Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 06/30/09

1. Fabulous Playboys: Shortnin’ Bread (Catalina)
2. Bobby Mizzell & his Rockin’ Piano: Knockout (Kim)
3. Ramblin’ Rebels: Impact (Dess)
4. Lonesome Drifter: Honey Do You Think Of Me (Ram)
5. Narvel Felts: Foolish Thoughts (Sun)
6. Drunken Hobos: Square Daddy Blues (Riverside Studio Blues)
7. Sure Shots: That’s The Reason (Clown’s Pocket)
8. Planets: Straight No Chaser (Come Into This Space)
9. Hot Shots!: Teen Street (Teen Street)
10. Fret Tones: Take Me Back (Down On My Luck)
11. Kim Lenz & her Jaguars: Know It All (It’s All True)
12. Big Sandy & the Fly-Rite Trio: Let Me Love You Right (Fly Rite With…)
13. Booze Bombs: Con Te Bello Il Rock And Roll (Rockin’ Off The Grid)
14. Roy Orbison & the Teen Kings: You’re My Baby (Sun)
15. Walter Perkins: Solid Rock (Pla-Me)
16. Andy Anderson & the Dawnbreakers: Tough Tough Tough (Century LTD)
17. Jefferson “Ramblin’ Man’” County: City Billy (Dee Gee)
18. Phil Gray & the Go Boys: Pepper Hot Baby (Rhythm)
19. Al Davis & the Blackouts: Go Baby Go (Manco)
20. Jimmie Tennant w/Buddy Lucas & the Dynatones: Giggle Wiggle (Thunder)
21. Pete & Jimmy w/the Rhythm Knights: So Wild (Castle)
22. Billy & Mickey: Shakin’ Time
23. Ramsey Kearny w/the Jimmie Martin Combo: Red Bobby Sox (Jaxon)
24. Pat Davis: Spinner Hubcaps (Acts)
25. Gene Davis: Curfew (R-Dell)
26. Hank Moore: Sour Mash (45)
27. Born Liars: Don’t Pick Up The Phone (Heavy Leather/Cut Throat)
28. Johnny Throttle: I’m Looking At You But Talking To Me (Wrench)
29. Young Fresh Fellows: New Day I Hate (I Think This IS)
30. Earthmen & Strangers: Naked To The Stars (s/t)
31. A/V Murder: Missile Command (Dusty Medical)
32. Sneaky Pinks: I Can’t Wait (Rubber Vomit)
33. Doctor Explosion: Summer Sun (Chupa Aquai)
34. Manikins: Don’t Look Back At Me (FDH)
35. Skipper: You’re So Charming (Chocolate Covered)
36. Ty Segall: Standing At The Station (Goner)
37. Outdoorsmen: You’re A Tattletale Baby (Wild American)
38. Black Time: Contact (Telephone Explosion)
39. Super Wild Horses: What Started This Noise (Arrrght)
40. Smith Westerns: Dreams (s/t)
41. Misfits: She (s/t)
42. La Cara Oculta: Jetsa (TPV)
43. Nazi Death Camp: Baby, I’m An Alcoholic (The Complete Mongo Punk Sessions)
44. Crash Normal: Bikinies Invaders (Finger Shower)
45. Aversions: Black Alibi (Ex Nihilo Nihil)
46. Steve & the Jerks: Girlfriends (Leader Of The Jerks)
47. Beat Killers: Give Me A Kiss (Beat, Broken, Bruised)
48. She Creatures: Space Madenss (demo)
49. Customs: Long Gone (Shake It)
50. Top Ten: Don’t Talk About Us (Classic Bar Music)
51. Hunx & his Punx: Don’t Cha Want Me Around (True Panther Sounds)
52. Teenage Kicks: Another Night (Team Science)
53. Poppets: Break My Heart In Two (s/t)
54. Rantouls: Still 16 (Sunny Trees)
55. Clean Cuts: Drop Me Out (No Front Teeth)
56. Charlie & the Moonhearts: Drop In Drop Out (Tic Tac Totally)
57. Teen Anger: Minimum Wage (Telephone Explosion)
58. Lurching Lepers: Death By Magazine (No Front Teeth)
59. Daggermen: Dagger In My Mind (Dagger In My Mind)
60. Vicars: Introduction To The Vicars/Back On The Streets (Back On The Streets)
61. Johnny & the Limelites: And Then We Kissed (Rocket Reducer)
62. Booby Traps: Diddly Wrong (Makin’ It With The…)
63. Gito Gito Hustler: Love And Roll (Love And Roll)
64. MOTO: You’re Kissing All The Wrong Asses (Half Assed Chicago)
65. Bare Wires: Lookin’ For Some Action (Milk n’ Herpes)
66. Bobby Ubangi: That’s Alright (Inside The Mind Of…)
67. Lids: RHTS (s/t)
68. Hussy: Herbbie (Fistful Of Records)
69. Last Sons Of Krypton: Psycho Killer (4 Track Demos)
70. Sudden Walks: Do You Feel Dead (FDH/PTrash)
71. Hollywood Sinners: I’m A Martian (We Won’t Change Our Style)
72. Wau y los Arrrghs: Viva Link Wray (Viven)