Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 06/23/09

1. Johnny Watson: Come To The Party (All Star)
2. Orbit Rockers: Rock It (Willamette)
3. S&H Scamps: Swampin’ (Gregmark)
4. Tree Tops: Tinkle Bones (Zero)
5. Lonie Miley: Satellite Fever – Asiatic Flu (Kik)
6. Tennessee Cats: Headin’ For The Train (Get The Tennessee Rhythm)
7. Hot Shots!: Swing To The Hot Shots/I’m In Love (Teen Street)
8. Big Chief: Rock Crazy Mama (Rock Men Rock)
9. Hi-Strung Ramblers: Puppet (The Wildest)
10. Orbitunes: Cerfew (demo)
11. Lost Hound: Ain’t It Wrong (s/t)
12. Everly Brothers: Claudette (Cadence)
13. Ralph Arnold: Hound Dog Boogie (Arnold’s)
14. Bob Arlen & his Band: East L.A. (Olympia)
15. Hank Moore & his Orchestra feat. Billy Davis: Knock Kneed Rooster (45)
16. Dave Burgess & the Champs: Alley Cat (Challenge)
17. Al Caloway: Uncle John (Cash)
18. Night Riders: Night Rider (Song Kraft)
19. Willie & the Bop-A-Whiles: Boppin’ Little Mama (Don’t Shoot Me Baby)
20. Johnny Burnette: Crazy Legs (Johnny Rocks)
21. Benny Joy: Button Nose (Rockabilly With…)
22. Buddy Holly: Don’t Come Back Knockin’ (Decca)
23. Square Man Stan & his Nuclear Rockets: Ride My Rocket (Jump Cat’s, It Wild)
24. Dinks: Nina Kocka Nina (Sully)
25. Tabbys: Hong Kong Baby (Cleopatra)
26. Charlie & Chan: My Boyfriend’s Learning Karate (Kapp)
27. Lou Christy: Guitars And Bongos (Colpix)
28. Royal Fingers: Ski A Go Go (Estrus)
29. Micra Girls: My My Micra Boy (Feeling Dizzy, Honey?!)
30. Supercharger: She’s So Cool (s/t)
31. Happy Burger: Pizza All Around (Douchemaster)
32. La Cara Oculta: Pizzeria Fatal (TPV)
33. Zeros: Beat Your Heart Out (Bomp)
34. Zodiac Killers: X U Out (The Most Thrilling Experience)
35. Muffs: I Don’t Like You (SFTRI)
36. Tampoffs: Lead (Daggerman)
37. Crime: Flip Out (San Francisco Is Doomed)
38. Nazi Death Camp: No Civilization (The Complete Mongo Punk Sessions)
39. Useless Eaters: Agoraphobic (Goodbye Boozy)
40. Hunx & his Punx: You Better Tell That Girl (Shattered)
41. Charlie & the Moonhearts: I Hate You (Telephone Explosion)
42. Drags: Who’s Got The Electricity (Stop Rock And Roll)
43. Panics: Do You Wanna Dance (I Wanna Kill My Mom 1980-1981)
44. Aversions: 813 (Ex Nihilo Nihil)
45. Le Face: Manic Depression (Isolation)
46. Suicide Commandos: Monster A Go Go (PS)
47. Carbonas: I Don’t Care (Scene Killer)
48. Tranzmitters: Teenage Tragedy (Derranged)
49. Skipper: Just Miles Away (Chocolate Covered)
50. Damned: Neat Neat Neat (Damned Damned Damned)
51. Beat Beat: Berry Medicine (Bachelor/Milk n’ Chocolate)
52. Victims: Nervous (Plan 9)
53. Dead Clodettes: Action (Florida’s Dying)
54. Ty Segall: Booksmarts (Goodbye Boozy)
55. Rantouls: Little Dune Buggy (Sunny Trees)
56. King Salami & the Cumberland Three: Do The Wurst (Dirty Water)
57. Les Sexereenos: Out To Sea (SFTRI)
58. Smith Westerns: Gimme Some Time (s/t)
59. Dead Ghosts: Make It Right
60. Wau y los Arrrghs: Donde Estan? (Viven)
61. Basement Brats: Stay Away From My Girl (That’s Entertainment)
62. Hussy: One Word (Fistful Of Records)
63. Barreracudas: Don’t Get Me Wrong (Douchemaster)
64. Crash Normal: Chrome Cramps (Finger Shower)
65. Krunchies: Happy Happy (Half Assed Chicago)
66. Tie Reds: Better Than Bread (Holy Crap, It’s The…)
67. Suicide Wrists: Uh Oh Uh Oh (Going Ga Ga)
68. Bobby Ubangi: Another Girl Like You (Inside The Mind Of…)
69. Sweet Sixteens: She Said Alright (Spin The Bottle)
70. Nobunny: Monster Kiss (Raw Romance)
71. Bitter Pills: She Don’t Really Care (Domesticity)
72. Mark & the Spies: Ain’t Got No Time (Give Me A Look)
73. Mama Guitar: I Don’t Care (Introducing…)
74. Vicars: Leaving Here (Back On The Streets)