Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 05/12/09

1. Nat Couty & the Braves: Won’t You Come Along With Me (Fox)
2. Curly Coldiron & the Circle C Boys: Rockin’ Spot (Circle C)
3. Merdell Floyd: Jukebox Mama (Erwin)
4. Peanuts Wilson: Cast Iron Arm (Brunswick)
5. Wally Lee & the Hi-Liters: Oh No Daddy-O (Now)
6. Tempests: Rockin’ Rochester USA (Lifetime)
7. Round Up Boys: My Baby Keeps Knockin’ (Favorite)
8. Charlie Hightone: Devil Around (The Wildest)
9. Pachuco Jose y los Diamantes: Marijuana Boogie (Vamos A Bailer)
10. Tribal Bops: N-Nervous Guy (Complete Recordings)
11. Hal Peters & the Strange Dusters: Radio Boogie (Lonesome Hearted Blues)
12. Wayne “The Train” Hancock: Freight Train Boogie (Viper Of Melody)
13. Gene Gambler & the Shufflers: My Cousin Louis (A Joker And Three Aces)
14. Richard Berry & the Pharaohs: Louis Louis (Flip)
15. Al “Dr Horse” Pittman & the Musical Jockeys: Crazy Beat (Clown)
16. Ruby Roberson: Rheumatism (Asnes)
17. Classics: Elmo (Black Rock And Roll Meat)
18. Joe Tex & his X Classmates: Charlie Brown Got Expelled (Ace)
19. Chuck & Chuckles: Bury The Hatchet (Shad)
20. Joe Carl & the Dukes of Rhythm: Rockin’ Fever (Rocko)
21. Omar & the Stringpoppers: Connie Lou (The Wildest)
22. Carl Cherry: The Itch (Tene)
23. Art Adams & his Rhythm Knights Tutti Frutti
24. Benny Joy: Miss Bobby Sox (Tri-Dec)
25. Mother’s Children: Dance To The Rock And Roll Band (Going Ga Ga)
26. Poppets: Phone Call (Plastic Idol)
27. Beat Beat Beat: Trouble (Rob’s House)
28. Wax Museums: Traffic Violation (Douchemaster)
29. Urinals: I’m A Bug (Negative Capability…)
30. Le Face: Salvador Dali (Isolation)
31. Carbonas: Not Meant For This (Scene Killer)
32. 8Th Route Army: All Dead Radio (Chernobyl Cookbook)
33. Ramones: Teenage Lobotomy (Rocket To Russia)
34. Softball: Bright (Tenku)
35. Yum Yums: I Lied (Whatever Rhymes With Baby)
36. Teen Anger: Hot Dog Shake (Telephone Explosion)
37. Walnut Kids: Jenny You’re A Bug (Going Ga Ga)
38. Dead Clodettes: ??? (Lipstick Pickup)
39. Aversions: Left For Dead (s/t)
40. Plexi 3: We Know Better (Hozac)
41. Rantouls: Little Green Hat (Chocolate Covered)
42. Knockoffs: Rumble At The Housing Project (Secret Center)
43. Adolescents: I Hate Children (s/t)
44. Lights Out!: Just One Step Away From Paradise (Destroy Create)
45. Regulations: I Can’t Do Whatever I Want (Electric Guitar)
46. Nice Face: Situation Is Facing Utter Annihilation (Scared Bones)
47. Bare Wires: Looking For Some Action (Milk n’ Herpes)
48. Hussy: One Time (Science Of Sound)
49. Mika Miko: Wild Bore (We Be Xuxa)
50. Head: Tire Shredding (Street Level Assault)
51. Veins: Action Zero (Perdus Dans La Ville)
52. Les Hatepinks: The Judge (Auto Ejected)
53. Useless Eaters: Agoraphobic (Goodbye Boozy)
54. Bobby Ubangi: Another Girl Like You (Douchemaster)
55. Teenage Lovers: I Wanna Be Your Boy (Randy)
56. Radio Faces: Bad Boy (Party At The Brunswick Hotel)
57. Krunchies: Reaffirming My Hatred Of Humanity Through Failed Relationships (In De Winkel)
58. Sedatives: Can Not Calm Down (Going Ga Ga)
59. King Tuff: Connection (…Was Dead)
60. Mark & the Spies: It’s True (I Need You (Give Me A Look)
61. Weakends: Long Dead Gone (s/t)
62. Los Hories: Cardboard Box (What’s The Time)
63. Cecillia und die Sauerkrauts: Jes Dis Hey (Sauerkraut, Wurst Und Other Delights)
64. Fliptops: Down n’ Out (All Worked Up)
65. Ty Segall & Mikel Cronin: Pop Song (Goodbye Boozy)
66. Charlie & the Moonhearts: Animal (Telephone Explosion)
67. Last Sons Of Krypton:: Neutron Bomb (4 Track Demo)
68. Guilty Hearts: Forbidden Way Out (Pearls Before Swine)
69. Eric & the Happy Thoughts: Bad Days (Randy)