Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 06/30/09

1. Fabulous Playboys: Shortnin’ Bread (Catalina)
2. Bobby Mizzell & his Rockin’ Piano: Knockout (Kim)
3. Ramblin’ Rebels: Impact (Dess)
4. Lonesome Drifter: Honey Do You Think Of Me (Ram)
5. Narvel Felts: Foolish Thoughts (Sun)
6. Drunken Hobos: Square Daddy Blues (Riverside Studio Blues)
7. Sure Shots: That’s The Reason (Clown’s Pocket)
8. Planets: Straight No Chaser (Come Into This Space)
9. Hot Shots!: Teen Street (Teen Street)
10. Fret Tones: Take Me Back (Down On My Luck)
11. Kim Lenz & her Jaguars: Know It All (It’s All True)
12. Big Sandy & the Fly-Rite Trio: Let Me Love You Right (Fly Rite With…)
13. Booze Bombs: Con Te Bello Il Rock And Roll (Rockin’ Off The Grid)
14. Roy Orbison & the Teen Kings: You’re My Baby (Sun)
15. Walter Perkins: Solid Rock (Pla-Me)
16. Andy Anderson & the Dawnbreakers: Tough Tough Tough (Century LTD)
17. Jefferson “Ramblin’ Man’” County: City Billy (Dee Gee)
18. Phil Gray & the Go Boys: Pepper Hot Baby (Rhythm)
19. Al Davis & the Blackouts: Go Baby Go (Manco)
20. Jimmie Tennant w/Buddy Lucas & the Dynatones: Giggle Wiggle (Thunder)
21. Pete & Jimmy w/the Rhythm Knights: So Wild (Castle)
22. Billy & Mickey: Shakin’ Time
23. Ramsey Kearny w/the Jimmie Martin Combo: Red Bobby Sox (Jaxon)
24. Pat Davis: Spinner Hubcaps (Acts)
25. Gene Davis: Curfew (R-Dell)
26. Hank Moore: Sour Mash (45)
27. Born Liars: Don’t Pick Up The Phone (Heavy Leather/Cut Throat)
28. Johnny Throttle: I’m Looking At You But Talking To Me (Wrench)
29. Young Fresh Fellows: New Day I Hate (I Think This IS)
30. Earthmen & Strangers: Naked To The Stars (s/t)
31. A/V Murder: Missile Command (Dusty Medical)
32. Sneaky Pinks: I Can’t Wait (Rubber Vomit)
33. Doctor Explosion: Summer Sun (Chupa Aquai)
34. Manikins: Don’t Look Back At Me (FDH)
35. Skipper: You’re So Charming (Chocolate Covered)
36. Ty Segall: Standing At The Station (Goner)
37. Outdoorsmen: You’re A Tattletale Baby (Wild American)
38. Black Time: Contact (Telephone Explosion)
39. Super Wild Horses: What Started This Noise (Arrrght)
40. Smith Westerns: Dreams (s/t)
41. Misfits: She (s/t)
42. La Cara Oculta: Jetsa (TPV)
43. Nazi Death Camp: Baby, I’m An Alcoholic (The Complete Mongo Punk Sessions)
44. Crash Normal: Bikinies Invaders (Finger Shower)
45. Aversions: Black Alibi (Ex Nihilo Nihil)
46. Steve & the Jerks: Girlfriends (Leader Of The Jerks)
47. Beat Killers: Give Me A Kiss (Beat, Broken, Bruised)
48. She Creatures: Space Madenss (demo)
49. Customs: Long Gone (Shake It)
50. Top Ten: Don’t Talk About Us (Classic Bar Music)
51. Hunx & his Punx: Don’t Cha Want Me Around (True Panther Sounds)
52. Teenage Kicks: Another Night (Team Science)
53. Poppets: Break My Heart In Two (s/t)
54. Rantouls: Still 16 (Sunny Trees)
55. Clean Cuts: Drop Me Out (No Front Teeth)
56. Charlie & the Moonhearts: Drop In Drop Out (Tic Tac Totally)
57. Teen Anger: Minimum Wage (Telephone Explosion)
58. Lurching Lepers: Death By Magazine (No Front Teeth)
59. Daggermen: Dagger In My Mind (Dagger In My Mind)
60. Vicars: Introduction To The Vicars/Back On The Streets (Back On The Streets)
61. Johnny & the Limelites: And Then We Kissed (Rocket Reducer)
62. Booby Traps: Diddly Wrong (Makin’ It With The…)
63. Gito Gito Hustler: Love And Roll (Love And Roll)
64. MOTO: You’re Kissing All The Wrong Asses (Half Assed Chicago)
65. Bare Wires: Lookin’ For Some Action (Milk n’ Herpes)
66. Bobby Ubangi: That’s Alright (Inside The Mind Of…)
67. Lids: RHTS (s/t)
68. Hussy: Herbbie (Fistful Of Records)
69. Last Sons Of Krypton: Psycho Killer (4 Track Demos)
70. Sudden Walks: Do You Feel Dead (FDH/PTrash)
71. Hollywood Sinners: I’m A Martian (We Won’t Change Our Style)
72. Wau y los Arrrghs: Viva Link Wray (Viven)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 06/23/09

1. Johnny Watson: Come To The Party (All Star)
2. Orbit Rockers: Rock It (Willamette)
3. S&H Scamps: Swampin’ (Gregmark)
4. Tree Tops: Tinkle Bones (Zero)
5. Lonie Miley: Satellite Fever – Asiatic Flu (Kik)
6. Tennessee Cats: Headin’ For The Train (Get The Tennessee Rhythm)
7. Hot Shots!: Swing To The Hot Shots/I’m In Love (Teen Street)
8. Big Chief: Rock Crazy Mama (Rock Men Rock)
9. Hi-Strung Ramblers: Puppet (The Wildest)
10. Orbitunes: Cerfew (demo)
11. Lost Hound: Ain’t It Wrong (s/t)
12. Everly Brothers: Claudette (Cadence)
13. Ralph Arnold: Hound Dog Boogie (Arnold’s)
14. Bob Arlen & his Band: East L.A. (Olympia)
15. Hank Moore & his Orchestra feat. Billy Davis: Knock Kneed Rooster (45)
16. Dave Burgess & the Champs: Alley Cat (Challenge)
17. Al Caloway: Uncle John (Cash)
18. Night Riders: Night Rider (Song Kraft)
19. Willie & the Bop-A-Whiles: Boppin’ Little Mama (Don’t Shoot Me Baby)
20. Johnny Burnette: Crazy Legs (Johnny Rocks)
21. Benny Joy: Button Nose (Rockabilly With…)
22. Buddy Holly: Don’t Come Back Knockin’ (Decca)
23. Square Man Stan & his Nuclear Rockets: Ride My Rocket (Jump Cat’s, It Wild)
24. Dinks: Nina Kocka Nina (Sully)
25. Tabbys: Hong Kong Baby (Cleopatra)
26. Charlie & Chan: My Boyfriend’s Learning Karate (Kapp)
27. Lou Christy: Guitars And Bongos (Colpix)
28. Royal Fingers: Ski A Go Go (Estrus)
29. Micra Girls: My My Micra Boy (Feeling Dizzy, Honey?!)
30. Supercharger: She’s So Cool (s/t)
31. Happy Burger: Pizza All Around (Douchemaster)
32. La Cara Oculta: Pizzeria Fatal (TPV)
33. Zeros: Beat Your Heart Out (Bomp)
34. Zodiac Killers: X U Out (The Most Thrilling Experience)
35. Muffs: I Don’t Like You (SFTRI)
36. Tampoffs: Lead (Daggerman)
37. Crime: Flip Out (San Francisco Is Doomed)
38. Nazi Death Camp: No Civilization (The Complete Mongo Punk Sessions)
39. Useless Eaters: Agoraphobic (Goodbye Boozy)
40. Hunx & his Punx: You Better Tell That Girl (Shattered)
41. Charlie & the Moonhearts: I Hate You (Telephone Explosion)
42. Drags: Who’s Got The Electricity (Stop Rock And Roll)
43. Panics: Do You Wanna Dance (I Wanna Kill My Mom 1980-1981)
44. Aversions: 813 (Ex Nihilo Nihil)
45. Le Face: Manic Depression (Isolation)
46. Suicide Commandos: Monster A Go Go (PS)
47. Carbonas: I Don’t Care (Scene Killer)
48. Tranzmitters: Teenage Tragedy (Derranged)
49. Skipper: Just Miles Away (Chocolate Covered)
50. Damned: Neat Neat Neat (Damned Damned Damned)
51. Beat Beat: Berry Medicine (Bachelor/Milk n’ Chocolate)
52. Victims: Nervous (Plan 9)
53. Dead Clodettes: Action (Florida’s Dying)
54. Ty Segall: Booksmarts (Goodbye Boozy)
55. Rantouls: Little Dune Buggy (Sunny Trees)
56. King Salami & the Cumberland Three: Do The Wurst (Dirty Water)
57. Les Sexereenos: Out To Sea (SFTRI)
58. Smith Westerns: Gimme Some Time (s/t)
59. Dead Ghosts: Make It Right
60. Wau y los Arrrghs: Donde Estan? (Viven)
61. Basement Brats: Stay Away From My Girl (That’s Entertainment)
62. Hussy: One Word (Fistful Of Records)
63. Barreracudas: Don’t Get Me Wrong (Douchemaster)
64. Crash Normal: Chrome Cramps (Finger Shower)
65. Krunchies: Happy Happy (Half Assed Chicago)
66. Tie Reds: Better Than Bread (Holy Crap, It’s The…)
67. Suicide Wrists: Uh Oh Uh Oh (Going Ga Ga)
68. Bobby Ubangi: Another Girl Like You (Inside The Mind Of…)
69. Sweet Sixteens: She Said Alright (Spin The Bottle)
70. Nobunny: Monster Kiss (Raw Romance)
71. Bitter Pills: She Don’t Really Care (Domesticity)
72. Mark & the Spies: Ain’t Got No Time (Give Me A Look)
73. Mama Guitar: I Don’t Care (Introducing…)
74. Vicars: Leaving Here (Back On The Streets)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 06/16/09

1. Jerry Capehart: Latch On (Somethin' Else)
2. Eddie Cochran: Long Tall Sally (Somethin' Else)
3. Hank Cochran: I’m Ready (Somethin' Else)
4. Troyce Key: Watch Your Mouth (Warner Brothers)
5. Jack Lewis: Toodle De Do (RPM)
6. Sleets McDonald: You Oughta See Grandma Rock (Capitol)
7. Crickets: Just This Once (In Style With…)
8. Orbitunes: Lookout (demo)
9. Du-Droppers: Boot ‘em Up (Groove)
10. Wynonie Harris: The Deacon Don’t Like It (King)
11. Tiny Bradshaw: Walk That Mess (King)
12. John Fred & the Playboys: Boogie Children (N-Joy)
13. Johnny Burnette & the Rock And Roll Trio: Rock Billy Boogie (Coral)
14. Kim Lenz & her Jaguars: Know It All (It’s All True)
15. Booze Bombs: Hey Rick Baby (Rockin’ Off The Grid)
16. Ike & the Capers: Jack And Jill Boogie (Loud And Silent)
17. Infernos: Ain’t That A Dilly (Don’t Know What You Are Missin’)
18. Jason Lee Wilson & the Round Up Boys: Golden Girl (Another Hole In Another Wall)
19. Ringlets Trio: Who’s That Girl (For Daily Use)
20. Joe Bennett & the Sparkletones: Boppin’ Rock Boogie (ABC Paramount)
21. Tielman Brothers: Record Hop (Imperial)
22. Black Albinos: Shish Lebab (Delta)
23. Herbie Duncan w/ Red Wells & his Caravans From St. Louis: Hot Lips Baby (Mar ‘Vel)
24. Rod Bernard: All Night In Jail (Carl)
25. A-Bones: Bad Boy (Demolition Derby)
26. Ventures: Let’s Go (Let’s Go!)
27. Larry Bright: Twinkle Lee (Rendezvous)
28. Los Sinners: El Twomp (s/t)
29. Stool Pigeons: I Gotta Dream On (Rule Hermania!)
30. Skipper: Hanging With The Telephone (Chocolate Covered)
31. Black And Whites: That Girl Ain’t No Good (s/t)
32. First Base: I’ve Got A Girl (Pizza Party)
33. Strangeloves: Cara-Lyn (Bang)
34. DC Snipers: Baby Don’t Be So Violent (Daggerman)
35. Steve McQueens: I Hate My Job (Got A Mission)
36. Photobooth: Three In The Morning (Daggerman)
37. Bobby Ubangi: Out Of Line (Inside The Mind Of…)
38. Tranzmitters: Nervous Breakdown (Busy Signals)
39. Teenage Kicks: Electric Girls (Team Science)
40. Sleeping In The Aviary: Automatic (Science Of Sound)
41. Smith Westerns: Dreams (s/t)
42. Hunx & his Punx: Teardrops On My Telephone (Shattered)
43. 8th Route Army: Trench Coat (Nihilist Olympics)
44. Nazi Death Camp: It’s Wartime Baby (The Complete Mongo Punk Sessions)
45. Fix It: Kill Kill Kill (Kill Kill Kill)
46. Aversions: Murder Of A Mannequin (Ex Nihilo Nihil)
47. Hussy: Head Set (Fistful Of Records)
48. Junior Varsity: Woodpecker Stomp (Bam Bam Bam)
49. Rivieras: Church Key (California Sun)
50. Crash Normal: Bikinies Invaders (s/t)
51. Teen Anger: Brain Hiccup (Telephone Explosion)
52. Nobunny: Your Mouth (Raw Romance)
53. MOTO: It Taste Just Like A Milkshake (Little Teddy)
54. GG King: Adult Rock (Douchemaster)
55. Rantouls: Still 16 (Sunny Trees)
56. Ko & the Knockouts: Twistin’ Postman (s/t)
57. Seeds: Can’t Seem To Make Her Mine (s/t)
58. Thor’s Hammer: If You Knew (From Keflavik With Love)
59. Spectors: That Girl Is Leaving Town (Beat Is Murder)
60. Johnny & the Limelites: And Then We Kissed (Rocket Reducer)
61. Poison Arrows: Shakin’ All Over (Full Breach Kicks)
62. White Wires: Girly Girly Girly (s/t)
63. Miss Chain & the Broken Heels: Boys And Girls (Dream On)
64. Teenage Lovers: I Wanna Be Your Boy (Randy)
65. Customers: Howlin’ At The Moon (Rob’s House)
66. Plexi 3: Don’t Really Matter (Tides Of Change)
67. Eddy Current Suppression Ring: Sometimes (World’s Lousy With Ideas vol.7)
68. Ty Segall & Mikel Cronin: So I Went To The Beach (Goodbye Boozy)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 06/09/09

1. Ray Vernon: I’m Counting On You (Missing Links)
2. James Mask & the Impalas: Hoochie Coochie Gal (Bandera)
3. Milton Allen: Don’t Bug Me Baby (RCA Victor)
4. Bluetones feat. Fred Coupland: Shale Shake (Regency)
5. Ray Cole & his Sky Rockets: Jukebox Rock And Roll (Arcade)
6. Chrome Daddies: It Must Be Something (Gear Up Daddy)
7. Infernos: I’m Not Crazy (Don’t Know What You Are Missin’)
8. Shaun Young: Dead Drunk (Baby Doll Boogie)
9. Mel Dorsey & the Heartbeats: Little Lil (Black Jack)
10. Little Walter: Diggin’ My Potatoes
11. Lou Graham: Wee Willie Brown (Clymax)
12. Sam Butera & the Witnesses: Bim Bam (Capitol)
13. Louis Prima w/ Sam Butera & the Witnesses: Night Train (Capitol)
14. Louis Prima w/ Sam Butera & the Witnesses: Oh Marie (Capitol)
15. Louis Prima w/ Sam Butera & the Witnesses: There Will Be No Next Time (Capitol)
16. Cherry Casino & the Gamblers: You’re Too High For Me (Let’s Play Around)
17. Fabulous Continentals: Breakin’ Up (Rori)
18. Jaguars: Jaguar (Epic)
19. Sam & the Saxtones: Kaput (Las Vegas Grind)
20. Jason Lee Wilson & the Round Up Boys: Truck Stop Betty (Another Hole In Another Wall)
21. Wayne “The Train” Hancock: Driving My Young Life Away (Viper Of Melody)
22. Ike & the Capers: I’m Hading Home (I’m Not To Shy To Do)
23. Willie Goodson: Put A Nickel In The Jukebox (Hammond)
24. Wildcats: You Bring Me Down (Good Rockin’ Tonight)
25. Booze Bombs: Harr Harr Harr (Rockin’ Off The Grid)
26. Monks: Boys Are Boys (The Early Years 1964-1965)
27. Kneejerk Reactions: You Electrify Me Baby (The Electrifying Sounds Of….)
28. The Hussy: Drinking Song (Fistful Of Records)
29. Doctor Explosion: Come On Shake (Chupa Aquai)
30. Wau y los Arrrrghs: Delinuente (Viven)
31. Bad Sports: I’m Not A Creep (Randy)
32. Saints: Demolition Girl (I’m Stranded)
33. Jewws: You’re Gonna Lose (l’explosion du son mantenant)
34. Trashmen: A-Bone (Bird Call)
35. Screeching Weasel: Degenerate (How To Make Enemies And Irritate People)
36. Ex-Humans: Detector (Full Breach Kicks)
37. Aversions: In The Elevator (Ex Nihilo Nihil)
38. Zeros: Wild Weekend (Bomp)
39. Kyra Rubella & the Shanks: Love In A Void (Damaged Goods)
40. Star Club: Kamisori Baby (Cool Posers)
41. Suicide Commandos: Attacking The Beat (Make A Record)
42. Suicide Wrists: Uh Oh Uh Oh (Going Ga Ga)
43. Nobunny: Oh Cody (Raw Romance)
44. First Base: Nobody Makes My Girl Cry But Me (Pizza Party)
45. Love Boat: Oli Shave My Soul (Shake Your Ass)
46. Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin: Pop Song (Goodbye Boozy)
47. Tranzmittors: Is Your Head Hollow (s/t)
48. Boys: Soda Pressing (s/t)
49. Fast Cars: Images Of You (Coming… Ready Or Not)
50. Teenage Head: Top Sown (s/t)
51. Rantouls: Little Bit Of This (Chocolate Covered)
52. Make-Out Party!: So Close (Play Pretend)
53. Mothballs: She Makes Me Wild (Chocolate Covered)
54. Registrators: Monkey (Rip Off)
55. Vulacaneers: Do The Vulcan (Beat Me Off Scotty)
56. Mummies: Girl You Want (“Sub Pop”)
57. Straight Arrows: Close That Door (Resistance A Go Go)
58. Stolen Hearts: Fire (Douchemaster)
59. Hunx & his Punx: Movin’ On (Bubbledumb)
60. Johnny & the Limelites: Let’s Stay In Tonight (Rocket Reducer)
61. Younger Lovers: Hey Jody (Newest Romantic)
62. Midways: Stuck In My Head (Manners Manners)
63. Dee Rangers: Upside Down (Goodbye Boozy)
64. Basement Brats: Get Down (The Brat Beat)
65. King Salami & the Cumberland Three: Shake It Wild (Soundflat)
66. Mother’s Children: Dance To The Rock And Roll Band (Shang-A-Lang)
67. Bama Lamas: Sugar Snap (20 Minute Dance Party)
68. Bobby Ubangi: I Don’t Want To Be You (Inside The Mind Of…)
69. King Tuff: King Of Guy (…Was Dead)
70. Le Face: She Was A Mutant (Isolation)
71. Veins: I Wanna Be Un Pute (Purdus Dans La Ville)
72. Dead Clodettes: Fatale Erreur (Lipstick Pickup)
73. Pagans: She’s A Cadaver (Shit Street)
74. Ivy Green: Sex On The Radio (s/t)
75. Heartattacks: Want That Baby (Here Comes The….)
76. Charlie & the Moonhearts: Drop In, Drop Out (Tic Tac Totally)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 06/02/09

1. Riglets Trio: Come On Kitty (…For Daily Use)
2. Santos: Rockin’ Mabel (The Tease)
3. Booze Bombs: Con Te Ballo Rock And Roll (Rockin’ Off The Grid)
4. Infernos: Somewhere Between Here And There (Don’t Know What You Are Missin’)
5. Ric Cartey w/the Jive-Tones: Oooh-Eeee (Stars)
6. Barry Martin: The Willies (Freedom)
7. Eddie Cochran: Skinny Jim (Crest)
8. Chuck Higgins & his Melotones vocal by John Watson: Motorhead Baby (Combo)
9. Scatman Crothers: Rock Roma Rock It (Challenge)
10. Domestic Bumblebees: Rocket Room (Crying For More)
11. Sonny Burgess & the Pacers: We Wanna Boogie (Sun)
12. Rudy “Tutti” Grayzell: Let’s Get Wild (Starday)
13. Ace Brown & the Helldivers: She’s A Street Angel (The Wildest)
14. Jack n’ the Rippers: Ain’t Nothing True About You (The Wildest)
15. Kim Lenz & her Jaguars: That’s The Breaks (It’s All True)
16. Prowlers: Honey Strollin’ (Aragon)
17. Six Shooters: Don’t You Just Know It (Cuca)
18. Roy Hudson & his Western Rhythmaires: Jackhammer (Dixie)
19. Roy Thompson & his Royal Arcadians: Flip Flop Mama (High Voltage)
20. Ricky Nelson: Shirley Lee (Imperial)
21. Burnette Brothers: Do Baby Do (Johnny Rocks)
22. Jack Baymoore & the Bandits: Gonna Take My Guitar (A-V8 Boogie)
23. Charlie Thompson: Look At That Moon (The Rockin’ Side Of…)
24. Rhythm Shakers: Flipsville (Flipsville!)
25. Little Johnny & the Silvertones: Rock ‘til The End Of Time (Norton)
26. Pleasure Seekers: What A Way To Die (Hideout)
27. Mummies: Baba Diddy Baby (1994 Peel Sessions)
28. Customers: Monster On The Loose (Rob’s House)
29. Pagans: I Juvenile (Drome)
30. Gizoms: Tie Me Up (Nevermind The Sex Pistols, Here’s The…)
31. Rantouls: Little Dune Buggy (Sunny Trees)
32. King Salami & the Cumberland 3: She’s A Kukamunga (Soundflat)
33. Stolen Hearts: Heart Collector (Douchemaster)
34. Nobunny: Monster Kiss (Raw Romance)
35. Poison Arrows: Shakin’ All Over (Full Breach Kicks)
36. Hidden Charms: Don’t Hide Your Charms (Square Root Of Love)
37. Jehosaphat Blow: Hipshaking Hangover Cure #69 (Donkeysack)
38. Beat Beat Beat: I’m A Disease (Living In The Future)
39. X: Good On You Baby (Aspirations)
40. Ivy Green: Troubles (s/t)
41. Charlie & the Moonhearts: Obliteration (Tic Tac Totally)
42. Davilla 666: Me Va Muy Mal (Douchemaster)
43. Johnny & the Limelites: And Then We Kissed (Rocket Reducer)
44. First Base: Nobody Makes My Girl Cry But Me (Pizza Party)
45. Jack-O & the Tennessee Tearjerkers: Switchblade Comb (Disco Outlaw)
46. Hi-Fives: Don’t You Know (Now That’s A Girl) (Get Down)
47. Boonaraaas!!!: Hard To Be A Girl (5 Steps Ahead)
48. Hussy: Head Set (Fistful Of Records)
49. Mika Miko: I Got A Lot (New New New) (We Be Xuxa)
50. Bama Lamas: Monkey Bump (20 Minute Dance Party)
51. Squares: Squaranoid (Teenage Surf Madness)
52. Flipsides: Look Back (Clever One)
53. Make-Out Party!: My Birthday Suit (Play Pretend)
54. Ebonics: Down On 16th (Daggerman)
55. Retainers: Die Baby Die (Fashionable Idiots)
56. Bundle Of Fags: Art School Asshole (Weird Hug)
57. Sneaky Pinks: Life Stupid, I Stupid (Rubber Vomit)
58. Lights Out!: Blast Off The Fed Up (Destroy/Create)
59. Bobby Ubangi: Spaceshit (Inside The Mind Of…)
60. Plastic Stars: Shut Up (No Front Teeth)
61. Plexi 3: Stop And Listen (Tides Of Change)
62. Manikins: Lie Cheat And Steal (Lie Cheat And Steal)
63. Wau y los Arrrghs: Bli Blu Bla (Viven)
64. Younger Lovers: Kiss Me On The Bus (Newest Romantic)
65. King Automatic: It’s A Girl Thing (I Walk My Murderous Intentions Home)
66. Doctor Explosion: Honey Honey (Chup Aqui)
67. Cheap Thrills: Kick Me In The Heart (Savage)
68. Aversions: Wirehead (Ex Nihilo Nihil)
69. Dead Clodettes: ??? (Lipstick Pickups)
70. Hatepinks: Kamikaze Twist (Auto-Ejected)
71. Huns: Glad He’s Dead (God)
72. Gut Reactions: Yer So Cruel (Ken Rock)
73. Intellectuals: Vinyl Junkie Paranoia (Invisible Is Best)
74. Saints: This Perfect Day (Eternally Yours)