Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 06/02/09

1. Riglets Trio: Come On Kitty (…For Daily Use)
2. Santos: Rockin’ Mabel (The Tease)
3. Booze Bombs: Con Te Ballo Rock And Roll (Rockin’ Off The Grid)
4. Infernos: Somewhere Between Here And There (Don’t Know What You Are Missin’)
5. Ric Cartey w/the Jive-Tones: Oooh-Eeee (Stars)
6. Barry Martin: The Willies (Freedom)
7. Eddie Cochran: Skinny Jim (Crest)
8. Chuck Higgins & his Melotones vocal by John Watson: Motorhead Baby (Combo)
9. Scatman Crothers: Rock Roma Rock It (Challenge)
10. Domestic Bumblebees: Rocket Room (Crying For More)
11. Sonny Burgess & the Pacers: We Wanna Boogie (Sun)
12. Rudy “Tutti” Grayzell: Let’s Get Wild (Starday)
13. Ace Brown & the Helldivers: She’s A Street Angel (The Wildest)
14. Jack n’ the Rippers: Ain’t Nothing True About You (The Wildest)
15. Kim Lenz & her Jaguars: That’s The Breaks (It’s All True)
16. Prowlers: Honey Strollin’ (Aragon)
17. Six Shooters: Don’t You Just Know It (Cuca)
18. Roy Hudson & his Western Rhythmaires: Jackhammer (Dixie)
19. Roy Thompson & his Royal Arcadians: Flip Flop Mama (High Voltage)
20. Ricky Nelson: Shirley Lee (Imperial)
21. Burnette Brothers: Do Baby Do (Johnny Rocks)
22. Jack Baymoore & the Bandits: Gonna Take My Guitar (A-V8 Boogie)
23. Charlie Thompson: Look At That Moon (The Rockin’ Side Of…)
24. Rhythm Shakers: Flipsville (Flipsville!)
25. Little Johnny & the Silvertones: Rock ‘til The End Of Time (Norton)
26. Pleasure Seekers: What A Way To Die (Hideout)
27. Mummies: Baba Diddy Baby (1994 Peel Sessions)
28. Customers: Monster On The Loose (Rob’s House)
29. Pagans: I Juvenile (Drome)
30. Gizoms: Tie Me Up (Nevermind The Sex Pistols, Here’s The…)
31. Rantouls: Little Dune Buggy (Sunny Trees)
32. King Salami & the Cumberland 3: She’s A Kukamunga (Soundflat)
33. Stolen Hearts: Heart Collector (Douchemaster)
34. Nobunny: Monster Kiss (Raw Romance)
35. Poison Arrows: Shakin’ All Over (Full Breach Kicks)
36. Hidden Charms: Don’t Hide Your Charms (Square Root Of Love)
37. Jehosaphat Blow: Hipshaking Hangover Cure #69 (Donkeysack)
38. Beat Beat Beat: I’m A Disease (Living In The Future)
39. X: Good On You Baby (Aspirations)
40. Ivy Green: Troubles (s/t)
41. Charlie & the Moonhearts: Obliteration (Tic Tac Totally)
42. Davilla 666: Me Va Muy Mal (Douchemaster)
43. Johnny & the Limelites: And Then We Kissed (Rocket Reducer)
44. First Base: Nobody Makes My Girl Cry But Me (Pizza Party)
45. Jack-O & the Tennessee Tearjerkers: Switchblade Comb (Disco Outlaw)
46. Hi-Fives: Don’t You Know (Now That’s A Girl) (Get Down)
47. Boonaraaas!!!: Hard To Be A Girl (5 Steps Ahead)
48. Hussy: Head Set (Fistful Of Records)
49. Mika Miko: I Got A Lot (New New New) (We Be Xuxa)
50. Bama Lamas: Monkey Bump (20 Minute Dance Party)
51. Squares: Squaranoid (Teenage Surf Madness)
52. Flipsides: Look Back (Clever One)
53. Make-Out Party!: My Birthday Suit (Play Pretend)
54. Ebonics: Down On 16th (Daggerman)
55. Retainers: Die Baby Die (Fashionable Idiots)
56. Bundle Of Fags: Art School Asshole (Weird Hug)
57. Sneaky Pinks: Life Stupid, I Stupid (Rubber Vomit)
58. Lights Out!: Blast Off The Fed Up (Destroy/Create)
59. Bobby Ubangi: Spaceshit (Inside The Mind Of…)
60. Plastic Stars: Shut Up (No Front Teeth)
61. Plexi 3: Stop And Listen (Tides Of Change)
62. Manikins: Lie Cheat And Steal (Lie Cheat And Steal)
63. Wau y los Arrrghs: Bli Blu Bla (Viven)
64. Younger Lovers: Kiss Me On The Bus (Newest Romantic)
65. King Automatic: It’s A Girl Thing (I Walk My Murderous Intentions Home)
66. Doctor Explosion: Honey Honey (Chup Aqui)
67. Cheap Thrills: Kick Me In The Heart (Savage)
68. Aversions: Wirehead (Ex Nihilo Nihil)
69. Dead Clodettes: ??? (Lipstick Pickups)
70. Hatepinks: Kamikaze Twist (Auto-Ejected)
71. Huns: Glad He’s Dead (God)
72. Gut Reactions: Yer So Cruel (Ken Rock)
73. Intellectuals: Vinyl Junkie Paranoia (Invisible Is Best)
74. Saints: This Perfect Day (Eternally Yours)