Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 06/16/09

1. Jerry Capehart: Latch On (Somethin' Else)
2. Eddie Cochran: Long Tall Sally (Somethin' Else)
3. Hank Cochran: I’m Ready (Somethin' Else)
4. Troyce Key: Watch Your Mouth (Warner Brothers)
5. Jack Lewis: Toodle De Do (RPM)
6. Sleets McDonald: You Oughta See Grandma Rock (Capitol)
7. Crickets: Just This Once (In Style With…)
8. Orbitunes: Lookout (demo)
9. Du-Droppers: Boot ‘em Up (Groove)
10. Wynonie Harris: The Deacon Don’t Like It (King)
11. Tiny Bradshaw: Walk That Mess (King)
12. John Fred & the Playboys: Boogie Children (N-Joy)
13. Johnny Burnette & the Rock And Roll Trio: Rock Billy Boogie (Coral)
14. Kim Lenz & her Jaguars: Know It All (It’s All True)
15. Booze Bombs: Hey Rick Baby (Rockin’ Off The Grid)
16. Ike & the Capers: Jack And Jill Boogie (Loud And Silent)
17. Infernos: Ain’t That A Dilly (Don’t Know What You Are Missin’)
18. Jason Lee Wilson & the Round Up Boys: Golden Girl (Another Hole In Another Wall)
19. Ringlets Trio: Who’s That Girl (For Daily Use)
20. Joe Bennett & the Sparkletones: Boppin’ Rock Boogie (ABC Paramount)
21. Tielman Brothers: Record Hop (Imperial)
22. Black Albinos: Shish Lebab (Delta)
23. Herbie Duncan w/ Red Wells & his Caravans From St. Louis: Hot Lips Baby (Mar ‘Vel)
24. Rod Bernard: All Night In Jail (Carl)
25. A-Bones: Bad Boy (Demolition Derby)
26. Ventures: Let’s Go (Let’s Go!)
27. Larry Bright: Twinkle Lee (Rendezvous)
28. Los Sinners: El Twomp (s/t)
29. Stool Pigeons: I Gotta Dream On (Rule Hermania!)
30. Skipper: Hanging With The Telephone (Chocolate Covered)
31. Black And Whites: That Girl Ain’t No Good (s/t)
32. First Base: I’ve Got A Girl (Pizza Party)
33. Strangeloves: Cara-Lyn (Bang)
34. DC Snipers: Baby Don’t Be So Violent (Daggerman)
35. Steve McQueens: I Hate My Job (Got A Mission)
36. Photobooth: Three In The Morning (Daggerman)
37. Bobby Ubangi: Out Of Line (Inside The Mind Of…)
38. Tranzmitters: Nervous Breakdown (Busy Signals)
39. Teenage Kicks: Electric Girls (Team Science)
40. Sleeping In The Aviary: Automatic (Science Of Sound)
41. Smith Westerns: Dreams (s/t)
42. Hunx & his Punx: Teardrops On My Telephone (Shattered)
43. 8th Route Army: Trench Coat (Nihilist Olympics)
44. Nazi Death Camp: It’s Wartime Baby (The Complete Mongo Punk Sessions)
45. Fix It: Kill Kill Kill (Kill Kill Kill)
46. Aversions: Murder Of A Mannequin (Ex Nihilo Nihil)
47. Hussy: Head Set (Fistful Of Records)
48. Junior Varsity: Woodpecker Stomp (Bam Bam Bam)
49. Rivieras: Church Key (California Sun)
50. Crash Normal: Bikinies Invaders (s/t)
51. Teen Anger: Brain Hiccup (Telephone Explosion)
52. Nobunny: Your Mouth (Raw Romance)
53. MOTO: It Taste Just Like A Milkshake (Little Teddy)
54. GG King: Adult Rock (Douchemaster)
55. Rantouls: Still 16 (Sunny Trees)
56. Ko & the Knockouts: Twistin’ Postman (s/t)
57. Seeds: Can’t Seem To Make Her Mine (s/t)
58. Thor’s Hammer: If You Knew (From Keflavik With Love)
59. Spectors: That Girl Is Leaving Town (Beat Is Murder)
60. Johnny & the Limelites: And Then We Kissed (Rocket Reducer)
61. Poison Arrows: Shakin’ All Over (Full Breach Kicks)
62. White Wires: Girly Girly Girly (s/t)
63. Miss Chain & the Broken Heels: Boys And Girls (Dream On)
64. Teenage Lovers: I Wanna Be Your Boy (Randy)
65. Customers: Howlin’ At The Moon (Rob’s House)
66. Plexi 3: Don’t Really Matter (Tides Of Change)
67. Eddy Current Suppression Ring: Sometimes (World’s Lousy With Ideas vol.7)
68. Ty Segall & Mikel Cronin: So I Went To The Beach (Goodbye Boozy)