: Flathead Beatin’ Boogie (I’m Gonna Get Away)
2. Jerry J Nixon: We’re Gonna Wang Dang Doodle (Gentleman Of Rock And Roll)
3. Buck Jones: Brown Eyed Woman
4. Junior Marvel’s Cat Rhythm: Big Blond Beer Drinkin’ Woman (Southern And Rockin’)
5. Janis Martin: Drugstore Rock And Roll (RCA Victor)
6. Sugar King Boys: She’s Got Eyes (Topsy Turvy)
7. Smith’s Ranch Boys: N.O.T.H.I.N.G. (More Barnyard Favorites)
8. Ray Smith: Rockin’ Bandit (Sun)
9. Bill Fadden & the Silvertone Flyers: This Boy’s Movin’ On (Satellite Rock)
10. Johnny Dilks & his Visication Valley Boys: My Dumb Heart (99 Acres Of Heartache)
11. Wildfire Willie & the Ramblers: Cut It Out (Rarin’ To Go)
12. Orientals: Spunky Onions (s/t)
13. Tremors: Hi-Fi Rock And Roll (Demon Boogie Fever)
14. Racketeers: Duck And Cover (Another Round With…)
15. Nat Couty & the Braves: Woodpecker Rock (Fox)
16. Night Raiders feat. Mickey Hawks: Screamin’ Mimi Jeanie (Profile)
17. Cavaliers: Dance Dance Dance (Apt)
18. Concords: Satisfied With Rock And Roll (Ember)
19. Charioteers: Don’t Play No Mambo (Josie)
20. Elvis Presley: Milk Cow Blues Boogie (Sun)
21. Rusty Wellington: Sixteen Cats (MGM)
22. Miller Brothers & the String Band vocal by Lee Miller: Hey Pretty Baby (4 Star)
23. Miller Sisters: Ten Cats Down (Sun)
24. Joe Clay: Sixteen Chicks (RCA Victor)
25. Steve Bledsoe & the Blue Jays: Too Many Girlfriends (acetate)
26. Flamin’ Groovies: Teenage Head (Teenage Head)
27. A-Bones: Lug Nuts (Free Beer For Life)
28. Goodies: Double Shot Of My Baby’s Love (Girls With Guitars)
29. Hunx & his Punx: You Better Tell That Girl (Shattered)
30. Shannon & the Clams: Heart Break (Weird Hug)
31. MOTO: Jesus And Murray (Single File)
32. Beat Beat Beat: Savage Girl (Douchemaster)
33. Underthings: Shake It Some More (Wanna Tee)
34. Ty Segall: Can’t Talk (Lemons)
35. Bobby Traps: Diddley Wrong (Makin’ It With The…)
36. Manikins: Don’t Look Back At Me (FDH)
37. Mr T Experience: There’s Something Wrong With Me (Milk Milk Lemonade)
38. Playmobils: Leave Me Alone (International Lifestyle)
39. Tranzmitors: Glamour Girls (Busy Signals)
40. Marked Men: All In Your Head (Ghosts)
41. Angry Samoans: Garbage Pit (STP Not LSD)
42. No No No Hopes: Anthem (Twistworthy)
43. Hex Dispensers: Doomsday Romantic (Winchester Mystery House)
44. Wau Y Los Arrrghs: Carrera Especial (Slovenly)
45. Hara Kee Rees: Every Night (Sound Flat)
46. Cheap Time: Penny And Jenny (In The Red)
47. Nobunny: Your Mouth (Raw Romance)
48. Cave Weddings: Bring Your Love (Hozac)
49. Outdoorsmen: You’re A Tattletale Baby (Wild American)
50. New Bomb Turks: Born Tallouse Lautrec (Destroy Oh Boy)
51. Mud City Manglers: 1234 Motherfucker (Heartful Of Hate)
52. Aggravation: Degenerated (s/t)
53. Dead Clodettes: Action (Lipstick Pickup)
54. Hussy: One Time (Sound Of Science)
55. Denizens: Abracadabra (We Went And Recorded It Anyway)
56. Boys Club: Catch Your Kiss / Cherry Cheri (s/t)
57. Customers: She’s Heroin (Rob’s House)
58. Straight Arrows: Close That Door (Resistance A Go Go)
59. Johnny Throttle: I’m Looking At You But Talking To Me (Wrench)
60. Rocks: Kick Her Out (You’re So Boring)
61. Black Time: You Make Me / Glass Shatters (Telephone Explosion)
62. CoCoComa: Ain’t You Had Enough (s/t)
63. Nanox: Bara Bara (Shit Sandwich)
64. Doctor Explosion: She Broke My Heart (Chupa Aqui)
65. Dee Rangers: Upside Down (Goodbye Boozy)
66. Rippers: I Wanna Put You Out OF My Head (Why Should I Care About You)
67. Super Wild Horses: 89 Cadet (Arrght)
68. Barbacans: Time For The Choice (God Save The Fuzz)
69. Mean Things: Out Come The Freaks (Out Come The Freaks)
70. Okmoniks: Buzz With Me

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 07/14/09

1. Dalhart Imperials: Saddle Up (Finally)
2. One Track Mind: The Night Is So Long (Buckaroo Gal)
3. Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon: Buzz Buzz A Diddle It (Swan)
4. Abstracts: “Bo”-Gumbo (Vantage)
5. Chuck Martin: Emma Lee (Nasco)
6. Jimmy & Johnny: Sweet Love On My Mind (Decca)
7. Infernos: Dancin’ Doll (Don’t Know What You Are Missin’)
8. Okeh Wranglers: Turning The Tables (Beneath The Western Skies)
9. Hi-Winders: Don’t Let Me Down (Rockin’ With The Rhythm)
10. Gene Maltais w/the Anita Kerr Singers: Crazy Baby (Decca)
11. Slaptones: Cut Across Shorty (Simplify)
12. Eddie Cochran: Am I Blue (Liberty)
13. Charlie Feathers: Everybody’s Lovin’ My Baby (King)
14. Carl Mann: Satellite #2 (Jaxon)
15. Billy Jack Hale: Move Over Buddy
16. Jackie Fautheree: First Man On Mars (Fautheree)
17. Billy Flag: Go Cat Go (Tetra)
18. Royce Porter: A Woman Can Make You Blue (Spade)
19. The Big Rocker & his Rock And Roll Band: Rock And Roll Romance (Cralen Corp.)
20. Adam & his Nuclear Rockets: I’m Gonna Take My Baby Dancing (Little Piece Of Souvenir)
21. Frettones: All Dressed Up (Down On My Luck)
22. Go Getters: Jump (Hotter Than A Pepper)
23. Gene Vincent & his Blue Caps: Pink Thunderbird (Capitol)
24. Omar & the Stringpoppers: I Won’t Be So Nice (Getting Wilder With…)
25. Cadillac Kids: Establishment Bash (We Went And Recorded It Anyway)
26. DC Snipers: Evil (s/t)
27. Les Hatepinks: Auto Ejection! (Auto Ejected!)
28. Crocodiles: Refuse Angels (Summer Of Hate)
29. Woven Bones: Janie (Needless)
30. Chrome Crank: Bad Way To Get Fun (Finger Shower)
31. Tranzmiters: Look What You Are Doing (Busy Signals)
32. Rippers: Right Time To Kill You (Why Should I Care About You)
33. Hefners: Break My Heart (Middle Class Pig)
34. Chad & the Expressions: Tossin’ And Turnin’ (Shakin’ All Over)
35. King Louis’ Court: King Louis’ Glue (Sticky A-Goo)
36. Chants R&B: I’m Your Witch Doctor (s/t)
37. Bill Tatman & the Rampagers: What’s Wrong With You (Move It)
38. Quirks: Slow Down (Fine)
39. Beach Boys: Hully Gully/Papa Omm Mow Mow (Beach Boys’ Party)
40. Gary Paxton: Stop Twistin’ Baby (Hollywood Argyles)
41. Bama Lamas: Wigglin’ Fool (20 Minute Dance Party)
42. Nanox: Repetition (Shit Sandwich)
43. Smith Westerns: Girls In Love (s/t)
44. Ty Segall: Can’t Talk To You (Horn The Unicorn)
45. Bad Sports: Asshole With The Girl (Boom Chick)
46. Saucy Jacks: Blown Like A Kiss (Chocolate Covered)
47. Soft Pack: Future Rock (Muslims ep)
48. Born Liars: Don’t Pick Up The Phone (Heavy Leather/Cut Throat)
49. Nice Face: Situation Is Facing Utter Annihilation (Scared Bones)
50. Outdoorsman: Hey Jessica (Wild American)
51. Armitage Shanks: Drowning Not Waving (Urinal Heap)
52. Aversions: Wire Head (Ex Nihilo Nihil)
53. Boys Club: Can’t Be Beat (s/t)
54. Cave Weddings: Let’s Drive (Hozac)
55. Skipper: Hangin’ With The Telephone (Chocolate Covered)
56. Hunx &his Punx: Don’t Cha Want Me Back (True Panther Sounds)
57. Top Ten: Don’t Talk About Us (Classic Bar Music)
58. Poppets: Cherry In My Sunday (s/t)
59. First Base: Nobody Makes My Girl Cry But Me (Pizza Party)
60. La Cara Oculta: Pizzeria Fatal (TPV)
61. Nazi Death Camp: Retard Violence (Complete Mongo Punk Sessions)
62. She Creatures: She Creatures Invade (demo)
63. Barbacans: I Know You (God Save The Fuzz)
64. Los Explosivos: Callete Ya (s/t)
65. Super Wild Horses: What Started The Noise (Arrght)
66. Doctor Explosion: She Broke My Heart (Cupa Aqui)
67. Hekawis: Born Yesterday (Born Yesterday)
68. Gruesomes: Out Of Our Tree (Hey!)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 07/07/09

1. Sonny Fisher: Pink And Black (Starday)
2. Poppy & the Savoys: Domino (PDQ)
3. Paul Carnes: I’m A Mean Mean Daddy (PRC)
4. Fretz: How Can You Sleep? (How Can You Sleep?)
5. Skinny Jim & the Wild Cats: Ain’t Up To No Good (Ain’t Up To No Good)
6. Jerry Hanson: I’m Doing All Right (Gene Vincent Cut Our Songs)
7. Johnny Powers w/ Stan Getz & the Tomcats: Long Blond Hair, Rose Red Lips (Fox)
8. Leon James w/Walter Atkins & his Homotones: Baby Let’s Rock (Bumble Bee)
9. Lil Luis y los Wild Teens: Rebel Girl (The Wildest)
10. Red, Hot & Blue: Jumpin’ Around (Viva Las Vegas 10)
11. Racketeers: Jeez Louise (Boston’s Infamous Rockabilly Racket)
12. Wildtones: Martian Band (Madison)
13. Orbits: Knock Her Down
14. Johnny Knight: Snake Shake (Morocco)
15. Johnny O’Keefe: Shake Baby Shake (Leedon)
16. Royal Jokers: You Tickle Me Baby (Atco)
17. Glowtones: Ping Pong (East West)
18. T. Valentine: Teenage Jump
19. Adam & his Nuclear Rockets: I’m Crazy (Little Piece Of Souvenir)
20. Thirteen Stars: The Rockin’ Blues (Every Mile Of Track)
21. Junior Thompson & his Meteors: Mama’s Little Baby (Meteor)
22. Uncle Alvis & the Corn Cobs: Hey Hey Pussycat (AW)
23. Andy Starr: Round And Round (MGM)
24. Jimmy Fris & the Valiants: Bop A Lena (All Star)
25. BB & the 6 O’Clock Boys: Pagan Rock (Cover)
26. Paul Revere & the Raiders: Midnite Ride (Gardenia)
27. Kaisers: Jenny G (Shake Me)
28. First Gear: A Certain Girl (Beat Beat Beat)
29. Tammy St. John: Boys (Beat Beat Beat)
30. Neatbeats: In Her Kiss (Mercurial)
31. Top Ten: Girls Understand (Classic Bar Music)
32. Skipper: Til She Comes Around (Chocolate Covered)
33. Cave Weddings: Let’s Drive (Hozac)
34. Manikins: I Want My Baby Dead (FDH)
35. Popetts: Hold Tight (s/t)
36. Mother’s Children: Dance To The Rock And Roll Band (Shang-A-Lang)
37. Replacements: Shut Up (Sorry Ma, I Forgot To Take Out The Trash)
38. Ebonics: Hitler’s Wife (Daggerman)
39. Perverts: Nerves (HBSP-2X)
40. Johnny & the Limelites: Let’s Stay In Tonight (Rocket Reducer)
41. Ty Segall: Shoot Me In The Head (Horn The Unicorn)
42. Nazi Death Camp: The Boy Whose Head Exploded (Complete Mongo Punk Session)
43. Davilla 666: Sases Que Quiero (Hozac)
44. King Tuff: Dancing On You (…Was Dead)
45. Yum Yums: I Lied (Whatever Rhymes With Baby)
46. Super Wild Horses: I Was Blind (Arrrght)
47. Outdoorsmen: Hey Jessica (Wild American)
48. Black Time: A Radio In The Dark (Telephone Explosion)
49. T-Boones: King Of The Orient (Searchin’ For Shakes)
50. Pussycats: Lucille (Singles)
51. Berries: Baby Won’t You Follow Me Down (Essential Pebbles)
52. Deadlys: On The Road Again (Move It)
53. Purple Haze: Shade Of Blue (Essential Pebbles)
54. Excels: Let’s Dance (Gibson)
55. Doctor Explosion: Come On Let’s Shake (Chupa Aqui)
56. Born Liars: Town With No Name (Cut Throat/Heavy Leather)
57. Mika Miko: Wild Bore (We Be Xuxa)
58. Johnny Throttle: Public Retard no. 1 (Wrench)
59. Veins: Perdus Dans La Ville (Perdus Dans La Ville)
60. Aversions: Black Alibi (Ex Nihilo Nihil)
61. Rocks: Kick Her Out (You’re So Boring)
62. La Cara Oculta: Por Sien Pre Amor (TPV)
63. Plastic Idols: Shut Up (No Front Teeth)
64. DC Snipers: I Want Some Knives (s/t)
65. Walnut Kids: Jenny You’re A Bug (Going Ga Ga)
66. Teenie Cheetahs: U.G.L.Y. (Come Dance To The Beat Of…)
67. Flips: I Still Want To Be His Girl (Bancroft)
68. Younger Lovers: Can I Come Over (Newest Romantic)
69. Hunx & his Punx: The Last Time (True Panther Sounds)
70. Dead Ghosts: Bad Vibes (Yakasikana)
71. A/V Murder: Caveman Disco (Dusty Medical)
72. Crash Normal: Chrome Cramps (Finger Shower)